View Full Version : chiefMD-the best revenge is success

10-12-10, 2:45 pm
Today is the dawn of a new era. I just recovered from a rather painful deadlift injury. was doing reps of 495 and apparently strained my diaphragm or transversus abdominis muscle. Either way I am back. The rest probably did me some good anyway.

Just started taking the Omega pack from Animal. Going to get lean!! Gotta get ready to run with the big dogs in a couple of weeks as I visit Metroflex in Arlington. Hell if I am gonna show up not prepared.

Other forums weren't cutting it for me so I jumped on here...where I belong. I know I will find the support and motivation I need here and hopefully give some back along the way.

10-12-10, 2:54 pm
Awesome brother. Glad to have you. MetroFlex is no joke!