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10-22-10, 3:39 pm
i woke up this morning hella sore from back and bis yesterday. didnt feel like going today to do legs.i said f**k it and went started off strong with the leg presses but after on hack squats i felt pissed off i got more weight up then last week bt i couldnt focus 4 shit and has the workout went on got more pissed and mor pissed and ended up ending it early. should ive stayed home and gone the next day?

10-22-10, 4:07 pm
Thats a call only you can make. However, you might want to consider rearranging your split so leg day isnt right after back, and your problem will solve itself.

10-22-10, 4:12 pm
Thats a call only you can make.


Two things you could have done:
1. Sucked it up, got focused and kill wheels
2. Stayed home, rested up another day and hit it the next day.

There's a fine line between being 'hardcore' and getting it done no matter what, and listening to your body, taking a rest when needed. Which option is better? That's a decision you'll have to make bro.

10-22-10, 5:33 pm
-being hardcore doesn't mean you can overtrain without consequences
-your lower back must be hating you right now, if your split calls for leg day after back day you're not doing it right
-understand the concept of rest and recovery. just because you hit a different muscle every day doesn't mean you're letting your previous muscle group recover completely. your body cannot fully repair one muscle while another is being teared down.
-try to start and end your routine with light stretching, sometimes you wake up sore because your muscles stayed too tense and not because of d.o.m.s.