View Full Version : O for the Skeptic? Fuck it, I'm in.

10-02-10, 9:15 am
Most of you know that I'm not a big stimulant guy and I pretty much never use anything prior to training. I've been hearing some good stuff about Agent O and decided that I'd put it to my own test. On back and leg days I'm gonna see what Agent O can do for me. If I decide it can add a good kick and help me up training intensity and focus without making me jittery or fucking up my appetite, I'll buy in. I'm looking forward to this.

10-02-10, 9:20 am
This should be good...
If you convert, I'm sold

10-02-10, 10:02 am
Very cool Evan...can't wait to get your honest feedback from this

10-02-10, 11:27 am
Very cool Evan...can't wait to get your honest feedback from this

ox on stims???? what has this world come too!! ha cant wait for this to be released to mere morals like myself

10-02-10, 11:33 am
NEVER thought i'd see the day im in for this ride...

10-02-10, 4:17 pm
NEVER thought i'd see the day im in for this ride...

me neither! following closely

10-02-10, 4:21 pm
Its the end of the world as we know it. Subbed.

Mr. Dead
10-02-10, 11:48 pm
Definitely curious to see how this goes...

10-03-10, 3:27 am
Definitely in for a skeptics opinion!

10-03-10, 11:16 am
If this shit can get me cranked for training without fucking with my blood sugar, making me nauteous, killing my appetite and fucking up my sleep, I'll be a believer.

10-03-10, 1:33 pm
Good shit Ox. Very curious about your thoughts on O. It's on its way to you bro.

10-03-10, 7:39 pm
This should be good...
If you convert, I'm sold

I agree!

Universal Rep
10-04-10, 7:24 pm
Course I'm in for this one...

Big C
10-04-10, 8:09 pm
Lookin forward to your thoughts bro...if it works for your big ass then I think we have a winner.

I hate anything that makes me jittery or fucks up my appetite either.

10-06-10, 6:02 pm
Leg day tommorow. Let's see what this shit can do.

10-06-10, 6:32 pm
Talk about suspense.....
What a perfect day to try it, the dreaded leg day.

10-06-10, 9:57 pm
Leg day tommorow. Let's see what this shit can do.

I'm curious about this.

10-07-10, 2:31 am
Cant wait to read more!

10-07-10, 1:59 pm
"You got me curious Rock"

10-09-10, 9:20 am
So I trained legs on Thursday. Downed a scoop of O about 25 min before training. I was trying to keep an open mind but was still expecting at least some of the usual shit you get from the stims....that speedy feeling, the unsettled feeling in your stomach, racing heartbeat etc. Anyways, I dove into my training as usual. To be honest, I didn't notice any crazy surge in energy or that crackhead feeling you somtimes get from energy products. I noticed two things; 1. I moved a pretty momentous pace through the workout and didn't feel the need to wait as long between sets. and 2. I had a NASTY pump in my legs! I don't even know if that's supposed to be one of the things O is supposed to help with and I sure as hellw as not expecting it. But I felt like I had cement in my legs and the feeling lasted a few hours after my training. That surprised me the most.

I didn't notice any negative affect on my appetite or ability to fall asleep that night. My final verdict: The O will become a part of my regimen. Will I use it daily? No. But then again you're talking to a guy who won't even drink a cup of coffee every day. I fear becoming too accustomed to the stims and consequently feeling less than stellar without them. HOWEVER, I will definitely be including the O on my back and leg days...two days when you need to dig deep to get it done. An excellent job was done striking a balance in the formulation of this product...anyone can dump stims in a product that will get you wired. But to come up with something that enhances your training without ruining your appetite or induces anxiety (2 things that are the antithesis of muscle gain) is something that I had never experienced. Looking forward to making this stuff part of my regimen.

10-09-10, 9:24 am
Very thorough first report, can't wait to hear how your back workout goes and if you notice any sleep disorder or anything after the next usage.


Fearless Rabbit
10-12-10, 7:55 am
Best review so far. Looking forward to read more of it.