View Full Version : chit-chat?

pushin weight
10-28-10, 11:22 pm
Is it cool to post general chit chat type shit here...just asking first?

10-29-10, 2:24 am
lol wut

10-29-10, 2:55 am
chit-chat as... random stuff not related to gym, say stuff that dont make any sense etc etc etc

technically if u follow the rules.. no
tho ppl dont really bother reading the rules this-day and things have changed so *shrugs*

depends on what u wanna discuss but create your own journey or go to the bullshit's thread imo

pushin weight
10-29-10, 11:58 am
Basically i was referring to just other topics and or sports or whatever.Most forumns that bring people together for a common interest also have a "general chit chat section"

Big Wides
10-30-10, 11:09 am
There is a general misc. thread that you can post your general chit-chat thoughts in. Let me find you the link to the thread