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11-14-10, 3:23 pm
i would like to give a brief history of the man who is writing this thread.
He grew up in a lower class family with a single mother where mcdonalds was the quickest, cheapest, best food they could afford. As time progressed this man was shaping to be just like the rest of the american population, happy but fat. through highschool this man was a spectacular football player, he played offensive tackle because he was large. he was forced to lift weights or he would not play, he wanted to play college ball and he quickly learned that he would have to do much more then just go to the gym and move some weight around to get to college ball, he would have to start eating for muscle, and start training a little different. he then found the forum on animalpak.com asked many questions, and found many answers.
he started following everything that anyone ever told him on the forum and started putting size and stregth on like it was his job, he went to a college combine and blew the scouts out of the water, he was fast, strong, and big. colleges wanted him and wanted him bad. but through the years this young man had acumulatd 10 major concussions, turns out he should not of been playing highschool football anymore let alone continue to college, so he sat and thought for too many sleepless nights and made the descision to not play.
with out football he had nothing! until he realized what cold be done in the weightroom. he began hitting the gym so hard that others in the school had started to accuse him of taking the juice. with the hard workouts came on hell of an appetite so he ate with very little guidlines other the high protein and high carbs, he did not pay attention to any thing other then protein and carbs. with numbers through the roof in all of his lifts he graduated highschool the strongst kid in the school with no outlook into a college sport.
when he went to college he began molding into a freak, only wanting to eat and lift, he ate and lifted as much as he couuld through his first semester at college, then weighing in at around 27 pounds, then transfered to a bigger university. at the bigger university they had a gym he could lift at for free and boy did he take advantage of that. he was in there two hours a day every single day.
he then started to notice guys in the gym, not just big but ripped and wanted to look just like them, so he got on the forum talked some bullshit with some people and found a diet just right for him to shred all this fat. over two months he began seeing better shap, and loosing weight. once that semester was through he had begun to look and act more like a bodybuilder, gaining more knowledge about food and gaining more interest in his body.
then this guy went to florida for a few months, he stoped eating right and stoped lifting, and partied his ass off. still would run a couple miles a week just for something to do, but his lifting days werevirtually over.
when living in florida did not work out he returned to his hometown with more urgency then a cat being chased by a dog. he went into the local gym and signed a two year contract the first day back. got on the forum and found a great workout routine, and a great diet to get back into it, he began to make good quality gains in strentgh and apperance, but still partied, drank and smoked like he was getting paid for it.
then the new year came and he changed once more, decided to try and stripp the fat, went on a crazy cutting diet, one that only th truest bodybuilders would attempt. he got pretty ripped but was still partying on occations.
he maintained a really nice physique through the summer and then went into bulk mode to add more quality muuscle and set a date that he was going to cut this fat off. he went through the bulk stage keeping partying to a minumum maybe twice the whole 4 months and added size and strentght that you cold not imagin possible.
the days countd down to the date he predetermined to cut the fat, he began cutting, boy did he diet, he cut just about every ounce of fat off of his body, and lost about 40 pounds in just four weeks.
he then got a call one tuesday morning while he was just getting into his carbs again... it was his grandmother, his cousin had died. this was not just his couzin, these two were un seperable growing up, but the couzin had gone to jail for breaking and entering. when he was in jail his couzin got stabeed with a syringe and had a whole syring of heiroin pumped into his body killing him on the spot.
that very night our man on his journey to perfection who now hadnt drank anything but one bud 55 a week in a while has found himself sitting on a bridge with a 12 pak of budweiser and a tall smirnoff getting drunk in pity with one of his good friends, both getting drunk, then went to taco bell, then to a local ice cream place and devored. the next day went good for our man but he wasnt right in the head yet still down but trying to get through as a bodybuilder. next day was the funeral, our man who hasnt had more then 100 carbs and very low sodium for almost a month is now beeing seen by his family eating ham, scalped potatoes, pumpkin pie, cheezcake, rolls, by the plate full, two, three plates he had lost count. when he got home from this escapade at the church, he ended up puking it all into the toilet and fed it to the sewers not in a buhlimic fashion but in a gorged un easy stomach fashion. he then went out to eat with a girl and ate well, grilled chickn and onions and mushrooms, then for some reason devoured a dessert we wont name. these eating habbits have continued through the weekend, with ice cream daily, meatloaf, everything that this man was against just one week ago.

this man is me. i have been working at a perfect physique for a while now and when i had just about gotten there i have almost thrown it all away in just on week.
so i am goin to track all my progress in this thread, all my workouts, all m meals, everything, so that i will not screw it up again, this is dedication, i feel i have a lot going for me in the gym and i never want that to screw up again

11-14-10, 4:05 pm
Currently reconstructing the diet, goin to take the low carb approach for a while. Goin to continue my quest for perfection. I know it's very weak of me but I feel that if I go out with a bang today I'll be able to make it through good without cravings so I am goin yo hav pizza tonight before goin into the rest of my life tomorro mornin.