View Full Version : The long awaited video: Sgt. Rock VS. Big D

10-04-10, 5:58 pm

Watch and learn fellas. Real raw competition.

10-04-10, 6:08 pm
pumped after all that

G Diesel
10-04-10, 6:53 pm
One of the most awesome things I've ever witnessed in my years in The Cage.

If that shit don't get you fired up to train heavy, check your fucking pulse.

Peace, G

10-04-10, 7:02 pm
Sick shit, all the way around. Two great guys with two great pulls, and a great show....

I wanted to go kick someone in the face and hit a PR in deads afterwards. Seriously, people, if you don't pack on slabs of mass while lifting after watching this, hang up your belt and take up knitting.....

10-04-10, 7:02 pm

What a performance!


10-04-10, 7:40 pm
My hats off to both competitors. Awesome.

10-04-10, 10:59 pm
One heck of a show there.

10-05-10, 3:02 am
they Brought the Ruckus & im Pumped to see more crazzeeness!!!
great vidz c.c - thanx for the inspiration!

10-05-10, 9:24 am
Two strong mother*&%$#'s

10-05-10, 9:52 am
By far the most entertaining part of the entire Olympia weekend. Thanks C.

10-05-10, 6:34 pm
Those were some seriously sick lifts.

Props to both guys for putting on that kind of show.

Much respect, feel like tearing it up now.

10-05-10, 6:44 pm
Hell yeah

10-06-10, 11:22 am
That is insane, amazing lifts!

Big D
10-06-10, 11:24 am
sick vid CC

10-07-10, 12:39 pm
Fuckin inspirational as hell! Thanks fellas!

10-07-10, 12:46 pm
If that doesnt make you wanna grip and rip, nothing else will!

Awesome lifting, mindblowing weights.
Big props for both athletes to put it all on the line and PULL for what they are worth.

pushin weight
10-07-10, 3:18 pm
whoa...impressive lifts for sure.

10-07-10, 3:22 pm
a great battle by two superb power lifters....great vid..im ready to deadlift now.

Sgt Rock
10-07-10, 10:01 pm
GREAT quality video. I appreciate so much the time it took to make that. I was honored to be a part of the segment that drew the most attention and created the most inspiration. Im not just a Pro for Animal, im a FAN. Thanks to everyone and wait until the Arnold, WE have something in store...should we be allowed to perform again.

Semper Fi

10-08-10, 1:39 am
That was flat out sick. Dip, Grip and Rip baby!! Awesome job fellas!

11-23-10, 3:04 am
Great to see that awesome Dead Lifting in the cage...... Looks like that 800 pound Dead Lift for Sgt. Rock is right around the corner.........................