View Full Version : Overhead: press tie on plate tweak.

12-10-10, 5:23 am
This is going to sound silly at first, but trust me, its actually damn good.

I discovered this by accident a few weeks ago.

Doing a two handed overhead trcieps press, going nice and heavy, try lowering your normal weight by about 10lbs then adding the 10lbs back by actually tying some cord around a 10lb plate and hanging it off the dbell. Sounds crazy right? Its not.

I used to go with about 110-115 at my old gym, but now I'm in Iraq, and the gym only has 100's. Not to be deterred, I tried to just ghetto rig a solution. So, I looped some 550 cord (reinforced braided string) around the center of the dbell, and looped another loop around a 10lb plate, then clipped them together with a little carabiner.

Here's what I found out.

You know how doing this excercise normally, as the dbell gets to the top, the angle of the weight shifts just a little bit, and it kind of feels like you are losing some of the pressure at the top?

The plate hanging off the string like that actuall pulls the weight down and keeps the pressure consistent. Its like getting all the mass building heavy power of an overhead DB press, but the steady, consistent downward force like using a cable machine. It really helped the contraction at the top.

Try it once and you'll see what I mean. Of course this is NOT for beginners. Its a bit akward at first, and its really only noticeable when you are going HEAVY. I'd say if you are putting up 75lbs or more with GOOD form, then its worth giving this a try.