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09-30-10, 4:04 pm
Animal is proud to announce a new addition to the team, Seath42, aka Ben Seath. Ben has been competing in powerlifting since he was 14 years old. Check this out--In the 15 meets that he's competed in since starting, he's placed 1st in all of 'em. In the WABDL Nationals in March of 2010, he won both the Teen Division and the Class 1 Men's Division. He was also rewarded the best lifter award for both the bench press and deadlift and broke a world record in the teenage bench press. More recently, in September of 2010, Ben competed in the UPA Washington Falls Championship. He lifted RAW in the Junior 20-23 Division and The Open Division. He squatted 655lb, bench pressed 450lb, and deadlifted 610lb with no lifting gear. Ben won both divisions and won the best RAW lifter award. Ben also took home 4 Junior Division national records in the squat, bench press, deadlift and total. Let's give Seath242 a warm welcome here at the Animal FORVM. Glad to have you on board brother.

Raw 655 Squat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNzHaGFoIjc

Raw 450 Bench Press: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQl1Xx5-nMw

Raw 610 Deadlift: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYGXYRDuRLQ

Follow his Journey here: "Big As Fuck Strong as Possible and a 2000 LBS Raw Total" (forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=32669)

Universal Repstress
09-30-10, 4:08 pm
Quite an impressive resume. Welcome!

Big D
09-30-10, 4:11 pm
welcome aboard brotha

Mr. Dead
09-30-10, 4:13 pm
Another from the great state of Washington!!! HUUUGE congrats, and welcome!!! A great addition!!!

09-30-10, 4:14 pm
Welcome! Great addition to the Animal family.

09-30-10, 4:14 pm
Impressive numbers bro..


Universal Rep
09-30-10, 4:14 pm
Welcome aboard, brotha.

09-30-10, 4:15 pm
damn. sounds like another big name in the powerlifting game. I like it. welcome bro.

Big D
09-30-10, 4:16 pm
Welcome aboard, brotha.

copying me i see..

Universal Rep
09-30-10, 4:17 pm
copying me i see..

I capitalized. Does that count?

Big D
09-30-10, 4:18 pm
I capitalized. Does that count?

nope. were not high up on our grammar in hurrrrrrrrrr

Universal Rep
09-30-10, 4:31 pm
nope. were not high up on our grammar in hurrrrrrrrrr

Ain't that a shame.

09-30-10, 4:40 pm
Very impressive, welcome to the Family

09-30-10, 9:23 pm
Hey Thanks alot Guys It feel great to know that all my hard work has finally paid off. This sponsorship has gave me a TON more motivation to get to that 2000 pound Raw total!!!

G Diesel
10-01-10, 9:17 am
They are doing big things in the Pacific Northwest. With Higa, Big Ben and now Seath, there is a lot of pure American horsepower coming from Washington state.

Absolutely sick raw lifts bro. Much respect and welcome.

Peace, G

10-01-10, 9:45 am
Jesus! Our roster gets more and more impressive almost on a weekly basis!!! Congrats brother and welcome to the Fam!

10-02-10, 5:06 am
FINALLY!!!! Told you it was all a matter of time brother. It's an honor to have ya be a part of the family.

S. Clarida
10-02-10, 6:51 am
Welcome to the family...


10-02-10, 7:00 am
Welcome my brother

J Wong
10-02-10, 7:26 am
Congrats! It's awesome that Universal is sponsoring more powerlifters now.

10-02-10, 10:37 am
Welcome to the family....can't wait to toss some weights around at an ABC with you