View Full Version : Agent O care package received in Detroit!

10-20-10, 12:37 am
I received the care package and have been testing it out since. I work for a supplement retail company so I have tried most of the "latest and greatest" pre-workout drinks which are all overhyped unless you use like 12 scoops you dont feel shit.

I will say right off the bat that Agent O is potent. Most of the time I have to double if not triple up on servings for preworkout drinks to affect me. So day 1 I used 2 scoops instead of the recommended one and that was a crazy couple of hours and I ended up not feeling to great afterwards...READ THE DIRECTIONS DUMMY *kicks self*...Anyways since then I have been using one scoop and not stacking it with anything else and I do have to say it gets me going. From a mental standpoint I feel the intensity and focus that to me is the most important when it comes to a preworkout supplement. I enjoy "coming to" and not knowing where I was or what I was doing the last 45mins...o ya I was KILLING IRON!

After about 10 minutes of drinking it I can start to feel the beta alanine get to work and the rush starts to fill in. I find that I dont tire out and that the longevity of my workouts have improved noticeably. I am on a cut diet right now and my diet has been spot on for 3 weeks...so anything that is "new" and introduced to my body I can judge right away.

I am just about out of Agent O (Cry...) and I am definitely going to miss it. Once again Universal stands by its claim and comes out with another great formula.

I feel confident that you can release this with no "Special 4 page AD" in MD and it will MOVE off the shelves once people get wind of the effectiveness!

10-21-10, 12:30 pm
This morning I was dragging ass bad at work. I grabbed a scoop of agent O and boom now I am working away. Multiple uses for the win!