View Full Version : My Final Thoughts on Agent O trial...

11-04-10, 3:23 pm

First off, I apologzie for the delay in writting a final review..been that type of month..

Throughout my two weeks on Agent O, I basically kept to my same diet plan. 5 solid meals (eggs/oats/beef/rice/chicken/fish/veggies); I have started eating more "crap" (Taco Bell, Oreos, Ice Cream - just to add extra calories during my long days) still have 1-2 protein shakes per day. Still took: pak, nitro, pm, pump. Still managed only about 4-6 hours sleep each night as well. I continued on my extended version of DC training for the two week duration.

I love the stuff! However, on a 1-10 scale; I would have to unfortunately say the taste was about a 4. I can handle most stuff, but the best way to describe it is: watered down, uncarbonated and non-sweeted Orange Soda... Although after about the third day I didn't really care and it didn't bother me.

I have severe ADD (attention deficit disorder) (in addition to only sleeping 4-5 hours per night when I personally need 8-10), the timing of Agent O with my medicine was critical. There were a couple times when the two overlapped; and all I can really say is damn...I'm suprised I didn't hurt myself!!

The point is: The couple nights when I got good sleep, I felt Agent O have much of the same affect my ADD medication has. I felt INCREDIBLY focused! I would be completely zoned in, and took out every bit of anger and frustration on the weights, and left everything on the floor...including my breakfast... Hell I even ran sprints one day I was so amped up! And I DON'T RUN...period.

Personal records wise: unfortunately I know I'm my own worst enemy, in that I don't have the time to sleep (2 jobs, graduate school and as of 3 days ago a girlfriend of a year and half haha..) so it's very hard for me to make significant gains in either my strength or my size/definition. BUT, it was very obvious that Agent O provided the energy I needed to really put forth a great lift! Unfortunately I didn't set any personal records; that's not what its about for me right now (at least until I graduate).

As far as it's overall effect: The bodyflow and vascularity I got from O was unmatched. I've taken Shock and other stuff before, and this by far was the best. I don't believe I'm allowed to disclose the ingredients, but, Animal did a nice job with the elements they put into O to allow this. I was easily able to continue working out for at least another half hour..My body is usually shutting down right around the one-hour mark; but Agent O pushed me to the hour-and-half mark almost every time.

Overall: I can't wait for this to hit the market! This is a GREAT compliment to other Animal Products! I've tried ALOT of stuff, and have repped other stuff before, and I can honestly say that O is the best product I've tested before. I had more energy, more stamina, more intensity and focus that ever before. And I know that if I was able to actually sleep more and take better care of myself (nutritionally as well) then there's no doubt in my mind O would help take my game to the next level. Excellent product Animal! I'm really looking forward to the final product! If I can be of any further help, or provide any extended information, please let me know.

Thanks guys