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10-11-10, 1:57 pm
Got my Agent O this past Friday and immediately started...

Lifted Friday night, and that was hands down the best workout I've ever had! Took O before my lift and hit legs; unbelievable! I have severe ADD (attention deficit disorder) and had taken my last meds about 3-4 hours before the lift...O seriously made me feel like I had taken another med. The focus and intensity was incredible. I also got 8 hours of sleep the night before vs. my usual 4-5, so I'm curious what happens on my typical schedule..

Today: alarm went off at 4am; 5 hours of sleep; took my meds at 415; bowl of cereal & bannana (don't hate - it's my only pleasure!); O and pump @ 5am..hit the gym 530; chest and tris..
Guys, seriously, this stuff is sick! Pump was insane, strength was great, intensity was great; definately noticed on a few burnouts I did it was able to get a few extra reps I don't think I'd normally get.

I had so much energy at this point - even after an hour of chest/tris/abs - that I went in the gym and ran suicides!

Only negatives so far: tastes like ass. I'm sorry, but it tastes like I'm drinking a stale, 2 week old, flat soda with my sugar in it.... I also noticed that (and mind you that I take 60mg off ADD meds a day, a sugar free monster drink and vente starbucks coffee in one day) I felt a little spacy and dizzy on Agent O. I don't think it's a bad side effect, and I wonder if it has anything to do with my meds and the stuff?..nothing serious or anything to be alarmed about; simply caught me off gaurd a little and it felt like I was having a hard time "zoning in" on a thought or what I was doing (if that makes sense)

So far, two days into it, and I'm hooked!..my workout was at 530am, it's 1pm now and I'm still shaking trying to type this...great stuff so far!

10-11-10, 2:15 pm
sounds awesome man....glad your liking it thus far...cant wait to get my hands on some.