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10-22-10, 7:11 pm
Well, it looks like I am going to be flying to California here in a few weeks for work. Gonna be out there for about three weeks or so. I am not going to have time to hit the gym at all when I am out there. I know that I will be working about 16 - 18 hours a day every day. And as a pipefitter and welder I just won't have the energy to hit a gym after work and will really just be working, eating, and sleeping when I am there. Is there anything that I can do to make sure that I don't lose any muscle mass or size. I know that sometimes people pair M-Stak with Cuts to help kep muscle mass. Would taking M-Stak while out there working help with that or not?

10-22-10, 10:48 pm
If you've been consistent it might be good to take a break. If your worried about it do some simple calisthenics at night to keep the muscles stimulated. You could also bring bands with you.

10-23-10, 7:55 am
Get in a steady supply of aminos over your work day, this will give your body something to feed off of instead of your muscle.

10-23-10, 7:42 pm
That sounds like good advice.

10-23-10, 7:48 pm
I agree, Aminos during breaks are key.

10-23-10, 7:51 pm
That is what I do during pre contest prep for the same reason, to hold onto muscle during calorie restriction.

10-23-10, 7:54 pm
everytime i cant get to the gym for a week or so i take the amino2250 pak dont loose anything

10-23-10, 10:28 pm
Amino's it is then. I think I will have them with some fava beans and a nice chianti........

Seriously though, thanks for the reply's folks. Helpful as always! I'll make sure I pick some up as soon as I land in Cali.