View Full Version : Agent O 2.0 - I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you..

11-13-10, 11:21 pm
Thanks to corporate for getting me in on Round 2. I got the capsule form to test and have tried it 3 times now. Sorry I didn't post earlier, but I missed where everyone was posting there logs. I'll catch it up as we go along.

I was able to get a sample from a friend from Round 1, and was very impressed. I took it with about 5 oz of water and felt the effects in about 5 or 10 minutes. Very focused, in the zone. Intensity was crazy. Wanted to hit the gym hard, and heavy.

Round 2 is with the capsules, and I will admit at first I am not as impressed. Although the pills are more convienent, the effects seem to be alot less. I tried it about 15 minutes before the workout 3 times now, and feel the effects about 15 or 20 minutes into it. Not as an intense focus or intesity. Plus I'm feeling a very warm feeling, like working out on a very hot humid day, although the gym was actually very cool this last week. I will admit the first dose was taken to close to a meal, and probably slowed the absorbtion.

I'll do a full log the rest of the way out, and play with the timing of the dose. After reading a few of the other logs it seems that 40-45 minutes seems to work a little better. Hoping for better things next week. Not saying its a bust, just not as good as Agent O - Round 1.

11-14-10, 9:41 am
Sounds like u Def prefer the powder Jeff..hope next week is better for ya

11-14-10, 2:35 pm
Sounds like u Def prefer the powder Jeff..hope next week is better for ya

Maybe.. but I only got the caps. Going to play with the dossage times and see what I can do.

11-15-10, 10:57 am
Took the caps about 45 minutes before the workout this time and it seemed to hit about the time I got to the gym. Still not as strong as the powder, but I can definately feel the focus and intensity are up... a little. Maybe with the caps the dose needs to be higher?

Any other testers having this problem with the caps?

11-15-10, 11:12 am
Interesting feedback so far Flash.

11-15-10, 1:37 pm
Interesting feedback so far Flash.

Hoping the kick of this gets better J. It's okay.. but not great. Nothing like the powder in round 1. Any advice on uping the dose? Or timing it better? Definately better at 45 minutes out.. but still not anything like the powder at any point.

11-16-10, 5:49 pm
Chest and Delt workout today... I took the caps about 40-45 before my workout. Still nothing amazing in the energy and focus department... but I do think I am less fatigued.

I'm wondering if the caps are delaying the absorbtion til too late? The powder seems to give an almost immediate reaction, the caps seem to be less powerful or maybe they're not get absorbed before they are moved out of the stomach. Any advice from Universal / Animal would be happily listened to. Thanks..

11-18-10, 8:12 pm
Day 6 of Agent O. Took it about 40 minutes before the my workout, Also added a caffine pill to give it an extra kick. Seemed to help things along. Still not overly impressed with Agent O. I'd give it a 5 out of 10 at this point. Something in the caps is either slowing things down in the absorbtion or maybe the formula got weakened in the capsules.

Going to try breaking the caps apart next workout and see how that works.

11-21-10, 12:23 pm
Day 7. Decided to try something new today. I broke the capsules open and poured them into about 8 oz of water with a gatoraide flavor stick. Had to shake and shake to get the powder to dissolve. But, the effects were much better. Hit me about 10 minutes later, and much stronger then in the capsule form. I'm guessing something with the capsules is slowing the absorbtion down til its too late or too slow to get into my system.

Planning on doing this again next time, just timing it closer to the workout.

11-21-10, 1:24 pm
Very similar to what I did. Downed 4 of them and pulled the other 3 apart and dumped it in my mouth and washed it down with water. I think it definitely works better like that.

11-22-10, 7:53 pm
Very similar to what I did. Downed 4 of them and pulled the other 3 apart and dumped it in my mouth and washed it down with water. I think it definitely works better like that.

Yeah.. unfortunately I haven't been real impressed with the caps. But the powder is the shit. Best pre workout stuff I have ever used. Losing something during the digestion with the caps.

11-22-10, 7:56 pm
Day 8 of Agent O. Broke the caps apart again in about 5 oz of water. Tasted like shit.. but got it down in a couple of swallows. Definately works better without the caps. Agent O is very impressive.. probably one of the best pre workout suppos I have ever used, but something in the digestion of the caps is killing it.

11-26-10, 2:32 pm
Day 9 of Agent O. Long day today.. I'd been up about 20 hours when I got to the gym, so I took a BIG can of Monster and Agent O. I was pumped and ready. LOL took the caps today just for the convience. But, I definately prefer it as the powder.

12-01-10, 8:56 pm
Sorry for the delay guys.. but I've had a BAD stomach virus the last few days and getting online just was not going to happen.

I managed to hit Legs and Arms over the weekend.. and then Back on tuesday and Chest / Delts today. I was opening the caps and dumping them into a small water jug over the weekend, and definately feel this greatly intesifies the effects. For the Back and the Chest / Delt workout I took Agent O as a cap. Just for the convience and to keep the effects to a minimum on my stomach. The effects seem to last longer with the caps, but seem to me to be about 1/3 of what you get from it as a powder.

Last day tomorrow .. going to take it before leg day. Planning on going out with a bang. Maybe I'll just dump it in my Monster. LOL It should be fun!!

12-02-10, 9:59 pm
Last day of Agent O...

First off, Thank you to Animal for letting me test a great new product.

I was given the caps to try and tried it a variety of things. After a few tries I learned that the caps were taking quite a while to get absorbed I started taking it earlier and earlier and finally resorted to breaking the capsules open into a small water bottle. This made the effects 3 or 4 times as effective. Although I like the idea and convience of the caps, something is lost in the absorbtion using them. Maybe the powder can be put into the stick form that seems to be becoming so popular with the drinks and drink supplements.

I did get to try a sample of the powder from the first round.. this stuff is awesome!!! It hits like a freight train about 10-15 minutes after you take it. Focus and Intensity is amped up about 1000%, and you hit the gym ready to kick ass. I would highly recommend this product in its powder form. As for the caps.. I'd say focus and energy were up about 50%. I felt a little.. up, but not the typical results I would expect from a Universal / Animal product. I would suggest the caps get thrown out and the powder be released immediately. Awesome product.