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11-10-10, 2:56 pm
Hello and welcome to my Agent O log.

I will update later tonight with my first taste of "O"!

As of right now though, coming off a powerlifting meet (RAW United North American Open) with lifts of 505 squat, 365 Bench, 530 Deadlift.

My current stack is Pak, Eaa Stack, ZMA, a glucosimine/chondritin/MSM tab, UN's Beef Aminos, and Egg Protein.

I havent used a preworkout supp in a few months, so I'm excited.

11-10-10, 10:14 pm
All right 1st taste of O tonight, and it was a good one!

Here's what I did tonight. I did a bit of recovery, trying to get my blood flowing back into the sore muscles after the meet.

Flat Bench:
warmed up to 225
225 x 8 x 5

Hammer Strength Behind the Neck Military:
1pps x 12
1p+25ps x 10 x 4

Straight Bar Low Pulley Row:
120 x 12
140 x 10 x 4

DB Shrugs:
60 x 12
70 x 12
80 x 12

Tricep Pushdown:
140 x 12 x 5

20 min on the treadmill, small hills, 3 mph

Now on to the more important matter at hand, how I felt with O. I'll just go by the numbers that J set up in the Alpha Testing FAQ.

(1): My energy was great. Not through the roof, but having great energy the day I come back from a meet is stellar. usually I'd be dragging my ass, but I was feeling quite energetic.

(2): This definitely drove my focus home. Getting tunnel vision and paying attention only to the weights was easy. The moment I noticed myself not paying attention to anything was when I knew O had kicked in. Right before each set I'd sit down and boom, no dicking around, time to go to work.

(3): Intensity wasnt as high tonight, but its my first night back. We'll see tomorrow and friday how this helps out my intensity.

(4): I was pleased with my performance tonight. Didnt think I'd get as many reps and sets as I did end up getting. Then, to top it off, I did some cardio with no problems.

(5): Definitely helped my endurance. I was able to knock out a few more reps in the final sets even though I could feel that my muscles were dead tired. It was an interesting feeling to say the least. For example, on the Hammer Strength, the last set I could feel my tris just burning away, but still managed to complete the set with little struggle.

(6): Strength wasnt there tonight, but hey, its my first night back.

(7): I took Agent O at 6:45 tonight, as I'm typing this I am still feeling the effects. I'd say thats great.

(8): See my numbers above.

Flavor: Not the greatest. Tastes like very bitter Orange Juice, BUT it has NO aftertaste. So slamming 6oz is nothing because once its down its down.

Side Notes: This did not hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm happy about that. Shock Therapy usually kicks my ass right out of the gate, but Agent O seemed to have a slower effect, much more stable and lasted a while.
Also, for some reason, this really makes me pee. On average I'll hit the head maybe once a workout, if that. Tonight I was in there four times. I know its the stimulants, but just putting things down that I noticed. This is not a big deal.

11-11-10, 10:15 pm
Today is supplemental day in my routine. Fast pace, in and out. The idea is to get as many reps as you can in the time limit, but weights are on the lighter side and only rest as much as needed to catch your breath.

Hang Cleans:
135 for 5 min

HS Iso Incline:
1pps for 5 min

Tricep Ladder for 5 min
Started at the top and after 10 reps moved down to the next peg, got through 5 pegs.

Hammer Curls:
35 for 5 min

30 min cardio at 3.0 mph

(1): Ended up real tired today so I figured this would be a great test for my reaction with O. I was groggy going into warm-ups, but by the time they were over I was good to go! Even with being tired my energy levels were just as good as last night, if not better.

(2): Once again, my focus was right there. Tunnel vision, no need to pay attention to anything else. I am really liking this so far, I hope that my body doesnt grow accustomed to it too soon and I lose this focus factor.

(3): As tonight was go as hard and as fast as I can, I was in the zone. Before I had time to swallow my drink, my body was all ready to go again. Didnt lose my drive at all throughout the entire workout.

(4): My performance was on par with last night. I'm still recovering from my meet so I'm not as strong as I normally am.

(5): I got through a lot of reps tonight. When I failed, I would attribute that to my lack of conditioning, as I havent been able to do as many reps as I have been able to do in the past. I was breathing very heavily when time was over, but I snapped right back.

(6): I felt a good amount of strength throughout the workout. Especially during my hang cleans. I was able to snap that weight up throughout each rep. My sweaty grip gave out instead of other muscles.

(7): Still lasting until right now, just like the night before. I'm definitely liking that there is very little "crash" and energy is smooth and stable throughout.

Side Notes: Didnt have to pee at all tonight, but man did I sweat!! I felt like I was doing conditioning tonight instead of lifting! Also, like I said before, I enjoy the length of effects, as well as the constant effects throughout with no crash.

11-11-10, 11:40 pm
Nice work! Experiment with Agent O a bit. When you lift heavy try a scoop and a half - you might like it... ;)

11-16-10, 11:06 pm
Today pretty much sucked. Took a test today that just flat out kicked my ass. Tried one and a half scoops of Agent O but it still wasnt enough to get any good lifts in. I did cambered bar squats and wide legged good mornings and called it quits. Just wasnt feeling it and didnt want to hurt myself. So I basically wasted that serving of O, and I cant really review it tonight because my performance sucked ass because of me.

Gotta try and kick some ass tomorrow with heavy bench. Hopefully a good nights rest will have me recharged and fired up.

11-18-10, 12:27 am
Oh Man!! I sure as hell made up for last night. I said to hell with it and went for two scoops tonight! Two scoops mo betta!!!!

2 Board Press:
warmed up to 275
315 x 3
365 x 1
385 x 1
415 x 1 <--- PR

Low Pulley Row:
140 x 10
160 x 10
180 x 10
200 x 10 <--pr

Tate Presses:
35 x 12
45 x 12
55 x 12 <-- pr

Side Raises:
20 x 10
25 x 10
30 x 10

30 min on treadmill at 3.2 mph

Tonight was excellent. Everything was just spot on. Everything felt waaayy too easy for what it was. I smoked 385. I go to put 405 on the bar and Max says "Just put some weight on the bar and stop going for the same weight you always go for!" So I added 10. He lifts it off but forgets to put it out over my chest, just left it sitting over my chin. I could barely hold it as it was sinking. I yelled for him to rack it. Took a little breather and did it again, he put the 415 over my chest, I brought it down nice and slow, and then smoked that thing up. I was stoked!! The rest of the night just flew by. Less than a minute in between each set and everything felt easy.

(1) Two scoops was excellent energy!! I was literally bouncing around the gym. Now sitting around between sets, I was up and walking around, had to keep moving. There was no stopping. Super hyper, I was liked it!

(2) Because I was so hyper I had to make myself focus on the task at hand. It was kind of like, OOO shiny things!! But with how high my energy was, I didnt mind at all.

(3) I was pumped all night, completely ready to go. I didnt really want anyone talking to me or wasting time between sets. My intensity was through the roof, hell yeah!

(4) Nothing but great performance tonight. Everything was light, PR's everywhere.

(5) Barely had to take breaks my endurance was so great. I definitely felt it this time around. It even helped me when I was doing my cardio. I was going all night and didnt feel tired once. I should have done more, but wanted to do what I usually did in order to get the best comparison that I could.

(6) Clearly my strength was good. Each rep was great. Got my PR's and I am happy.

(7) Starting to wear off now, about 4 hours after I took it. Not feeling tired or groggy or anything. This is another definite plus of Agent O. Shock Therapy would just drop off and I'd be dead. This lasts longer and it fades gently.

My body is getting used to the heat this product produces. It helped me stay warm the whole entire night. I didnt cool off at all. Didnt have to pee and didnt overly sweat tonight. The orange is very bitter at 2 scoops, but like I've said before, no aftertaste. This is definitely one of the better pre-workout supplements I've taken. I've been trying to decide which is better Pump or Agent O, but I havent been able to determine that yet. I'll keep rolling that around until the end of my sample and then I'll make a decision.

11-18-10, 9:59 am
Nice work, Big C! Glad you found what works well for you. Agent O is some really good stuff once you find the right dosage.

03-12-11, 1:04 am
I think I'm going to continue this log as I picked up another can.

A little catch-up, I'm using Wendler's 5/3/1 training method. Also, I'm trying to get rid of the tremendous amount of fat that I acquired being lazy with my diet.

My split is Sun: Squats, Tues: Bench, Thurs: Dead, Fri: OHP

Military Press:
140 x 5
160 x 3
180 x 6

75 x 10 x 5

bw x 10 x 5

I'm using the Rage in pill form this time around. Still works great in my opinion. I can no longer tell the difference when I'm on or off creatine, so this supp has replaced my old favorite Pump.

There is no difference in performance between the powder or pill. They both last the same and have as much power. If you havent tried Rage yet, you need to.

03-17-11, 2:01 am
Great night after a layoff due to studying/testing/not sleeping.

305 x 5
345 x 3
385 x 8

155 x 10 x 4
155 x 30

Good mornings:
135 x 10 x 3

Rage did its trick again tonight. It got me amp'd and I was able to block out everyone talking that were around me. There were a lot of people as well, quite the group benching right next to the power cage.

Clearly, as seen by my squatting, the Rage kept me going strong throughout the workout.

Each time I take Rage I love it more and more. The absolute best pre-workout supp I have taken.

03-18-11, 10:38 pm
Its going to be an easy rest of the week. Deloading until sunday.

75 x 5
95 x 5
115 x 5

bw x 10 x 5

DB Rows w/ Fat Gripz:
40 x 12
50 x 10
55 x 10
60 x 10

Cardio: 1min 3.2, then 2 min 4.7 mph x 5, +5 min 3.2

Not taking Rage for the next couple days. I dont need the intensity or rush to deload.

03-24-11, 12:47 am
Forgot to put up last nights training session.

230 x 5
265 x 5
300 x 7

145 x 10 x 5

bw x 6 x 2 = neutral grip
w/avg. band x 6 x 2 wide grip

My pull-ups are feeling much better. Each rep I was able to get my head over the bar and bring the bar to my chest.

Cardio is going well. However, I havent lost any weight though. But I am running faster and getting stronger on top of that. Time to dial in the diet.

I feel stronger the more I take Rage. Even my running is affected by it and I love it! Any way to strengthen my endurance easier is a definite plus in my book.

03-27-11, 6:43 pm
Weekend report!!

Rage still working well. Havent seen or felt a decrease in activity. It does tend to make me sweat and definitely dehydrates me. But if I keep up with the water (Always have Big Ant's drink by my side) everything is great.

Still getting the Beta-Alanine tingles though. Usually doesnt last this long but its easy enough to deal with.

For some reason I do like the pill form of Rage better than the powdered form. The effects seem a bit slower to happen. So I'm able to take the pills, get my warm-up done, and thats when Rage is kicking in. The powder is much quicker and I hate bringing shakers to the gym. People break them, or the tip over and leak, or I forget them, etc, etc.

I keep improving on my major lifts. Havent had any set backs. Rage is the only supplement I'm taking that directly impacts my work-outs. I'm only taking aminos, multi-v, joint supp, and electrolytes, recovery stuff. So its definitely doing its job!

03-28-11, 4:47 am
Cool. Great workouts here.

04-01-11, 2:06 am
Cool. Great workouts here.

Thanks man! I'm loving Rage.

Deadlift day!

295 x 3
345 x 3
385 x 8

Leg Curls:
130, 140, 150, 160, 170 x 12

45, 55, 65, 75, 85 x 10

Really shitty weather today all the way to school, took my test, then really shitty weather all the way back. It was definitely a tough day, hence no BBB. My body had enough after the 385.

Didnt think that Rage was going to pull me through, but it sure did. Felt strong until the last rep on deads. Managed to finish out my workout without too much trouble. My mind was drifting and didnt want to be there.

04-05-11, 2:00 am
295 x 3
345 x 3
385 x 10

175 x 10 x 5

Standing Rope Crunches:
100 x 10 x 5

I felt it today. After a long warm-up of stretching, rolling, and movements, I was sweating and ready to kick some ass! My mind didnt want to stop at 10, but I felt my form come undone a little bit on rep 10 and did not want to push myself to an injury.

But to quote the My New Haircut guy, "I'm in the fuckin zone." To make the effects more noticeable and more pronounced I havent been having any other forms of caffeine besides Rage and it is even better than the first time I tried it!

04-11-11, 12:49 am
Rage has kept me going all weekend. 4 heavy days in a row and Rage had me kicking ass.

I hit 405 x 5 on deadlifts, 190 x 2 on OHP, 420 x 12 on box squats, and started strongman training.

Rage kept me going strong all weekend, no quitting. No I'm very sore and happy for an off day!!