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10-01-10, 7:56 pm
Sup guys, this will be my log while running Agent O once it comes.

Mr. Dead
10-02-10, 11:53 pm

10-04-10, 4:24 pm
Got my can today, I'll be testing it out tonight for my Uppers day.


10-04-10, 9:53 pm
Results from tonight :

-Increased energy (expected, as I don't take ANY stimulants, even from coffee/tea/soda)
-Increased focus (this was really nice, felt really "in the zone")
-Pump was increased slightly, mainly due to harder contraction
-Explosiveness really amped up, which is great for what I'm going for

Taste - not the greatest, room for improvement
Mix - mixed up pretty well


10-07-10, 11:10 am
Lowers last night

-Focus is still intense, definitely a great feeling, and something you don't typically get from most pre workouts. I'm sensitive to stimulants, so I'm very aware of any jitters, as most preworkouts typically throw me into panic attacks (literally).

-Energy is great, but I started halving the dosage in order to keep the stimulants from wreaking havoc on my anxiety. The experiment worked well, and I believe a half dosage is the best for me at this point. What really get me is that I don't get the shakes I typically get, it feels like some real pent up energy.

-Perhaps beta alanine, perhaps niacin, but I'm getting that familiar tingle in my lips, eyebrows, and scalp. I would lean more toward beta alanine.

-The taste is something you get over really quick, kind of not minding it at all now. Didn't have any CARB Max on me, but my woman bought my favorite Vitamin Water last night and it happens to be the Essential Orange. Mixed em together and it came out pretty tasty. I have also found I like to put more liquid mixed in (+20oz) so I can slowly drink it, as I'm more sensitive to stimulants than others. I've even started taking a half a pack in the morning and a half a pack before training. It seriously does last a few hours.

To conclude on my third dosage, a half dose still gives incredible energy and focus without overdoing it, which is great for stimulant sensitive folks like me.


10-07-10, 12:06 pm
Good feedback TA. Curious to see what the best powder/water ratio you come away with.

10-13-10, 10:57 pm
Sorry I haven't updated lately. I've been working 11 to 12 hour shifts 5 days a week, so it's pretty tough to get on here and post...I've got a woman with a kid in her belly, looong ass shift dealing with fucking morons, and no car. Not much time to waste.

Saturday - Competition

Took Agent O 15 mins prior to workout

-12 Snatch singles on the minute, working up to 165lbs
-15 Clean and Jerk singles on the minute working up to 240lbs (5lbs PR)

EAA Stack mixed in 64oz of G2 intra
Torrent post

Agent O definitely did the trick in terms of focus and explosive power. Focus is one of the most important aspects of the Olympic lifts in my opinion. I don't listen to music, don't lift in front of a mirror, and I don't think about anything other than the lift. Aget O did this for me like nothing else.

I felt extremely explosive while lifting. The explosion off the bottom portion of the lifts was crazy...I was getting at least a couple of inches of air off the jump (huge in terms of Oly lifting), and the snap on the top half of my Snatch was like a shotgun. Felt incredible.

So far, so good with Agent O. Still liking 20+ oz of water, but I can't drink it too fast, and I prefer a half pack. I tried a whole pack at once, and my anxiety kicked in.


10-21-10, 10:47 am
Sorry for not updating in a while guys...with the mix of the FORVM being down and finding out I'm having a baby girl, stuff gets busy.

Agent O is still kicking my ass. Tried it with some Tang and EAA stack the other day. I thought some simple carbs and EAAs would do me good. It worked pretty fucking well, and was quite tasty. Still using over 20oz of water with a half serving.