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10-07-10, 12:39 pm
Luckily I was selected as one of the few alpha testers of the new Agent O product. I've been stoked to try this product out, and tonight, on "back day" I'll be cracking open one of the bags, pouring the contents directly into my mouth and rinse down that orangey goodness with some water!

I'm looking forward to the intensity that this product just may bring to me in the gym!! Daily logs of workouts will follow...

10-07-10, 1:05 pm
Awesome bizzo. Looking forward to your thoughts.

10-07-10, 1:35 pm
Awesome bizzo. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Thanks alot for the opportunity J! I'm looking forward to tonights workout for sure...

10-07-10, 1:40 pm
I'm wondering if anyone else has done this yet... but I figured I'd put some stats up to gauge the difference after 2 weeks...

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 190.2
Arms: 16.25"
Chest: 41.25"

I'd love to see even a .25" gain in my arms over the next two weeks, even thought that's asking for a damn lot, it's a good goal! lol

Also, I'm on a KETO style diet right now as well. Just wanted to put that out there. Taking in 7 meals a day. Fish is my main source of protein throughout the day, with chicken being second. Taking in 50g of carbs a day or less, and those are all from veggies. No starchy carbs in the meal plan. Every 3rd day, 7th meal, I'm doing a mad carb load.

Carb Load Meal:

12oz Asparagus

1C Oatmeal
2T Raisins
1/2T Honey
18 Almonds

10oz Sweet Potato
2T Natural Peanut Butter

10-11-10, 5:07 pm
Okay this is long overdue. And I sincerely apologize brothers!

I was taking 2 other supps at the time. Both of them from USPLabs... Pink Magic and PRIME. Thusly after the first night I have stopped taking both of them for the duration of this test to make sure that my physiological changes are from Agent O and not some other supp.

Thursday PM:

Back day. Not really my favorite day of the week. I mean it's probably second right after legs as my least favorite. But we all know that if you don't have a back you ain't got shit...

Pretty quickly after taking Agent O I started to get that unmistakable tingly feeling all over. Starting at my fingertips and just went everywhere, even up my neck and onto my face. I was loving it!!

The first thing that I noticed and pretty quickly while I was hitting cardio was that I was sweating a whole lot more than usual. Which in my mind is a good thing. But I logged that in my mind that instead of half a gallon of water I'd need to bring a full gallon, just in case...

Hit the gym good and hard. I'm doing a progressive workout program. First week is 2 sets and then 2nd week is 3 sets and so on and until the 4th week which is 5 sets of each exercise...

Pull Ups:
Set #1 - 10 reps
Set #2 - 11 reps

Lat Pulldowns
Set #1 - 10 reps @ 170
Set #2 - 10 reps @ 210

Hammer Strength Lat Pulls (Palms facing ceiling)
Set #1 - 10 reps @ 90
Set #2 - 10 reps @ 180

Bent Over DB Rows (both hands)
Set #1 - 10 reps @ 60
Set #2 - 10 reps @ 70

Close Grip Pulldowns
Set #1 - 10 reps @ 170
Set #2 - 10 reps @ 190

Seated Hammer Rows
Set #1 - 10 reps @ 180
Set #2 - 10 reps @ 270

10-11-10, 5:12 pm
I would have to say that all in all the product is going real well. I mean you feel it fast... And it's pretty constant the whole way thru the workout, even when I hit cardio first I'm still feeling the O running rampant. The taste is a bit strong but it's only 4oz of fluids so it's down quick and easy!!

10-11-10, 5:20 pm
I notice you go to golds...which one? I'm local to your area and am loyal to animal/universal, maybe we could get a ABC goin er something?

10-11-10, 5:57 pm
I notice you go to golds...which one? I'm local to your area and am loyal to animal/universal, maybe we could get a ABC goin er something?

I hit the Gold's on Monterey in SJ.

I know they just had a ABC event this past weekend. I think there's a thread for Bay Area ABC in here somewhere... We even have an ABC Coordinator. lol

10-11-10, 7:21 pm
Ok cool I got to the one off 101 in SC

10-12-10, 10:53 am
Looking good in here Bizzo!