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10-02-10, 8:49 pm
Waiting on my Agent O package so I figured I get everything set up and running. The package will probably get here Monday or Tuesday but I am gone from 7:30am-7:00pm so I might have to wait until after coaching Wednesday or Thursday (practices end early those days). This is because Universal is smart and tells UPS to not just leave the package at my door. But it does mean I have to get it from the office which opens at 8am when I have to be at school at 7:45am for gym duty since there are a good number of fights in my school.

I will post my stats and supps right now and my work out in the next post. My diet will come later once I get it settled down.

Weight-255lbs (lost about 10-15lbs from 3 weeks of sickness)
Body fat-? (I got more by look and fell. Always carried my weight well)
Occupation-Teacher/JV football coach
Goal-Put some muscle back on from being sick/injured and not as much fat as usual (will be keeping a pretty strict diet)

Agent O (30 minutes preworkout)
Sportpharma Just-WHEY (30-45 minutes preworkout)
Sportpharma Multi-V (with Lialda after breakfast)
Sportpharma Joint-V (with dinner)
Universal Storm (preworkout/might take out to get a unbiased and clean dosing of Agent O)
Universal Pro & Oats (between school and practice as a meal replacement)
Animal PM (30-45 minutes before bed)
Pro-biotic (with dinner)
Lialda*-My meds for the autoimmune disease (time release anti-inflammatory/after breakfast)

*Look to my journey in my signature as to the specifics of my autoimmune disease.

Can't wait to get my package in the mail. This couldn't come at a better time since I got over my sickness (3 weeks) and injury (1 week). This past week I have been back in the gym getting a feel for it and am ready to hit the gym hard, fast, and heavy again.

10-02-10, 9:59 pm
Right now I am running a modified DC style. Most body parts except back thickness, quads, and calves have a first all out set of 10-12 RP and then a second heavy straight set of about 12-15 to failure. With back thickness the reps are 6-8 and then 10-12, Quads is 6-8 then the heavy failure of 12-15, and calves is DC Style 12 and then 50-75x3 with toes straight, turned in, and turned out. Rest periods is usually 30-40 seconds but as low as 20 if I am feeling good. In and out of the gym in about 1 and not more then 1hr. 10 minutes. This seems to have been working for me well lately. It looks like I will be fusing some DC and Blood and Guts styles to fit me in the gym. Then every other off day except Sunday will be at least 30-45 minutes cardio early morning fasted or evening post practice almost fasted.

I will be on a Sat-Mon-Wed evening (after practice) scheme to avoid working out on games days for football (JV and Varsity).

Since I am separating calves and hamstrings I am using smith machine squats in order to focus on my quads and not worry about my calves and hamstrings holding me back.

As with everything this workout is subject to change depending on my needs and how crowded the gym is.

Smith Machine Incline Press
DB Incline Flyes
SM Upright Rows
DB Side Raises
Close Grip Bench Press
Rope Pressdown
Weighted Pull-ups (Wide Grip)
Heavy Pulldowns (Wide Grip)
Rack Deads
Rack Deads

BB Curls
Bent Over Concentration Curls
Seated BB Forearm Curls
Standing DB Forearm Curls
Seated Calf Raise
Seated Calf Raise
Heavy Lying Leg Curl
Heavy Seated Leg Curl
SM Squats
Hack Squats

BB Flat Bench Press
DB Flat Flyes
DB Bent Over Raises
Reverse Pec Deck
Seated EZ Overhead Extension
DB Overhead Extension
Weighted Chins
Heavy Pulldowns (Reverse Grip)
BB Rows (Reverse Grip)
BB Rows (Reverse Grip)

DB Hammer Curls
DB Preacher Curls
Seated BB Forearm Curls (Reverse Grip)
Standing DB Reverse Forearm Curls
Standing Calf Raise
Standing Calf Raise
BB Straight Leg Deadlift
DB Straight Leg Deadlift
Leg Press
Leg Extension

Decline Bench Press
Decline Cable Flyes
SM Seated Military Press
DB Front Raise
Lying EZ Skull Crusher
One Arm Rope Pulldown
Weighted Pull-ups (Normal Grip)
Heavy Pulldowns (Normal Grip)
Chest Supported Rows
Chest Supported Rows

Seated DB Alternating Curls
Cable Curls
Seated BB Forearm Curls
Standing DB Forearm Curls
Horizontal Calf Press
Horizontal Calf Press
Heavy Lying Leg Curls
Heavy Seated Leg Curls
SM Squat
Hack Squat

Mr. Dead
10-03-10, 12:51 am
Subbed, for the ride!!!

10-03-10, 9:52 pm
Subbed, for the ride!!!

Its gonna be a wild one too. I will take Agent O to the max and expect the same from it.

10-03-10, 11:53 pm
So far my new diet is as follows:

Total Calories: 2,211
Total Protein: 321.1
Total Carbs: 63.4
Total Fat 68.2

I need to get more fat into the diet. I am trying to go low carb but can't go to low with teaching and coaching. I saw good results last semester with low carbs, high protein, and medium to high fats. My main sources of protein is tuna, tilapia, ground turkey, and chicken breast. I can't eat a lot of red meats due to the colitis. Carbs are from brown rice, and Pro & Oats. The fats are mainly from the turkey and the chicken.

So looks like I need to find some fattier meats to add into my diet. Without the ability eat beef it kinds screws up my fat intake. I guess I could see what condiments I could get fat from without a lot of carbs.

Would help if I remembered the diet I used last semester to great effect. Oh well, time for a change I guess.

10-04-10, 7:25 pm
Subbed Mr. TF.

10-04-10, 11:10 pm
Nothing on the door today. It is probably best that it comes later this week as I wont have to wait and wait until I can pick it up from the office. On the other hand it would be nice to know its here though. Either way I can't wait for it to get here so I can get this shit going and hit teh gym harder then ever.

As for the diet I think I can add in some basic lunch style meats to bump up the fats and protein without adding a lot of carbs. Figured some ham or salami type meat to put in some more fat.

10-06-10, 12:29 am
Just found out that Animal did not receive my initial because on the suggestion of C.Coronato I emailed them again and was told they never got the first one. So that would be why I have not gotten it yet. This means they probably mailed it out today. So pretty much I get about a week if I am lucky to log this. But no matter what something is better then nothing and I will continue my log as long as I have it no matter the end date. The due date may be October 18th for final thoughts but I will still log it as long as I have it.

10-06-10, 11:18 pm
Just found out that Animal did not receive my initial because on the suggestion of C.Coronato I emailed them again and was told they never got the first one. So that would be why I have not gotten it yet. This means they probably mailed it out today. So pretty much I get about a week if I am lucky to log this. But no matter what something is better then nothing and I will continue my log as long as I have it no matter the end date. The due date may be October 18th for final thoughts but I will still log it as long as I have it.

Sorry to hear that brother. Darn emails get caught in the spam filter sometimes. Run this as long as ya can. I think with a supp like this, a good week would allow for needed feedback.

10-07-10, 12:22 am
Sorry to hear that brother. Darn emails get caught in the spam filter sometimes. Run this as long as ya can. I think with a supp like this, a good week would allow for needed feedback.

I am sure with any Universal, Animal, or Sportpharma supplement only a week is needed. But if I have the product why not do a unofficial log of sorts? If final thoughts are due in a week and I have the product I will just keep logging it for everyone else. And I figured since DC is only 3 days a week I would have longer then 2 weeks anyways.

On a good side note my order from bb.com got here in like 2-3 days for once. I refilled my Multi-V, Joint-V, and Animal PM which is a lifesaver for my late nights grading and being a teacher off official hours.

10-08-10, 12:11 am
Nothing today on my door from Universal. Heres hoping tomorrow brings me that lovely UPS slip. And I actually will get home in time to get the package from the office and be able to use Agent O for tomorrow's gym session if I get the package.

10-08-10, 7:51 pm
Got it today!!!! Used it on this workout as well. More details to follow as I am hungry as shit and me and the girl are going out to eat. Prolly still got some affected cause damn I am so focused on food right now.

10-08-10, 11:12 pm
Finally got a workout in with Agent O. Now I will admit that I am extremely critical. I gave up on anything preworkout simply because a lot of pre workout stuff just doesn't work well with my size. I would take doubled the maximum servings and still not feel shit.

That was not the case with Agent O. I took then one serving about 20-25 minutes before I went off to the gym. I was starting to feel it when I got in and was going full bore by the time I finished. Now I think I took it to soon before the workout. I think because of my size it took a bit longer to get into my system then others. So next time I will take it about 30-35 minutes before I head out.

Energy-Once it got started it was threw the roof with this. I rested less then I ever did between exercises and in between the rest pauses. No half-assed feeling like I get after being in school for 12+ hours. By the end I was supercharged and even up to dinner I was damn energized. Took it a bit to soon before a workout.

Focus-For once I did not even think about anything else about the weights. Even with my girlfriend driving up 3 hours to see me for the weekend I was all about the weights. Then once I was done I completely switched over to food. Hence why I think I took it a but late.

Intensity-It is hard to not have intensity while doing DC training but it was increased even more. I did more weight then I though I would after coming back form the 4 weeks forced off and even went for much more reps then I thought I would even get. There was little to no resting between rest pauses (less then 20 seconds) and between exercise there was maybe 1 minute with the except of calves because after the DC 12 set I had to hobble my ass around to loosen up.

Performance-Through the roof. After 4 weeks of nothing I figured I would be dogging it but I surprised myself with how I did.

Fatigue-None at all once it started kicking in. And still none now afterwards. It seems like the Agent O added to my energy but had enough that it didn't take any form me. And there was no let down. I just kinda calmed down.

Strength-After 4 weeks of being out of the gym I figured I would be weak as shit. But damn I guessed so wrong with my weights. I would have been able to much more had I not been so damn energized and focused on the workout. But tomorrow starts a new cycle of workouts so I know to put the weights near where I left them and see what happens. This shit rocks.

Weights-See the following workout and notes.

Personal records-For me just the fact that I came back to the gym after 4 weeks of being down and out and did that many reps and that much weights just gave be a big ass boost of confidence. With the new cycle starting I am gonna blow through the recovery period. Hell with this workout I think I don't even have to worry about a recovery period anymore. I think this new cycle I might even break my old weights from when I was forced to pull out.

Flavor-Kinda a bad flavor for me. I mixed it in about 4.5 ounces and it was really bitter. But with such a small shot it didn't matter the flavor because it was gulped down in one shot. Though with that amount of water there was still some particles left so I had to fill it with about 2 ounces to clear it out. So I would say 6 ounces minimum would be key and would probably for me take some of the bitterness out. But to end on a awesome note it did taste like a orange among the bitterness so that was awesome as hell.

Supps for the day: Multi-V/Lialda (morning). Just-WHEY/Storm (preworkout), and Joint-V/Probiotic (dinner)



Seat Alternating DB Curls-55/9,6,6,3
DB Incline Curls-35/17
DB Standing Forearm Curls-95/7,5,3
Seated DB Forearm Curls*-30/22
Hack Squat Calf Press**-270/12
Hack Squat Calf Press***-270/50,50,50
Lying Leg Curl-140/7,3,2,1
Seated Leg Curl-120/20+1 (45 second static hold halfway up)
Leg Press-630/8
Leg Extension-120/21

-*Seated forearm curls are done with a flex out then curling in. Even with light weight they burn to hell if you do them right.
-For this I used one of the hack squats with a seat and the platform was raised off teh ground and at a 90 degree angle to your legs. This way I got a massive stretch in the bottom. It made it hard as hell for me.
-***These are done with 150 total reps with 50 toes in, 50 toes straight, and 50 toes out.

Changes needed
-Tomorrow I will take it about 30-35 minutes before the workout as I felt it a bit going in but at the end I was full bore energized and stayed that way up through dinner. So remember students time Agent O by your size so you can actually start in the gym full bore.
-Also I will mix it with a bit more water to try and take out the bitterness and try and not leave any particles behind. Because I am OCD enough that I will refill the shaker until all that shit is gone.

10-10-10, 1:31 am
Another great workout with Agent O. This is one preworkout supplement that actually works for me. And I have yet to find one that worked with the normal serving.

Energy-Just phenomenal. No issue at all with energy in the workout. Much shorter rest periods and many more reps then usual this time around.

Focus-Straight forward workout. No little day dreams as I recover. I was all about the workout and nothing else. Never even thought about checking my phone to see if my girlfriend was done at the mall.

Intensity-Incredibly short rest periods this time. I also was able to hit more reps which drove it up. I went in and gave it everything and didn't slack off once.

Performance-Once again it was sky high. Not gonna have much of a recovery period with Agent O behind me. Also I kept doing more reps beyond my normal amounts as well.

Fatigue-None at all. No let down after the workout either. I knew what to expect this time so it was more of a controlled energy this time. I wasn't as bouncy and that is partly due to me taking it earlier before my workout as well..

Strength-Strength is definitely up for me. I was able to increase my weights for this workout in leaps and bounds. I don't think I will have too long of a recovery period. My weights and reps will be back up there soon enough.

Weights-See the following workout and notes.

Personal records-Just being able to increase the weights and reps so much more for this workout is a big PR for me. I am not so worried anymore about the long road to putting the numbers back up.

Flavor-Still a bit of a sour/bitter taste for me but when mixed with a bit more water it is fine. And I drink it in pretty much one gulp so I don;t taste it much. And no after taste at all.




Bench Press-245/6,3,3,2
DB Flat Flyes-55/13
SM Upright Row-185/4,3,3,2
DB Side Laterals-25/15
Rope Pressdown-50/15
WG Pulldowns-195/5,5,4,2
WG Pulldowns-150/15
Rack Pull-385/8
Rack Pull-315/7,5

-Rope pressdowns are done on a pulldown machine to get more range of motion and allows for heavier weight.
-Side Laterals are done with the DB to the front and then all the way up past 90 degrees.
-No more straps for me. Which affected my rack pulls but I will get a strong grip soon enough.
-Took it earlier before the workout and it worked well. I felt great all throughout the workout and wasn't super bouncy for a time afterwards like yesterday.

10-11-10, 12:39 am
Off from the gym today so I got plenty of good food in me and rest as well. But school starts tomorrow and the real test will start because we will not be getting out of practice early.

One thing that occurred to me was the mental aspect of Agent O. I know whats its supposed to do but it just interests on what the supp does vs. what you think its doing. I do believe that if you believe something enough your body will kind of do it. Similar to how some people think they are sick enough so they do get sick. How much of the focus and intensity is caused by Agent O vs. how much is just our beliefs manifesting in a strong form.

No matter what though Agent O works and works very well. Definitely the only preworkout supp that I will ever really buy again besides a few other Universal ones like Storm.


Off from the gym today.

10-12-10, 12:25 am
Great workout today. Switched some things up today. I took Agent O right after practice and then sipped my Just-WHEY and Storm mixture on the way to the gym and then while I was working out. Seemed to let the Agent O get to work earlier and then while at the gym I was able to keep the flow of nutrients going into my body. I thin I got a new system now. I also think the Pro & Oats I took before practice helped out as well as I still had stem left over from that.

Energy-The sky's the limit today. After being in school for over 12 hours Agent O worked wonders for me. I took it and by the time I got to the gym I was jacked up and good to go (video game reference here).

Focus-Pure focus here. No issues with day dreaming. All I could think about was whats next and what I was doing.

Intensity-Much shorter rest periods this time. I think I was done in about 45 minutes when usually I am done in just under a hour.

Performance-Much shorter rest periods and much heavier weights then I though I would have used today. And even more reps as well. I just kept going and going like a jacked up energizer bunny.

Fatigue-None at anytime. No crash or anything. Agent O probably even helped me keep my energy up for grading tonight as well.

Strength-Strength is way up this time. Even more then i though it would be. And I knew it was up because I just kept repping it all out til I could not move.

Weights-See the following workout and notes.

Personal records-Some today as I was able to increase weights from the last workout but as low as 10lbs and as much as 25+ lbs.

Flavor-Accidentally only put about 4 oz of water in the shaker bottle. So the taste was really bitter. But damn did it wake me up after practice.




Alternating DB Curls-60/8,6,4
BO Concentration Curls-40/20
Seated BB Forearm Curls (Arms on legs)-105/8,5,3
Seated DB Forearm Curls (Arms at side)-45/31
Hack Squat Calf Press-270/12
Hack Squat Calf Press-270/50,50,50
Lying Leg Curl-140/9,4,2
Seated Leg Curl-130/15
SM Squat-295/8
Leg Extension-130/20

-Another awesome workout. Agent O is working wonders. I am increasing my weights more and more then I thought I would after being gone for 4 weeks.
-Did things a bit different this time. After practice I took Agent O and then sipped on my Just-WHEY and Storm mixture on the way to the gym and while in the gym. That seemed to work well as it let the Agent O start working before I put too much more supps in me.

10-13-10, 12:19 am


-Good rest day. Felt a bit sore still after Monday which is awesome for me.
-Thanks to school wide testing I have a 3 hour long planning period. Looks like a easy day for me tomorrow.
-Back into the gym tomorrow before my 2 day break. Can't wait to down Agent O already. I think with the full rest day between my workouts I wont have to worry about cycling on or off Agent O as much as others.

10-13-10, 11:58 pm
One awesome workout today. Went into the gym and just killed it. Was in and out in about 45 minutes. Just no breaks today. Went above and beyond weights and reps. I did the same as yesterday with supps. I took Agent O right after practice and then sipped on the Just-WHEY and Storm to the gym and during my workout. I think having anything in your stomach when you take Agent O makes it happen much slower and weakens the effects.

Energy-Just jacked up today. I had more energy then I have had in a long time. No more then 20 seconds rest paused and 1 minute in between exercises. Just ready to go today. And even for a bit afterward I was ready for anything. If I didn't have normal teaching duties I would have hit some post-workout cardio.

Focus-No if ands or buts about it. I was all Alpha mode here. I just went in and had no other thoughts. Everything went away. All the school issues and stress from student grades was just not there.

Intensity-Much, much higher today. I just went in and got my shit done. Much shorter rest breaks then ever before and much higher weights then I have had in a long time. So, so close to being back at my previous weights and even surpassing them.

Performance-I did not even start my workouts with any numbers today. Usually I write down a number to beat the previous workout and just go with that. Today I used my warm-ups to determine where to start. And I killed the wrights too. In a few exercises I think I lifted more then I did before the sickness. And no more then 20 seconds for rest paused sets and 1 minute between exercises. The best workout that I have had in probably over a year.

Fatigue-Nope and nothing now. Tomorrow I am sure it will be a different factor. I have a feeling I will be sore as shit tomorrow morning. Good thing i have 2 classes taking exams.

Strength-Constantly increasing. I played the weights by ear with my warm-ups and I am not to far from the weights I was hitting from before I was sick.

Weights-See the following workout and notes.

Personal records-I was increasing most weights by 15lbs. and in some cases like the Military presses I probably increased it by 25 or more pounds. I was going to start with 185lbs as a working set but that turned into a warm-up set and I ended up at 225lbs.

Flavor-Remembered to fill with the right amount of water and a bit more probably. Still a bit bitter to me but I can taste the orange flavoring in it. But have no problems just downing it in one shot as it is not a lot of liquid. And I think more water for me lets it get to work faster.


Weight-256 lbs


HS Incline Press-135/7,3,2,1
DB Incline Flyes-55/13
SM Military Press-225/5,4,3,1
DB Front Raises (All the way up)-35/13
Straight Bar Pressdown-100/6,4,3,2
1DB Overhead Extension-30/25
HS Pulldown-195/6,4,4,2,1
HS Pulldown-150/16
T-Bar Row-170/8
T-Bar Row-135/13

-The best damn workout in a very long time here. Just went in and killed it today. Everything went right. In and out in about 45 minutes.
-Got a good back pump today as well. Back for me is just one of those body parts that I can kill and kill again and loose the pump very quickly. And it just seems to grow only when it wants to as well.
-I think with Agent O there is a mental aspect. The supp can do only so much and I think some of the benefits come from me feeling the effects and feeding off them mentally and amplifying them to put me in a damn good mental state.

10-19-10, 11:07 pm
Great workout yesterday. Sucked the forum was down for so long though. But over all another best of owkrout for me.

Energy-Through the roof as always with this product.

Focus-Another case of workout and only workout allowed in my mind.

Intensity-Kept going up and up. Did many more reps, sets, and less rest periods.

Performance-Even still I did higher reps with heavier weights and less and less rest along with more sets for each rest pause exercise.

Fatigue-No fatigue at all during or after my workout at all.

Strength-Still increasing the weights by much more then 5 lbs like DC calls for.

Weights-See the following workout and notes.

Personal records-The super quick recovery from sickness/injury is a PR for me and with this product I know I will hit some soon.

Flavor-Orange bitterness but its all good. It is a good bitterness for me as I know a intense workout is about to happen. And I learned from random flavored shakes to just chug it all down without question.




Cross Body Hammer Curls-80/7,5,3,2
Seated Incline Curls-35/17
Reverse BB Forearm Curls-75/4,2,2,2,1
Seated DB Reverse Forearm Curls-35/26
Hack Squat Calf Press-320/12
Hack Squat Calf Press-320/50,50,50
Lying Leg Curls-150/6,4,3
Seated Leg Curls-140/15
Leg Press-680/8
Leg Extension-150/17

-Long weekend. Went home Friday night for the ECU game this past Saturday and then Sunday I helped around the house since I still have the only truck. So long ass weekend but it was awesome to get back into the gym and with Agent O it was a hyped up workout from hell.

*Final thoughts will follow tonight as the due date passed and the forum was down for the past couple of days. It will get posted up tonight. I do have plenty of Agent O left as I got it late and with DC I am in the gym only 3 days a week which extends my supply. So even though final thoughts are due I will continue my log.

10-20-10, 11:38 pm
Great workout today. Agent O really helps out with the late workouts. Because after being in school from 7:30am to usually 7:00pm means that I have little to no energy to get in there. And Agent O really get me going by the time I get to the gym and I am ready to make shit happen. And the bitter taste to me is a great wake up actually from the constant sameness of practice. And like today when we do offensive practices it really gets boring since we do not use wide receivers anymore which I coach.

Overall everything is on the up still and then some. Every category is still moving up and up. This is partly because of both Agent O and the fact that I am on a much better diet now then before. Still fine tuning as I am getting a Sams Club membership and will tweak it depending on prices. But overall it is all going higher and higher and I don't see it stopping. I figure if I can stay on the diet after Agent O runs out the gains will not stop much and I can still keep it all up.




BB Decline Bench-265/6,3,4,2
Cable Cross Down-80/15
DB Bent Over Laterals-60/6,6,4
Reverse Pec Deck-80/17
EZ Bar Skull Crusher-135/9,7
Cybex Triceps Extension-60/22
HS WG Pulldown-195/7,4,3
HS WG Pulldown-150/12
WG Row-160/8
WG Row-135/14

-Good workout. Adapting pretty well to the really late workouts. I haven't worked out this late since my freshman year in college.
-Still loving the Agent O. Drinking that immediately after practice and sipping on my Storm and Just-WHEY on the way to the gym and while in the gym as well. Seems to be working pretty well in that form. I think drinking the Agent O immediately lets it get into my system first and not be watered down by the other shake.

10-23-10, 8:48 pm
Agent O still delivers even after taking it for a bit over a week. I don't see it slowing down unless I take it for a extended amount of time. Strength is still going up and up with each workout. I find myself having a easier time on my warm ups which makes me increase my working weights and in some cases I even have to increase those a bit after the first few reps. I do know that as you recover your weights will go up fast but I even after my initial sickness I did not recover this quickly. Agent O seems to really be the best pre workout supp I have used. Now I need to try out Pump and then some back and try Pump and Agent O together. Still no fatigue either after workout and even a hour after the workout. As usual no problems focusing even with my girlfriend in the gym working on some cardio. Energy and Intensity are both through the roof as well still.




BB Curls-160/5,3,3,2
DB Preacher Curls-45/16
BB Seated Forearm Curls-105/6,3,5
Seated DB Forearm Curls-50/28
Hack Calf Press-320/12
Hack Calf Press-320/50,50,50
Lying Leg Curl-160/8,5,3
Seated Leg Curl-150/16
SM Squat-315/8
Seated Leg Extension-150/14

-Good workout today. Still got some Agent O so it was great. The girlfriend, who was visiting, went with me and it was a bit more motivation in the gym today. It also got her more motivation to start going to the gym again I hope. Due to some medical issues she needs to exercise more.
-Good day also relaxing outside of the gym. Got some good food in me and me and the girlfriend are making home made chicken tacos tonight as well. And I got some of her home made spaghetti last night as well.
-Great homecoming game for my high school last night. Did not win faculty home coming king but being nominated and voted into the finals was a win enough.

10-26-10, 12:13 am
Another badass day in the gym today. Agent O definitely did it thing today. After a solid 8+ hours teaching, and then 3 hours of football practice I needed that swift kick in the ass for the gym today. And it delivered what I needed. Above and beyond Agent O is a damn good preworkout supp. Makes me want to combine it with some Pump even more to see what happens though minus Pump's stims.




BB Bench Press-255/6,3,2,2
Flat DB Flyes-55/15
Sm Upright Rows-190/5,3,3,2
DB Side Laterals-30/15
Rope Pressdown-60/16
WG Pulldown-200/7,4,4,2
WG Pulldown-155/13
Rack Pull-395/7
Rack Pull-325/12

-Great day in the gym today. Another day without gloves or straps so my hands are feelin it now. Looks like I am gonna build me some bigger, and manlier calluses. People are gonna feel my handshake now.
-Thankfully only a 4 day week this week but a teacher workday this Friday. Hopefully I can skip out of school after lunch since I will have my grades in by then. Then I can get extra time this weekend with the family and the girlfriend.

10-27-10, 11:13 pm
Agent O continues to do its proper business. It continues to flood my system and get me going before I hit the gym. After the whole 12+ hour day I need it. I just hope that by the time I run out or not long after I do I will be able to get some of the actual Agent O in all its glory. I am one of the biggest skeptic when it comes to pre workout supps and I was blown away by this. Maybe its just I am susceptible to the ingredients or it actually has the ingredients that are listed but this was the first pre-workout supp that has worked for me yet. I am upping my weights even more then I ever thought I would. I have been out of the gym for less time and had a harder recovery then this. I am getting higher reps with much more weight. Looks like I need to up my weights by much more then 5lbs next time.




Seated Alternating DB Curls-65/7,6,5,4,1
Bent Over Concentration Curls-45/26
Seated BB Forearm Curls-110/8,4,2
DB Forearm Curls-50/28
Hack Calf Raise-340/12
Hack Calf Raise-340/50,50,50
Lying Leg Curl-160/9,4,4,4
Seated Leg Curl-150/15
SM Squat-325/8
Leg Extension-150/16

-Decent day today. No drama at school today. Tried some new grouping for a seating arrangement but I am not sure if all the students will be able to handle the new way. Might have to go back to a traditional rows because they just can't seem to behave no matter what I do. And it seems some kids are losing respect in the classroom as well. Not doing what I say and then telling me that they are going to do something rather then asking to do it. Guess its time to get even more serious. Time for some detention, emails, and parent calls.
-Overall good workout with Agent O. Continuing to up the poundages more then I figured I would and able to get even more reps with the heavier weights.

10-30-10, 10:45 pm
Really needed Agent O this morning. I decided to workout right after I got up since I wanted to have the rest of the day to do stuff. Kinda a busy day too. But Agent O did its job and got me up and running on all cylinders for this workout. Strength is still going up with everything else. No fatigue at all after the workout either. Weights is still going up and since I got my diet on track after the flare up my weight is finally starting to go up again as well. Now I just need this stuff to get out in retail then I would be set.




HS Incline Press-150/5,3,2,2
DB Incline Flyes-55/14
SM Shoulder Press-230/5,3,2,2
DB Front Raise-35/12
Straight Bar Pressdown-150/15
OA* DB Overhead Extension-35/18
HS Pulldown-205/7,3,2
HS Pulldown-170/8
T-Bar Row-170/8
T-Bar Row-135/12

-Overall a good workout. Got a bit behind after I talked to a former coach and teacher so I had a time crunch. It was awesome though because I had little time so I reduced my rest periods a lot and got a huge pump.
-Slowly running out of Agent O and its awesomeness but it really helped today as I just felt lazy as shit this morning since I worked out right after i got up.
-Went home for this weekend but kinda wished I stayed up in Fayetteville so I could have just relaxed and collected myself.

10-31-10, 11:27 pm
Another good workout with Agent O. As always it continues to defy my expectations and goes above and beyond. I hope to get into the 2.0 testing for a second round. Strength is still going up and no fatigue. This time about 45 minutes after my workout I was on the road for 3 hours to get back to my place. So it was great that I did not get tired at all throughout the drive. I can't wait to get into the gym tomorrow to use it again. Still tweaking when I take it and when I take my JustWhey and Storm. I think Agent O 30-40 minutes prior is my window wand then start taking the JustWHEY and Storm about 15 minutes prior to the gym. That is what worked best on the weekends but during the week I have not had much of a choice of timing since I go right after practice.




DB Hammer Curls-85/7,4,3
DB Preacher Curls-40/18
BB Reverse Forearm Curls-80/5,2,3,2
DB Reverse Forearm Curls-40/24
Standing Calf Raise-320/12
Standing Calf Raise-320/25,25,25
HS Leg Curl-100/12
Seated Leg Curl-160/15
Leg Press-700/8
Seated Leg Extension-200/15

-Couldn't fit enough weights onto the HS Leg Curl so for this one I focused on really slow and controlled reps with about a 3 second squeeze at the top.
-Put myself in another time crunch for this workout again. But it worked out for the better and caused me to hustle my ass through the gym to get a good workout. I did not have enough time to think on what exercise to do next since I was in a different gym then up here with different equipment.

11-02-10, 9:46 pm


-Our last football game of the season got moved up a day. Apparently it is going to rain on Thursday so they moved it to Wednesday.
-No gym today. Decided to hit it hard Thursday and Friday which puts me on schedule to start a Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. So basically I get a bit of rest before I am back into it as hard as I can.
-Feels kinds weird that already football season is over. It also means that the semester is almost half over as well. IT seems to go by so quick.

11-04-10, 11:33 pm
Stoked for Alpha Testing 2.0!!!! Can't wait to try out the latest and greatest Agent O. The current version rocks and I am still busting some serious ass in the gym with my last few packets so I know the next version will be even better. I can't wait to start logging it again. I am fucking jacked already waiting for that brown box with the label-less can to arrive on my door step.




Decline BB Press-275/6,4,3,2
Cable Cross Down-90/13
DB Bent Over Lateral Raise-70/5,4,4,1
Reverse Pec Deck-100/14
EZ Skull Crusher-140/7,5,4
OA Press Down-30/15
HS WG Pulldown-205/5,4,3,2
HS WG Pulldown-180/12
BB Row-225/8
BB Row-185/12

11-05-10, 9:57 pm
Hard day today. Really needed the boost from Agent O and I got it. Everything is still improving and I can;t wait for 2.0 to come to my door so I can keep getting jacked.




BB Curls-135/5,5,3,3,2
Seated Incline DB Curls-55/12
Seated BB Forearm Curls-110/8,6,3
Seated DB Forearm Curls-55/24
Hack Calf Press-340/12
Hack Calf Press-340/50,50,50
Lying Leg Curl-160/7,4,2
Seated Leg Curl-150/16
SM Squat-325/8
Seated Leg Extension-150/18

-Had to push hard to get through this one. Even with Agent O all the weeks crap was catching up with me. And seeing as this was the first time in a long time I did not have to stay at school or go back to school my body wanted to stay home. But I had to get it done and I did quite well.
-BB Curls are super strict now and I do not let my arms all the way down anymore to keep as much constant tension as I can on them.
-Ready as hell for Agent O 2.0 testing. Its like Christmas came early.....wait I mean the holidays. *grin*

11-06-10, 7:46 pm
Had a good one today with my last dose of Agent O.1 and can't wait for Agent O.2 to get here so I can start. Strength is still going up in some exercises by more then 10 lbs and hopefully with the next batch of Agent O it will continue to go up. Not sure if I have to start another log or if I can continue this one and get it moved to the Agent O round 2 section but we will see.




HS Incline Press-160/5,4,2,1
DB Incline Flyes-60/13
SM Upright Rows-195/5,5,2,1
DB Side Laterals*-35/13
Rope Pressdown**-150/14
Pull Ups-25/6,2,2,1,1
HS Pulldown-180/13
Rack Deads-405/6
Rack Deads-385/7,3,2

-*Side laterals are done all the way up and slow downward negative and then up again. I hold onto a bench in order to stop my body from swinging.
-**Someone was using the pulldown machine so I have to use the cable fly machine which means I ended up using the whole rack for my pressdowns. Did these on my knees and as slow as I could in order to get that pump.
-Took my last pack of Agent O and blasted through everything. I guess I will have a wash out period before Agent O 2.0 which is prolly a good idea.