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Brick By Brick
11-13-10, 1:05 pm
I'm in Reno until tomorrow. As soon as I get home, I'll unwrap my Agent O. And get to work. I really could have used it yesterday. Just getting my log started.

Brick By Brick
11-14-10, 7:43 pm
Back home at last from Reno and NAS Nationals. I'd really hoped I'd have Agent O to help me out at Nats, but I have another 5/3/1 wave ahead of me, and lots more event prep for strongwoman. I'm excited to test out this little black bottle, full of magical pills, come tomorrow. I'm honored and psyched up to add Agent O to my training!

Brick By Brick
11-18-10, 6:47 pm
I've been really tired since getting back from Reno. Will try out Agent O tonight on Shoulder/Push Press and see how it goes. I'm about 5-6 on the energy scale pre-Agent O, so the first day will be a pretty big test. Will post after I get back from gym.

Brick By Brick
11-18-10, 9:35 pm
Warm-Up, 5 minutes on Stepmill, 40 steps per minute.

Push Press from Rack, bar x 5, 60x5, 75x3, 90x3; 90x5, 105x5, 120x4

BTN Push Jerk, 3x3, 85 lbs.

Standing Strict Press, 75 lbs, 3x5.

Smith Machine Close Grip Bench, index finger on smooth, 3x8, 100, 110, 120

Lying Triceps Extension, DBs, 3x10, 20/25/25

DC Situps, 3x12

Stepmill, 40 steps per minute, 15 minutes. Have to get used to this thing for the firefighter CPAT test. First mission, learn to walk on it without a death-grip on the bars.

1) Good energy, I was able to stay strong all the way to the end. I don't think I could have managed 15 minutes on the Stepmill without it.

2) Good focus. I was able to stay on task and forget I hate Anytime Fitness. I felt downright chipper.

3) Intensity - good level, slightly above average. Attacked the lifts all the way through ab work.

4) Fatigue - not until I was 5 minutes into the Stepmill at the end, but I'm not in tremendous shape cardio-wise.

5)Strength - good levels, probably about average, but I'm tired and probably a little overtrained. Will hit it again tomorrow after a good dinner and lots of sleep.

Overall, I was impressed with Agent O. I have the pill version. Took 7 pills about 20 minutes before I left for the gym, and by the time I was on the work sets for my push presses, I could feel my energy levels picking up, intensity getting better. I put in a good, consistent session on two bad days diet-wise, and noticeable fatigue levels. This is good stuff.

Brick By Brick
11-19-10, 7:38 pm
Day two of Agent O, did the trick. Battled through 30 reps of DLs from 245 to 225 lbs.

Warm-up, stepmill at 24-30 steps per minute, 6 minutes. Made a point to let go of handrails.

Seated Reverse Grip Pulldowns, 100x8, 100x8, 105x8, 105x8

Neutral Grip Seated Rows, 100x8, 100x8, 110x8, 100x8

Standard DLs, wrist wraps, belt, chalk. I was ready to pass out by the time this was done.
245x4, 245x4, 225x4, 225x6, 225x6, 225x5 225x5

Energy was bumpin, I felt better today, better rested. Focus also very good, intensity kicked in during DLs, fatigue levels were pronounced by the end of the DLs, but this is a new program for me. Agent O helped me push through. Strength levels were good all the way through.

Brick By Brick
11-21-10, 5:06 pm
Agent O pre-workout. Did the trick again, had a good, solid session with this new BossHogg routine.

Warm-up, 6 minutes on StepMill, 30 steps a minute, 5 lb weight in one hand. Switched hands every two minutes.

Incline BB Press, 85 lbs, 3x10, one minute rest between sets. Will go up 5 lbs next week.

Smith Machine Close Grip Bench, 95 lbs, 2x25. One minute rest between sets. Plus 5 lbs next week.

One of the bench press people was in the one power rack, so I subbed leg presses for squats.

Leg press, 45+25 on each side, 30 reps, rest pause on the 10th and 20th rep. Plus 10 lbs next week.

StepMill, 15 minutes, fat burner program, 40-30 steps per minute.

Energy - good level, considering the mental stress and overload these days with all we have to do to move in 6-8 weeks.
Focus - good focus again today. Getting used to powering through the new 30 rep routine, will add weight to all lifts next week.
Intensity - better than average. Stayed strong until the end of the stepmill session.
Fatigue - none present until the end of the stepmill session.
Strength - very good. Pleased with performance of Agent O so far.