View Full Version : Swole's REAL AGENT O ROUND 2 (disregard the first thread)

11-17-10, 2:51 pm
Okay here is where my real agent o round two thread will be.
The split I will be doing is a very old school two day high intensity split. Every rep is done with a 4--3--4 count.(except deads)This may seem unorthodox to most, but it is good shit brothers I assure you. Hope to post vids if possible.

Monday---Chest and Back
DB Fly-1 set to failure
Superset Incline Bench-1 set to failure
Cable Cross-1 set to failure
Straight Arm Pulldowns-1 set to failure
Superset Lat Pulldown-1 set to failure
Deadlift-1 set to failure

Tuesday-H.I.I.T. cardio and Abs

Leg Ext-1 set to failure
Superset DEEP Squats-1 set to failure
Hamstring Raises-1set to failure
Donkey Calf Raises-1set to failure

Friday-H.I.I.T. cardio and abs

Alternating Mondays---Arms and Shoulders
Lateral Raises-1 set to failure
Rear Laterals-1 set to failure
Preacher Curl-1 set to failure
Palms Up Pulldowns-1 set to failure
Tri Ext-1 set to failure
Dips-1 set to failure

11-17-10, 3:07 pm
good stuff man...looking forward to it...u get yours yet?

11-17-10, 8:07 pm
good stuff man...looking forward to it...u get yours yet?

Yeah brother got it today.
Gonna hit legs tommorrow and if my buddy comes through with it i'll have a vid of my leg workout.

11-18-10, 12:16 pm
Okay brother's, tonight I will go with the capsule version of O and hit legs. Hoping to get some video of it but that is TBD. Should have review 1 up by about 1030 brothers.

11-18-10, 11:36 pm
Okay today was legs took the pill form today. Very good very itchy in about 10 min and ready to destroy my legs.
My leg workout took about 10min and there was no rest between any exercise.
*Everything is 4sec positve 3sec static 4sec negative

Leg Extensions-----135X13 reps to failure with two more assisted reps
Super DEEP Squats-----185X10 reps complete failure
Hamstring Raises-----BodyweightX9reps to failure with two more assisted
Donkey Calf Raises-----200X18 reps to failure with two more assisted

Brothers I hit the floor in agony after this ten minute assault of the wheels. Couldn't walk right for about 15min. GOOD STUFF!

11-21-10, 9:53 pm
Okay today was chest and back.
I took the pills right before my buddy did his workout ( a good H.I.T. workout takes 10-15min each) before he was done my face was flushed and I was already itching. I like the itch cause I know then it is flowing through me ready to roll. I know the weights aren't much, but when doing H.I.T. properly with a 4-3-4 count you gotta check the ego at the door and use weight that you can do with the proper count. Deadlifts are the only exercise not done 4-3-4.

Cable Cross-50-----7 reps to failure 2 assisted
Smith Incline-125-----3 reps to failure 2 assisted
Decline Dumbell Bench-60-----5 reps to failure 2 assisted
Straight Arm Pulldowns-90-----10 reps to failure 2 assisted
Close Grip Pulldown-170-----5 reps to failure 2 assisted
Deadlifts-315-----6 reps to failure 15sec rest 1 more rep

11-24-10, 7:00 pm
Okay today I hit legs again, took the pills before I lift the house takes about ten min to get to the gym and I was already flushed and itching. I very much need the O today I worked late last night and was in the woods early this morning to hunt. Riding on about five hours of ZzZzZ's. Low sleep did affect me some but the O helped. As always hit failure! 4-3-4 count.

Leg Ext-----135-13 with 2 assisted no gain
DEEP Squats-----185-11 with no assisted 1 rep gain
Ham Ext-----BW-10 reps 2 assisted no gain
DonkeyCalf-----200-20 reps with 2 assisted 2 rep gain

As always the agent o withstands a good ol H.I.T. workout

11-30-10, 9:51 pm
Okay this is yesterday's workout. Took the pills at about 7:30pm felt some itch and tingle at about 7:40, felt like I was gonna tear the gym down at about 7:45, and tore the gym down from 7:50-8:05
As always hitting FAILURE!!

Here are the numbers
Seated Lateral Raises-20---1 set 7 reps plus two assisted to failure
Rear Fly Machine-90---1 set 8 reps with two assisted to failure
Preacher Curl-75---1 set 6 reps with two assisted to failure (incredible pump)
Palms up pulldown-120---1 set 5 reps with two assited to failure (felt like biceps were going to explode)
Tri-extension-110---1 set 5 reps two with assisted to failure
Dips-BW-5 reps plus two 10sec negatives to failure

The weight isn't much but I gotta check the ego at the door for these H.I.T. workouts
As J likes to say "stay tuned"
stay tuned for more H.I.T. from ya boy swole.

12-02-10, 3:35 pm
Okay brothers swtiching my routine to a Dorian Yates approach to H.I.T.
today was legs and the capsules are working but I feel overall that the first powder I had is a little more potent haven't tried the second powder yet. LEGS on O here we go.

Leg Ext- Warmup-45, 90 Working-135 X 14 plus 4 beyond failure
Leg Press-Warmup-200 Working-500 X 13 plus 3 beyond failure
Hack Squat-Warmup-70 Working-140 X 16 plus 3 beyond failure
Seated Leg Curl-Warmup-50 Working-110 X 17 plus 4 beyond failure
Stiff Leg Dead-Warmup-95 Working-185 X 11 plus 3 beyond failure
Donkey Calf Press- Rest Pause Sets- 230 X 21, 6, 6

Brother this legs day almost brought tears and vomit. Killed with the O by my side.

12-02-10, 6:00 pm
Your face gets flush and itchy?
I just get itchy on the backs of my hands.

12-02-10, 9:15 pm
Your face gets flush and itchy?
I just get itchy on the backs of my hands.

Yeah my cheeks will get red and my face will itch but I kinda take it as a signal that I can begin my lifts.

12-06-10, 1:22 pm
okay today I've started a 4 day split of Dorian Yates style H.I.T.
Today was the chest and bi's on the O.
Typically I can feel the O capsules in about ten mintues and then workout, but today I waited about 30-40 minutes before starting my workout and I was very itchy on the hands and face and felt more intense than usual. I think I'm gonna start allowing more time for the O to kick in.
okay today's workout:

10min treadmill walk
Decline Bench-Warmup 135/135 Working-225 6 reps plus 2 beyond failure
Incline DB Bench-Warmup 35 Working-55 8 reps plus 2 beyond failure
DB Flyes Flat-Warmup 30 Working-45 8 reps plus 2 beyond failure
Concentration Curl-Warmup 20 Working-40 6 reps plus 2 beyond failure each arm
Barbell Curl-No Warmup Working-70 6 reps plus 3 beyond failure

With the extra 20min wait after taking the capsules, my workout felt more intense than ever.
Tomorrow is back. God Bless.

12-07-10, 3:36 pm
Today I had an unusual experience with the powder. I took the powder at about 1:00 I grabbed my stuff got in my jeep and before I was out the driveway already had the niacin rush going on. Less than 5 minutes the O was already working. Anyone else had a reaction as such?
Hit back at the gym today:

DB Pullover-Warmup-40/40 Working-75 7 reps X 2 beyond failure
Close Grip Pulldowns-Warmup-90 Working-130 7 reps X 2 beyond failure
DB Row-Warmup-30 Working-60 10 reps X 2 beyond failure each arm
Wide Grip Seated Row-Warmup-60 Working-100 7 reps X 4 half reps
Deadlift-Warmup-135 Working-275 10 reps

Another good day at the gym with agent o by my side. Recovery tomorrow back for delts and tri's on thursday. God Bless.

12-09-10, 3:31 pm
Today brother's hit the delts and tri's with the powder o.
It was kicking in about 7-8 minutes
Not as itchy today but the workout was great.

DB Shoulder Press-Warmup-25,25 Working-40X11 and 2 beyond failure
Laterals-Warmup-15 Working-20X8 and 4 half reps
One Arm Cable Laterals-No Wamrup Working-30X6 and 4 half reps each side
Rear Delts-Warmup-15 Working-25X6 and 4 half reps
Tricep Pressdowns-Warmup-60 Working-100X13 and 2 beyond failure
Lying Tricep Extension-Warmup-35 Working-65X8 and 2 beyond failure
Overhead Extension-Warmup-25 Working-50X12 and 2 beyond failure


12-10-10, 3:22 pm
Today I waited about 30min to start lifting after taking the powder. After those thirty minutes I was itchy and feeling more pumped than ever before. Perfect storm for a good leg destruction.
***Note-Leg Press last week was 500 for 12 reps today was 600 for 12 reps

Leg Ext-Warmup-45, 45 Working-155X17 plus 3 beyond failure
Leg Press-Warmup-200 Working-600X12 plus 3 beyond failure
Hacksquat-Warmup-90 Working-180X15 plus 3 beyond failure
Seated Leg Curl-Warmup-50 Working-130X8 plus 5 beyond failure
Stiff Leg Deads-Warmup-95 Working-205X11
Calf Press-Rest Pause Sets Working-250X20, 5, 5

12-13-10, 7:24 pm
Today was a great session for chest and bi's. The O had it's signautre itch that I always get as usual.
Cant wait for it to hit shelves cause I'll be all out here soon.
Notable Increases will be listed at bottom. God Bless.
Warmups aren't listed but are same as usual.

Decline Bench-225X9 plus 3 beyond failure
Incline DB Bench-65X8 plus 2 beyond failure
DB Fly-55X8 plus 2 beyond failure
Concentration Curl-40X6 and 4 beyond failure
Barbell Curl-70X8 and 3 beyond failure

Notable Increases:
Decline Bench-3 rep increase
Incline DB Bench-10 lbs. increase did same amount of reps
DB Fly-10 lbs increase did same amount of reps
Barbell Curl-2 rep increase

Also today I started my first cycle of cuts
Felt good being that much stronger than last weeks chest and bi

12-14-10, 2:04 pm
Today I finsihed off my powder probably was a little more than a scoop.
Started itching with 5-6 min. Incredible feeling i think.
Warmups were the same as last time.
Back day is always tough for me but O gets it going.

DB Pullover-75-10 reps plus 2 beyond failure
Closegrip Pulldowns-130-9 reps plus 3 beyond failure
DB Row-70-7 reps plus 2 beyond failure each side
Seated Wide Grip Row-100-7 reps plus 6 half reps
Deadlift-315-5 reps

No huge increases but did increase in weight and reps on some.
Any increase is good to me.
Still have a few more logs left with the rest of my capsules.

12-17-10, 9:06 pm
Okay for my last agent o lift I wanted to tear up my legs with some breather squats. I also did some other leg exercises afterward.
The O withstood the workout (capsules) and felt great as usual.

Squats-275X 21 reps
Leg Extension-185X12 reps with two beyond failure
Standing Leg Curl-140X7 reps and two beyond failure each leg
Seated Calf Raises Rest Pause-140X12, 7, 5
Stiff Leg Deads-250X12 reps to failure

I would like to thank Animal for this incredible opportunity. God Bless.