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10-21-10, 10:54 am
Now that the Agent O testing period is ending, I would like all of the Agent O Alpha Testers to post their feedback in this thread.

Things to keep in mind for final feedback:
In particular, did you notice any increases in:
Energy, focus, intensity, performance, fatigue, strength, weight on any exercises, any personal records?

Flavor: please give your honest assessment with the flavor. What would you rank it on a scale of 1-10?

Any feedback, positive or negative will help us with deciding on our next step with Agent O.

Note: Please keep this thread to just feedback from the Agent O Alpha Testers so that we can have one clean spot for it. Thanks.

Blondie Weapon X
10-21-10, 10:57 am
Hahaha!!!! Go figure!!! I just got Agent O and now the testing period is over!!!!!
This is cracking me up!!!
I will still post my thoughts in http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?33574-Blondie-gets-the-O!!!!/page4
for anyone that is still interested in following me!!!

10-21-10, 12:28 pm
And now, here are Jerrys final thoughts... I mean.. the Hookers final thoughts:

It was about the best preworkout i've ever used. One big thing I noticed was my 1st day doing deads this entire year, I did 315 6x. This previous workout, doing deads without the O, only got 285 for 6. I noticed a gigantic increase in energy and focus. I tried it with pump, and without pump. Both worked great. Had no negative feelings of it with pump, and it didn't effect my sleep at all. I even tried it @7pm, and still fell asleep by 11. Personally, had no problems if I took it after food, or 45mins later. Still had a strong effect on me. The taste at the recommended 4-6oz was real bitter to me (from no fillers, which is a great thing though), so I used 8-10oz and actually was looking forward to it. With 4-6oz water, id rate a 4. With the 8-10oz, id rate a 7 or 8. The color was a very dull orange, but oh well. You buy a supplement for the benefits, not the color. It did effect me in the bathroom however. Like I said in my posts, NOT being too graffic, but it had me racing to the bathroom. And nothing too 'solid' to say on the matter. Once I stopped Agent O, everything went back to normal. Weights were higher in pretty much all exercises, so thats a big +. Overall, i'd give it a 9/10. I would highly recommended it to anyone needing a solid product to help get through a workout, or someone looking to bust through plateaus. It was an amazing feeling each and every time I took it. Very happy and fortunate that Animal/Universal gave me the chance to try it out first as an alpha tester.

10-21-10, 12:29 pm
I took AGENT O consistently 60min after my whole food meal. Within 20min, I noticed an increase in energy and focus. Upon starting my workout 30min later, I was in the zone and unstoppable. No joke. This shit is the real deal. I'll never use anything else.

- deadlifted 330lbs for reps, 2nd time ever doing sumo on O
- hoisted up 120lbs dumbbells on flat bench for first time ever on O
- DB curled 60's for first time ever on O
- never felt tired by the end of the workout on O
- didn't notice any real 'crash' on O
- did not need to shoot to the bathroom while on O
- no problems falling asleep by 11:30 when taking it at 5:30

I liked the flavor. It wasn't 'delicious', but that's not what Animal is all about. You want fruity/delicious supplements, go somewhere else. Agent O is great. No fillers, no bullshit. Straight powerful ingredients. Don't change anything. For real.

10-21-10, 1:56 pm
I have one serving left, but Ill give my opinion now I guess. Before Agent O, I was using Jack3d as my pre-workout supp, which I consider one of the best pre-workout supps on the market.

Taste - Chemical orange. First time taking was not unbearable but not tasty by any means. After a few times, the taste grew on me. Compared to Jack3d, I would rather slam down Agent O any day. On a scale of 1-10, Id say its about a 6, which in my opinion is pretty damn good for what it is/does.

Focus/Intensity - Definite increase. Even on my low sleep days, I was able to get in the gym and get work done. Even if I didnt set PR's that day, I never decreased in weight.

PR's - Was able to add weight and/or reps to shoulder pressing, leg press, lat pulls, DB presses, box squats, and skull crushers. I didnt do very heavy squatting/pulling/pressing during this past 2 weeks but Im sure I wouldve been setting PR's easy.

Overall Opinion - A great product overall. Animal did a great job with this pre-workout supp. Now, do I think Agent O beats Jack3d? Sadly, no (sorry Animal). As a preworkout supp, Id rate Agent O a 9/10 and Jack3d a 9.5/10 (Im a die hard Jack3d fan too so thats really good). Close call, but the pump and serving size of Jack3d puts it a little bit ahead. Would I purchase Agent O when it comes out? Hell yes!

Side Effects - NONE. No crash, no stomach discomfort. Nada.

It was a great change going from Jack3d to Agent O and I would like to thank Animal and the Forvm for allowing me to be a tester.

N. Motta
10-21-10, 2:29 pm
Very glad to have been a part of this.

The biggest benefits that I noticed, while using Agent O as a pre workout supp was mental focus and alertness. Through the duration of every workout, I felt very dialed in mentally. I felt I was able to give tremendous attention to the task at hand.

Other notable citations were a consistent increase in weight and also reps achieved, compared to workouts weeks prior, when I was not on the O.

Taste. Honestly? I have never been one to really care how powdered supplements taste, not much more than shaking it up and slamming it down. Yet, for as good as all of Universals supplements taste, Agent O is pretty awful. I decided it tastes like skunked Tang. The orange powdered drink mix, wise guys! Me, I would still use Agent O even if they didn't change the taste. But I don't know about the masses.

It was an honor to help out with this Alpha Testing Program. Thank you.

10-21-10, 2:34 pm
I wasn't a beta tester for Agent Orange but at the last lil mini ABC in NJ at Muscle Mill, J-Dawg hooked me up with some Agent Orange to use. I had just finished up Shock Therapy and always liek to take a lil break in between pre workout supps so my body doesnt become too accustomed to them. Well at the beggining of the week I started using Agent Orange and already feel the great effects. The first day I used it I felt it but not as much as I did on Day 2. When I was doing legs, I was flying through my workout and moving with a purpose. My energy levls were through the roof. This is exactly the product I need in my line of work. After working 3 12 hours night shifts in a row, I need a great product to help me hammer out my Monday evening workout. Agent Orange seems to be one of those products that delivers.

10-21-10, 3:33 pm
Energy: It gives you enough of a boost to get those last 2 reps in but nothing huge in my case.

Focus: The main thing I see from Agent O is intense focus on muscle contraction and that min-muscle connection.

PR's: I hit many PR's and that was partially due to the O. It gave me the intensity I needed to make sure I wasn't wasting reps by using momentum or swinging my body. Here they are:

Cable V-bar Curls(Two Hands): 160lbsx3 <---Max is 140 I added all 20lb of extra weights
Bicep Curls Close Grip- 90x15
DB Curls- 60x12x10x8 and 50x10x10x10x10x10x10x8
Cable V-bar Pull down: 140x10x8
Squats: 300x10
Deadlift: 200x8

Flavor: 6 it is strong for most people and since I take nearly all of my supplements in the morning there are a ton of little pills to keep down with it(Pak/Flex/Nitro/M-Stak/Fish Oil) so I would probably use 1 serving with say 16oz water since I need to take in all the other stuff anyways.

Thanks for the opportunity, I enjoyed it and will likely be purchasing the final product.

10-21-10, 4:02 pm
Ok, well I have officially taken all of my Agent O, except one packet that I am saving for my first meet this November. I can say, with no hesitation, that this stuff is the best pre-workout supplement I have ever taken. My focus was awesome and at times, I got mad at people (didn't do anything out loud or whatever to them) when I was ready to lift and needed a spot and they were messing around or not doing their jobs. I have said it many times in my testing log that I LOVE the taste of Agent O (again... like a sour dreamsicle or a dreamsicle without the cream). Maybe a tad "sweeter" but other than that don't change a thing. My energy was good throughout my workouts. I love the mix of caffeine and beta-alanine and I think the minds at Universal/ANIMAL got it spot on with the ratios. Within 5-10 minutes of taking AO, I was on fire, very tingly, and could feel this stuff kick in. My pumps were good due to the amount of weight I was able to do. I am honored and very thankful that i was chosen for this testing program and will be in line to test anything and everything in the future, as well as buying a lot of AO once it hits shelves..

PR- Reverse Band Deadlifts- 810 (raw)
PR- 2 board Press- 465 (raw)
PR- BB Curls- 135 x 12 (easy)

Thanks again for the chance to test this stuff and God Bless...


T. Kemble
10-21-10, 4:42 pm
Whats up guys, Once again i'd like to say thanks to Universal for letting me test this product out.

Just to sum it up, I'm on a cut from 220 to 198 to compete in a lower weight class so my diet was a John Keifer-Carb Backloading.

Energy: 9/10 I'm a stimulant guy, every day im drinking atleast 3 cups of coffee in conjunction with whatever other fatburners/pre workotus and let me say that this stuff can wake the dead. A smooth onset of energy, not ephedra energy, but the next best legal thing.

Focus: 10/10
Tunnel vision is the only words that come to mind when thinking of the focus I got, when i took it i felt the tingle from the beta alanine and my mind went into kill-mode. All i wanted to do was hit the weights and up until after the workout was done i didnt daydream or fall off the path.

All the weights lifted were pretty much PR's at a lower BW.
190 x 5 standing military press at 214lbs
415 x 10 deadlift at 214lbs
335 x 7 bench at 212lbs
Squat was pitiful but I attribute that to the lack of carbs. My best Squat using O was 330 x 7 box squat at 212lbs

Flavor: 4/10
This is something that needs to be improved on. They are on the right track with a sour-citrusy flavor to go along with the tang of the beta alanine and other herbals, but there is much work to be done in this department. Might i suggest a stevia based sweetener?

Overall impresion:
This product will compete with the best of the best on the market, it will prove to be successful from its small dose size packing such a large punch with so little fillers.

Thanks again for the opportunity, looking forward to getting more once it hits the market!!


10-21-10, 4:45 pm
I am saddened to know that my Agent O is gone. I really do miss the intense heat and focus that it brought into my workouts. I will buy it the first chance that I get and plan on having it in my arsenal at all times.

The taste grew on me once I got the mixture to my desire. I definitely thought it was more like medicine with the 4 ounces, and quickly moved up to the 6 ounces.

The intensity, focus, and drive to get through my workouts was unreal. I did not set any mass PR's but I know that I was taking less rest in between my sets, and performing more reps than usual.

Agent O is ready in my opinion. I am in my 40's and have a few injuries that really take some time to warm up before I hit the weights. The heat that Agent O produced definitely helped me warmup quicker, and felt like I could get into the meat of my workouts quicker.

No jitters, no upset stomach on my part. My only hope is that Agent O comes in scoopable form. I know some had it with the alpha testing program, but I did not. I had the little baggies. I would like to be able to customize my doses to my workouts, as that was the only thing missing from my alpha testing.

I hope that helps, and found this a blast. Get agent o to the market. It is ready....

10-21-10, 5:39 pm
I think it was awesome and I look forward to using it more. I found that personally, i cant use it every day because I train at night, and it keeps me up. Which means its doing its job. I dont think the taste is that bad. I would want to sip on it in a luxurious manner, but its not bad. I used it on a bunch of weekend work outs when i got to train early. I liked it, and will certainly keep it up!

10-21-10, 5:49 pm
Does it work: Yes.

Will I use it: I think its best used with volume training. Since I'm chasing HRT with GVT that works for me. Just HRT- not seeing much help

For me, its been one hell of a mental force. I take it and I'm ON. Takes 30-45 min to really get in there and last about 4 hrs. I've managed to get to sleep after 6 hrs 3 times now - no problems there. The focus is great - I want to just crush it once I'm in. Not really aggressive but definitely on point.

Once it tapers off I haven't had a crash or let down. Its very smoothly ramped in and out.

Sides: Increased body temp. Increased sweating. On my very heavy sets I've had to add an extra min or two or rest just to try and get my body temp under control so I don't bake.

Energy - minimal change. It might make a difference towards the 2 hr mark but I'm so gassed at that point its hard to say
Focus - hell yes. 10/10
Performance - I feel on. Actual athletic performance didn't seem to change for me. Again - I think its more suited to volume or cardio. Will be using this with cardio later just to see
Intensity - minimal change

Flavor - very chemically. Best thing I've found is to shoot it down with 2-3 oz of water and just gut it out. Its nasty. If it didn't work so well I'd never touch it. Closest thing I can compare it to is drinking OJ right after brushing your teeth - but magnified.

N. Motta
10-21-10, 8:15 pm
Closest thing I can compare it to is drinking OJ right after brushing your teeth - but magnified.

Haha, spot on mate. But to paraphrase, I agree with what you said. Function over form.

10-21-10, 9:22 pm
In particular, did you notice any increases in:

Energy – yes, O consistently kicked in for me between 10-20 minutes of taking it and it was a sustained energy. It’s definitely not a flash in the pan supplement.

Focus – yes, the focus and mental clarity I received to work on your workout was consistent and very nice.

Intensity – yes, I immediately slapped on an additional plate per side of the leg press and set a PR, in addition to clearing a huge mental hurdle.

Performance – yes, Agent O enhanced the current diet and supplements I was taking and improved them.

Fatigue – no, I felt it after day one with Agent O but that was a big day with two intense workouts in less then 24 hrs followed by 12 hrs of standing at work. Fatigue was never an issue again during my next 7 doses of Agent O.

Strength – yes, I have felt the increases in strength and will continue to assess this as I have 7 more chances to dance with Agent O…

Weight on any exercises – yes, all of my numbers are on the rise and more PRs are pending.

Any personal records? – yes, 3 in the books so far: Deadlift – 325lbs for 8 reps, Leg Press – 5 pps for 20 reps, 4 sets and Standing Military Press – 115lbs for 9 reps. All of this lifts were raw and there will be more PRs coming. I will log them in both my Journey and Agent O thread.

Flavor: please give your honest assessment with the flavor. What would you rank it on a scale of 1-10? – Ah, the flavor…children’s aspirin. I would give it a 4 out of 10. I would not change it as it is bare bones and gets the job done.

Any feedback, positive or negative will help us with deciding on our next step with Agent O. - This is an awesome product and I hope it clears the hurdle and becomes available to all. I definitely recommend it and endorse it. It is very effective and would be a staple in my supplement arsenal.

Thanks again, J-Dawg, Animal and Universal for the chance to be a part of this Agent O ATP. I am honored and humbled and look forward to seeing how Agent O does, peace.


10-21-10, 11:12 pm
My take on Agent O: Fuckin' awesome! This stuff rocked for sure. 1. I had a lot of focus and drive during my workouts. No new strength records but some definite, DEFINITE work load benefits. I felt like I could just keep going and going on this stuff. There was no crash on this stuff, either during or after my workouts. Intensity was awesome and my rest between sets was much shorter on this stuff. Recovery seemed to be enhanced as well.

2. Tasted like crap. Actually tasted like crap took a crap. But the fact that it's in a shot form makes it bearable and the benefits are worth it.

I'd get it again!

10-21-10, 11:41 pm
Well let me say first off, no PR was hit do to the fact I just recently returned to the gym after my hernia surgery. Now with that being said let me tell you....never once did I feel like I was just starting out. Now I wasn't quite hitting the numbers I had prior to my injury, but I was moving some good weight none the less. I would not change anything about this product, yeah the taste is a bit off, but not too bad actually.

Energy: Energy was through the roof, especialy after about 20 minutes of taking it. Now I'm running my own biz, school full time and family so I get about 3-6 hours of sleep a night but not once was I ever dragging ass during my workouts. I can only imagine how well it works when the body is fully rested.

Focus: Not one lift was I not on point....music in my ears and mind focused on on every little contraction. Also out of the gym, especially my lecture class I go to right after my workouts. I retained so much info and was dead on with notes and keeping up, never did my mind wander like it normally will. LOL

Intensity: I was a man on a mission.....I was bouncing from lift to lift like never before. Normally I would lift, rest for a bit, grab a drink and slowly move on to my next movement....with O...I was not skipping a beat, steadily hitting one movement after another shaving about 15 minutes off of my workouts.

Performance: Like I said...man on a mission.

Fatigue: one word for this one....NONE.

Strength: For not lifting in weeks almost months...strength was there...and as the workout progressed, was increasing.

Taste: Scale of 1-10, 1 being nasty and 10 being great....I give it a 5.

Now like others have said, the increase in body temp and the sweating...holy hell. I was burning up but only side effect was it caused me to bump up my water intake, which isn't a bad thing. Agent O will become a staple in my training that's for damn sure. Universal does it again....

10-22-10, 4:47 am
Sadly my O is all gone. I liked that it was a small shot instead of 8 -12 oz's of grittyness. Sometimes with a really intense workout the less in the stomach the better (besides water).

Energy: I am a stimulant junkie. If you look at my log you'll see why. Graveyard shifts and not sleeping worth a shit during the day takes it's toll. There were days I got 4 hours of sleep or less and after 20 mins tops of consuming this I was roaring to go and it lasted well into the night at work after my workout.

Focus: This is where Agent O really shined. I felt like a caged animal ready to pounce inbetween every set.

Performance: I hit PR's on at least one exercise every workout. I was progressing almost every workout before this but I truly felt a boost during this.

Fatigue: I did notice I was a little more sore during this but I also changed up my creatine right before testing this. And I also had some shitty sleep days like I said. I don't think I can disgard my increase in intensity though so I'm sure Agent O played some part.

Strength: Strength did seem up during this. Progression from workout to workout seemed to come a little easier.

Taste: Honestly the taste isn't great, but I would still be all over this even if it wasn't improved. Shit it's a small shot. Clang, gone, done. If you want me to put a number on it compared to shock therapy being perfect, I'd give it a five. Maybe it should be improved upon some to please the masses though.

On a final note I took 2 scoups of shock therapy tonight and was dissapointed big time compared to previous days on Agent O. So all you ST fans that haven't tried this your in for a real shock!

10-22-10, 6:13 am
Well, Im sad to report I just finished my last packet today. Where to begin. In short, I thought the product was good. I like the fact that it is primarily used as a 'shot' type of a drink; great for people on the go or , like I did today, someone who slept 7 hours and had to hit the ground running!

The biggest thing I experienced with O was the energy. Within minutes I felt a blast of energy that carried me through the workout. The focus was ok, but not as strong. I did have a personal record on the deadlift and although I did not increase weight on exercises, I for sure felt a slight strength increase and a delay in fatigue setting in. I noticed it was best to not take on an empty stomach.

Flavor: 8. I liked the citrus. I liked the smell. Would I like to try it in fruit punch or blue raz? YES! I am not a fan of an orange tasting supp, but this one did just right for me. Just like citrus shock therapy.

Heres a little bit I posted on my final review:
1) energy: The energy was not only there, but it gave me a good- clean energy feeling similar to that of Shock Therapy. My last serving was taken after 5 hours of sleep and before work. It woke me up for sure, and got me through that shift.

(2) focus: There were a few workouts where I didnt even need my ipod to drown out the usual gym b.s. becuase I was so in focus, nothing could stop me.

(3) intensity: Intense. Got me ready to lift, or go on with life on a day off from the gym. TASTE: I liked it. It was like a stronger citrus shock therapy flavor. SMELL. Nothing beats the blast of citrus smell it produced!

(4) performance: Agent O helped me perform with average or better performance in the gym. I could easily use this as my pre workout supp.

(5) fatigue: Not once did I notice a crash during or after the workout. If anything the effects fade after a few hours.

(6) strength: I did not notice a drastic increase in my strength.

(7) duration of effects, Throughout the workout and then some, usually at least 3 hours.

(8) weight on any exercises: Normal weight that I have been working with, however:

and (8) any personal records if you hit them: I reached a P.R. on dead lift day.

10-22-10, 1:01 pm
I really enjoyed the Alpha test of Agent O...

The things that put this product apart from others I have tried were quite noticeable. I had more stamina and longevity in my workouts. I didnt have a crash afterwards. The energy level was perfect and not too little/too much.

The dosage (for me anyways) is perfect. I usually have to double up my servings on preworkout drinks. I did this the first 2 days I tested it and it made me sick to my stomach. Backed off to one scoop and it was PERFECT. This tells me its a good product...if I can use 1 scoop of something at 260lbs and feel effects like that I am a happy consumer!

Thanks for letting me be part of the alpha, I am down to test other products in the future!


10-22-10, 1:29 pm
Energy: Great energy for me. Generally right about 20 minutes after I took it was when I started feeling it. When I took it after my other shake it took about 30-45 minutes to feel it. Not a huge massive energy rush but I was more awake and ready to go. And no crash of any kind at all either. Just a nice constant flow of energy throughout the workout.

Focus: Great focus during the workout. Once I got the gym it was all business. I didn't get onto a random thought even when were had tons of drama that day at our school. I forgot all the fights, all the sports issues, and constant battling with the students while I was in the gym.

Intensity: Very high intensity in the gym. Took much shorter rest periods then usual during the rest pause set and between exercises all I took was the time to get to the next one and get my weight selected.

Performance: Sky high. I was just coming off 4 weeks total of being out of the gym due to sickness and a injury. I was able to use much heavier weights coming back then I thought I would be able to use. I was increasing my weights by much more then 5lbs each cycle.

Fatigue: None at all with this product. I figured with the stims it would jack me up and then later I would be tired as hell. But I had none of that probably due to the fact that it was a more low key energy boost and not a bouncing off the walls variety.

Strength: Good strength increase for me. Every time I have been sick I got a long period where I am weak and it takes me awhile to get my stride back. With Agent O I was back into the groove as if I never left and then some.

Weight on any exercises: Look here for weights

Personal records: For me just being able to get back into the gym and being able to get back into the game so quick was a record in itself. I lost 15lbs from being sick and despite that I was moving very quick back to where I was before. So that fact that I was able to keep increasing the weights and not have a slow and weak period was a PR to me.

Flavor: please give your honest assessment with the flavor. What would you rank it on a scale of 1-10?

Just based on pure flavor I would say a 6.5 because to me it was very bitter with a taste of orange. But because it was a quick shot and surprisingly there was no after taste I would really put it at about a 8ish. I was able to just send it down without tasting much of it after the first one and without a after taste it tasted so much better.

Since I do have a decent bit more of Agent O in my possession since I got it a bit late I will still continue to log my workouts and thoughts on the product here:

10-23-10, 3:06 pm
I have one dose left but I will give my thoughts about this product.

Taste - 8 I loved the taste! It was like Tang with some zip. I tried the 4-6 oz water but I felt it more with just tossing the dose in the mouth and swishing some water/gatorade with it.

Focus - 10 I noticed that within 20 minutes of taking this the focus was on point. I zoned in on my workout and just nailed it. No bullshit, no talking.....just sling iron.

Inensity - 10 See above.

Strength - 7 I don't know if it was the O or just getting used to the change in routine but I definitely noticed that with the increased intensity came an increase in the weight.

Fatigue - 10 What fatigue??!! There were many times that once the workout was done, I really felt that I could turn around and do it again or add more exercises and keep on lifting. Sometimes it was hard to walk out of the gym!

Overall - 10 I would recommend this product to anyone/everyone. I will definitely be getting some when it hits the stores. I will say that if you are having a shitty day and pop some O on the way to the gym, you would be wise to keep the tunes blaring. There were a few workouts where I was already pissed when I went to the Y. Hit the O and man it pushed me over the edge. Like all I needed was someone to say something and I would have bit their head off!!!!! If you are sensitive to stims, DO NOT play around with the dosage. If you are like me and not really sensitive, play around with it some!!!! Guaranteed you all will love this product. Like someone said before, it gave me a nice swift kick in the ass!

10-23-10, 9:00 pm
First off i would like to thank animal for the opportunity to be part of the alpha testing program. I was pretty damn impressed with Agent O, it's definitely not your typical pre-workout supplement. I was honestly expecting some ridiculous boost in energy that leaves your stomach upset and leaves you shaking for 6 hours. Not the case here at all, a nice increase in energy was noted. Enough energy to cruise right through my workout with no drop off towards the end. A definite increase in focus was noted as well, i don't know if being a tester just gave me that extra motivation in my workouts or the Agent O was guiding me through, but my workouts seems to flow a lot smoother. I noticed a moderate increase in strength over the course of the Agent O, but I am bulking so i can't say for sure if it's the O or just the mass amount of calories. The first few packs of O tasted terrible so after the first few packs i dropped the water down to about 4 ounces. With the concentrated shot the flavor wasn't all that bad. It's not the worst tasting supplement I've ever had. If the flavor remains unchanged it would not affect my decision to buy the product. I would stand behind this supplement 100%, if and when it goes up for sale I will definitely be buying myself some more.

Taste 6/10
Energy/Focus 9/10
Strength 8/10
Fatigue 10/10
Overall 9/10

I would give Agent O 2 thumbs up, definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an edge in their workouts. When its up for sale I'm buying it!

Altered Beast
10-24-10, 8:55 pm
Hopefully, this in depth out there post shall explain the extreme animalistic beauty of Agent O.

An intense rush of euphoria and focus hits you immediately. Within minutes you feel high, and your eyes feel as if they are glowing. Within 15-30 minutes your energy levels begin to become explosive. No rapid heart beat or anything negative is felt. The taste is something of a sour citrus note, which is actually rather tasty.

The gym experience is like something out of your wildest dreams on the happiest of mushrooms. You truly become in touch with the purity of your primal essence more so than normal (those that gain their inner barbaric spirit understand, unfortunately most people never acquire this and it is sad). Strength is immediately increased. You breeze through your sets with more ease than you thought possible and require less rest. You are so focused and in a state of intensity, that you do not notice the flawless ass cheeks in spandex passing you by. You do not feel like talking and you can literally see the psychotically intense and energetic experience in your eyes. People look at you with serious respect and focus harder on their workouts. You have become the Alpha that everyone aspires to be and some are envious because you represent something they can never be. It is beautiful...

Let me brake it down to you like this: imagine the focus of adderall with no jitters or nervousness, the clean energy of Cuts, the extreme euphoria and intensity of Test, Stak or M-Stak and no irritability of the gastrointestinal tract or the autonomic nervous system.

For those of us who's bliss is achieved in the gym, this is the perfect drug. You feel happy and psychotically energetic and nothing else matters but throwing around weights that no longer cause feelings of intimidation. The ability to capture the essence of this feeling into a supplement is mind boggling. Truly a grand slam Animal and Universal Nutrition. This product will sell faster than cocaine.

The beauty of Agent O is something out of a dream and it is the most fun you can have with your pants on.

If any of you Animal people feel like selling samples to Alpha Testers, I will buy cases (hint hint).

*I am on Agent O as I type this....

10-25-10, 12:28 am
First of all this shit is great! Intensity is through the roof during my workouts. You get that tunnel vision that is associated with great workouts. I work at a Vitamin Shoppe and have tried almost every single supplement on the shelf, Agent O. is the best solo supplement, and if you stack it with Pump it gets a little scary! Focus and intensity beyond belief, and man does the weight fly around. Animal is the most reliable company on the market, and they have proved it once again.

Yeah it's not a sweet sugary drink, but i like the taste. Maybe I am just more interested in the quality product and not looking for dessert. That extra twang is the taste of the ingredients, be proud Animal put enough in that you can taste it. I actually enjoy drinking it and don't even shoot it down in one shot anymore, but if you don't like the taste it mixes in 4oz of water so just swallow it.

I absolutely destroyed the Iron while taking A.O. and will hands down purchase it when it comes out. I already recommend Animal to my customers and will continue to do so. I feel like I have undersold how good this product is, all i can say is try it out and you won't be upset.

Mr. Dead
10-25-10, 1:49 pm
Energy 10/10
Focus 10/10
Intensity 9/10
Performance 9/10
Fatigue 8/10 (I workout in the evenings, and am laready a bit tired, from work...
Strength/ weight on any exercises/ any personal records: No PR's, but strength remained steady

Flavor: 4/10 I got flashbacks of some of the supps from back in the '80s and early '90s... But, with all of the ingredients, it's hard to mask some of the taste...

Any feedback, positive or negative will help us with deciding on our next step with Agent O: I think a lot more people would be more into it, if it were in pill form... But... All of the benenfits certainly outweigh any amount of taste concerns...

10-25-10, 4:28 pm
Final Thoughts!

i want to say a BIG Thank you for being able to contribute to such an amazing ATP (Alpha Testing Program)!

Flavor 7/10 -
To me at first, i was surprised how raw & powerful it tastes (like a Potent Orange) but with a kick of tang to it!
so, i would say the Taste matches the Power & intensity of Agent O. overall, i kinnda liked it but i experimented adding CARB Max Citrus rush & the taste was improved! its a taste that when you chug it down you know its on & time to move some serious weights. it mixes beautifully & no stomach issues at all. it taste's like power fuel to me!

energy & duration of effects -
right off the bat the energy hit me hard but yet very crystal clean, smooth & became warm within 10 minutes (felt good)! plenty of energy pre, intra, post w/o and plenty of left over to last depending on the day and what i ate and how hard a trained. safe to say the energy & mind focus lasted a couple hours then coming off with No crash at all. the other effects of improved mood & positive mind frame lasted around 5 hours.

focus, intensity & performance -
this Product is straight to the point & is extremely Strong!
what ever you are doing on Agent O you are most definitely geared on with accuracy and no distraction's.
very clear minded thinking, i felt like a controlled animal and with the weights being my prey. honed & dialed in with great strict form while being able to blast thru my routine's. all my lifts and pushes had an explosive endurance power of more strength and more control of the bar & weights, either more weights or higher volume! i blasted thru with ease. the mind to muscle connection contraction was absolute a Huge aspect!

weight's in my routines & Pr's -
walking in the weight room i knew Agent O had my attention with cognitive empowerment with pusher further while sweating a bit more than usual. i was able to PR on heavier weights & PR with more reps/volume with really tight form that i didn't even realize how much needed to be improved. thanx to agent o - finely tuned my determination in my mind & body & was extremely impressed.
food for thought, am i saying was it was all the O, no not really, did the O help enhance me in all the areas big yes. i am the type of person that gets really amped up with out supplementation. with that said when having an amazing product like this. while having all the Nutrients flowin thru me then my attitude and power of believe soars like an eagle even further.

mood -
i just felt extremely lively & exuberant & was very aware of my surroundings while feeling happier. thus enjoying my workouts & product.

dose -
it seemed that 3/4 of a scoop was my sweet spot & was plenty for me. but yeah when taken a full scoop it's really Game on!

overall it was Fun & improved my workouts. Agent O is Top Notch with awesome effects ... keep on thriving everyone.
thank you

10-25-10, 10:47 pm
Well, still have a serving or two left but i figured i better throw some final thoughts up now before i forget lol. The energy is no joke! took it about 25-35 mins before i hit the weights and was always ready to throw down when i got there. agent o really seemed to help my focus too. the first few days i was a little spaced out, but still focused when i got into a set..weird, but i was ok with it. seemed to really help squeeze out that last rep or two. i've been trying to up my intensity lately and agent o definitely helped with that, cut my rest times down quite a bit. didn't really set an pr's while i was on it, but with the increased intensity i was having fuckin awesome workouts!! i noticed an increase in mind muscle connection which i think helped a lot with having great workouts. the flavor was a little rough the first day mixing it with only 4 ounces of water, but when i upped it to 8 it was great, one good gulp and you were ready to start heading to the gym which is something i love. none of that full stomach bloated bullshit you get with a lot of supps you have to mix with a ton of water. i would rate the taste a solid 8. all in all, i would definitely hop on buying a can of agent o when it hits the market. good shit universal, looking forward to it hitting the shelf!

10-26-10, 3:12 pm
IT's great stuff first and foremost ....

for the most part i got a good anergy rush in the beginning days of taking it, being as i grow a quick tolerance i got used to it a lil later but just upped to two packs.... although i think it was more of a feeling of of energy than the actual energy being there itself. Throughout the time taking it , i could definitely feel like i could keep going and hit a lot heavier weight range for progressively more reps.
8-9/10 Energy

Unfortunately the flavor wasn't good.... lol I need to be truthful on this. I tasted like amped medicine... so when we got the notice to take in a 5 oz shot thats exactly what I did, had a shot of O and dashed to the gym. It's definitely bearable but it isn't candy lol.
3/10 Flavor

Intensity was a definite for this product. I could rage out in the gym all i wanted and keep coming for seconds... Squat days were a pleasure for me. I was hitting 80% within 30 min and breezed through all 5 sets of it ... bench felt like a joke half the time and made me want to do heavier variations .
10/10 Intensity

I had a few Pr's with this product, the biggest one was my 515 deadlift that literally shook my gym area a little when i put it down ... hahahaha and truthfully it was definitely thanx to O, because i was able to work a whole lot harder with all my back and dead days.

Overall Review Rating 9/10 ... Awesome product

10-26-10, 3:26 pm
I was a tester over on BB.com, but thought I would leave my final review here as well

Final Review

Energy - 9/10

The first day I took Agent it was like I was a train running full speed down the tracks. I slammed my packet with about 6 oz of water and headed for the gym. By the time I walked up the stairs it had fully kicked in. Throughout the testing process I found my sweet spot eating my meal 1 hr 30 minutes before taking Agent O and 20 minutes before my workout. The nice thing about Agent O compared to other energy pre-workouts was the lack of crash. I never crashed at all. I was let down slowly after I was done working out.

Focus - 10/10

This is Agent O's strongest attribute in my opinion. After it kicked in and picked up any weight for any exercise it was all I could think about. It really helped me work on my form and the contraction of every muscle.

Intensity - 8/10

Like I said my first workout was insane as far as energy and allowed me to hit the weights with the ultimate intensity. However, I did notice that this was less intense as I took it for consecutive days. The intensity did increase if I took a few days off

Performance - 8/10

The performance of Agent O can be attributed to the 3 above categories. I was able to train harder and put more intensity in each workout. As to be expected, I was more tired on certain days but I was able push through. I was able to increase weights on certain exercises and even set a few PRs.

Taste - 6/10

This is where I think Agent O needs some work. I wasn't a big fan of the flavor as I was expecting more of a sweet orange flavor, but it ended up being more sharp and bitter. I slammed it down in a couple gulps with 6 oz of water so it wasn't that big of a deal, but could use some work.

Overall 8/10

I would like to thank Natural Guy and Universal/Animal for giving me this opportunity to Alpha Test Agent O. I would definitely use this product when it comes out in production. The energy and intensity is high and the focus factor is spot on, but the taste needs a little work.

Big D
10-26-10, 5:16 pm
OVERALL i give it a 9.12840/10

yea im never going to stop being a smartass so i figure lets just roll with it.

i took it first at the olympia and pulled 776- a pr.
ive hit PRs EVERY workout ive taken AO while shooting for a PR.
lets face it- the taste isnt great- especially when your eating the powder-- but mixed with other things i think it tastes pretty fucking good.
the intensity and focus it brings is rivaled by NOTHING ive ever taken before.
the way that i just dont get tired HAS TO be coming from the AO becuase there is no way i should feel as good as i do at 7oclock after being up for 12.5 hours.

its a legit product--- which is hard to find nowadays.
j-dawg or anyone else at corporate-- when ya read this send me more? please. haha

D out-

10-26-10, 5:31 pm
Post in my Agent O thread as well.

Well i know My agent O can only has 2 servings left in it. From the past week it has been great through but overall

Energy 9/10 - Either 5am, noon, or 6pm workout always had energy.

Focus 10/10 - Once it kicked in, i was ready to kill it. Never lost focus or drive while in gym and after too.

Intensity 9/10 - Had to say cause i always hit the gym with high intensity. If anything it just increased even more just from comments ppl had to day to me.

Fatigue ZERO - Where normally i would start to be exhausted from my workout near the end. Agent O kept me going till the end and then some. There were days i would hit the gym and then come home and take care of stuff as well.

OverALL - I loved it. This was a great product to sample and i cannot wait for it to come out. I have a few things i want to try with it other than running Animal Pump(minus Stims) with it. This has been one of the few products that actually gave me energy and did NOT give me a horrible crash afterward.

Thanks Universal/Animal/SP for my chance to beta test Agent O. It has been a great privilege.

The House
10-26-10, 6:13 pm
Energy, focus, intensity, performance, fatigue, strength, weight on any exercises, any personal records?

Flavor: please give your honest assessment with the flavor. What would you rank it on a scale of 1-10?

Any feedback, positive or negative will help us with deciding on our next step with Agent O.

Energy with agent O is unmatched. i dont get enough sleep half the time so each workout with agent o was great it always kept me going..

Focus i am always focused.

Intensity was through the house's roof..

performance was great since agent o gave me the energy to push on i had great workouts with o..

Fatigue none after 30 mins of taking O it made me feel all warm and ready to hit the iron and lasted my entire workout...

strength was up because i had energy to keep moving weight.. i will make O a staple in my supplement program..

Flavor: at first it was not the best but after i took it a few times and knew it was going to make my workout great i did not mind the taste. Rate 7 on taste but i dont care what it taste like i only care about results and it works.

best preworkout supplement for energy i have ever had. i would recommend agent O to anyone needing a boost before training....

10-26-10, 7:38 pm
did you notice any increases in:
Energy, focus, intensity, performance, fatigue, strength, weight on any exercises, any personal records? Energy, focus, and fatigue levels were the best they ever have been. Even when I compare those levels to my younger days. Strength and PRs were unchanged, but I am training to tone and lose flab.

Flavor: please give your honest assessment with the flavor. What would you rank it on a scale of 1-10? -3/10 It was very hard to get past the taste, quite honestly. Granted, I do have fairly sensitive tastebuds. But it was really hard to get down.

Any feedback, positive or negative will help us with deciding on our next step with Agent O: While the benefits outweighed the taste, I feel that this would be far better as a pill, if possible.

I want to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to do this. I wish the forum had not been down during this time, as I would have liked to have given a better detailed log of this.

Altered Beast
10-26-10, 10:23 pm
My official feedback is above and I stand by it. As a nutritional professional I will post my only complaint. I did not in my above post, because I was quite excited and did even consider anything else.

The only complaint I have is that it lacks electrolytes. Such a strong stimulant has the tendency to expel water from the muscles and can cause dehydration with extensive use. I feel that added electrolytes in their phosphate form would prevent this from happening.

10-26-10, 11:03 pm
Been sidelined due to 3 injuries. BUT.
Not much left in my tub, but here is my take so far.

Taste - 4-For some reason, the taste made me gag....mixed it with some Torrent and was set.

Focus - 10 I noticed that about 15-20 minutes after drinking it, once i started lifting, i didnt want to stop til i was completely drained

Inensity - 10 See above.

Strength - 7 Even injured, i was still making some great gains with this product.!

Fatigue - 10 I rarely noticed any fatigue with this product, if anything, my muscles would finally quit on me instead of me getting to my normal number and stopping, my body wanted to keep going.

Overall - 10 With the taste issue for me, I still LOVE this product. This is a no bullshit, balls to the wall training aide. Energy drinks don't have shit on this.

J Wong
10-27-10, 2:59 pm
Ok, Agent O is done. At first, it did not do anything, and it made me tired in the middle of my workouts. Then I got the idea from Hercules to take two packs a day. I tried this and everything was great. My energy, focus, intensity, performance, fatigue, and strength felt awesome. I hit some PRs while using Agent O.

347 bench (1 pack)
601 squat (1 pack)
561 deadlift (1 pack)
350 bench (1 pack)
300x6 bench (1 pack)

So even though I felt better with two packs, I only hit the PRs when I was using 1 pack. This is because I was tapering down/hitting my openers while I went with two packs.

I did not mind the flavor at all. It didn't taste "good", but it didn't taste horrible either.

The negative part of Agent O for ME was it did not do anything and made me tired when I only took one packet. When I got to two packs, I felt the beta alanine tingles, and felt focused/energetic in the gym.

Thanks for the opportunity to test this product, and if you need anymore specific feedback, just let me know.

10-28-10, 3:49 pm
This has definitely been awesome training with the agent o. It has made high intensity even more intense.
First I will start with notable lifts.

Deadlifts went from 350 for 7 reps to 375 for 8 reps
I was originally seated leg pressing 300 for 6 reps on my last leg day I squatted 315 for 20 reps.
Barbell curls- from 110 for 4 reps to 110 for 11 reps

The taste wasn't horrible but not good either but who needs a sweet taste anyway I'm here to lift to taste my supps.
Could feel the effects of it within 10 minutes everyworkout.
Never crashed and it made me push myself harder than ever before.
Needless to say I will be swearing by this when it hits the store.

I would like to thank animal and universal for granting me this opportunity. It has been an honor to alpha test such an incredible product.

10-28-10, 4:09 pm
Appreciate the feedback fellas. We're going to evaluate it all and by next week, we'll make an announcement. If anyone missed posting their feedback in this thread please continue to do so.

Big C
10-28-10, 5:46 pm
Today will be my last packet of Agent O. I'm a big user of preworkout supplements b/c I feel they give me the extra edge I need to accomplish what needs done in the gym. I've tried about everything on the market....at first I was a believer in 1, 3 di meth (or geranium) but the more I used products w/ this ingrediant the more weird it made me feel, as I experienced some chest pains, fluttering etc. So I was very glad that Agent O did not have this ingrediant, also no fillers and prop blends which is great. Here is my final review:

Energy: Like I stated in my log it didn't give me a ton of energy which is fine....I train later usually (5 to 6 pm.) and I never had trouble sleeping. I came down slow off this stuff with no crash, etc.

Focus: This was the best aspect....my workout times were shortened b/c I attacked every set and every rep like it was my last. Excellent focus most days....only a couple times I didn't feel the focus b/c I took it too close to my preworkout meal. I learned to wait a lil over an hour, take the Agent O then hit the gym asap.

Intensity: I was pretty firey on this stuff....my intensity was definately elevated....aggression was also at times which I don't mind. The more pissed off I am the better I train.

Performance: I felt like each workout was a success when I used the O. Performance was up to par. I never felt like I had a bad training session.

Strength: No real increases or decreases in strength....but I feel that's what my preworkout creatine product is for. It didn't help me lift heavier weights but I felt more determined on my heavy sets and focused to get the job done.

Flavor: I give it an 8/10. It honestly never bothered me......I can think of several products off the top of my head that tasted like ass and this wasn't one of them.

Final Verdict? I need more Agent O when it becomes available to the public. And need it fast!

Thanks to Animal/Universal for selecting me in this process. I was honored to be a part of it all!

Big Wides
10-30-10, 11:07 am
Final thoughts on Agent O:

- I did notice an increase in energy after taking Agent O, espically when I had no energy at all.
- Focus during the training sessions was better than it has been in the past
- Noticed an increased sweating towards the middle of the sessions, but the energy levels remained high
- Mixability was constant with the other products, found it easy and not gritty
- The taste was an acquired one. Was a little harsh with the first couple of servings but got used to it and found that the amount of water that was mixed with it affected the taste.

11-01-10, 2:30 pm
I was one of the lucky Agent O testers over at BB.com. A link to my log can be found in my signature (below).

Energy: In short, through the roof. I had a great feeling of energy from beginning to end of training with no crash from excessive stims................9.5/10

Focus: Better than ever. I've never used a supplement that made me focus on my sets and reps like Agent O................9.5/10

Intensity: Driven. Determined. I felt compelled and ready to lift more weight and more reps while on Agent O. When I was finished with a set, an exercise, or even the training session, I wanted more. I literally craved the torture I put myself through in the gym................10/10

Fatigue: What fatigue? Even with a crappy day at work my mood and outlook completely changed when I took Agent O................10/10

Strength: Better than ever. I think with the combination of increased focus and intensity I was able to lift more weight per training session................9.8/10

Personal Records: I just set a deadlift PR at my meet on October 30. I pulled 610 to set a WABDL FL State record for 242 Class 1 men. And yes, I was on Agent O.

Taste: Tolerable. The flavor of Agent O was certainly not the best I've ever had. However, I personally believe the effects of Agent O greatly outweighed the less-than-desirable flavor. If this product was on the market as-is, I'd take it with no complaints................4.3/10

Overall, Agent O is the best pre-training supplement I've ever taken. I'm hoping this stuff hits store shelves soon; I've already got it high up on my Christmas list...

11-01-10, 6:32 pm
I missed this thread and posted elsewhere, but i got 2 samples of "o" at mr. O and man - it rocks! Excellent energy and thermogenics. I can't wait to try it for an extended period, not just 2 random workouts.


12-13-10, 1:56 am
Def noticed more focus, intensity and i would fatigue slower then i would if i didnt take it. I thought it couldve been a bit better though. Broke a few PR's, like deadlift and bench so i was stoked about that. Thanks Universal/ ANIMAL for choosing me to test this product, it was my first time as an alpha tester and i look foward to getting the chance to test upcoming products!!!

12-13-10, 2:49 am
I apologize for not posting sooner, but I was sidelines for a little while there, didnt get to use everything that I was given in the beginning.

However, I've been back for a little while now and can give a good assessment based upon my Agent O experience. FYI, I was using the powdered form.

Energy: My energy was great. The thing I most enjoyed about O was no crash at any point in time. My energy went up, lasted a while, then came down slowly.

Focus: It was all ways right there. Blocking everyone and everything else out was the easiest it has ever been. Nearly no need to fire myself up before a set, all of my mind was focused on the weight.

Intensity: You could not pull me away from the weights. I was go go go go go the whole entire time. I didnt even want to take rests in between sets or even sit down!

Fatigue: It definitely helped fight it. I was quite happy with how strong I was throughout my workouts. No supplement or stack that I have used has come close to Agent O.

Strength: I did feel some effects on my strength, but only a little. I'm sure with two scoops for a longer period of time I would have seen larger strength gains around the 3rd week.

Flavor: It was bearable. It was pretty bitter, but as I have said throughout, no aftertaste at all. So even though the flavor was rough, it was still easy to choke down.

Overall I would love to get my hands on some more and run it for a month or two and see where it takes me. The Focus, Intensity, and Fatigue combating properties of Agent O make this one of the best supplements I have used.