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12-13-10, 6:23 am
Over the passed couple years I have assed the steps to achieve my goals, and time and time again I have failed, come up short, and made my excuses. But no more! No more excuses, no more giving up when it gets hard. This time I'm going all the way, more dedicated than ever. Today, Monday December 13, 2010, I've come to the point in my life where my "just good enough" attitude just isn't good enough anymore, where I can no longer accept failure or retreat as a my salvation. Today I have come to terms with my short comings and faults and aim to fix them... permanently. I have decided that being a lazy lard ass is no longer the person I want to be, so I have presented a challenge to myself. Given a years worth of dedicated training and dieting/eating healthy can i be ready to not only take off my shirt and not feel ashamed or embarrassed, but will I be ready to compete in a bodybuilding show? I have accepted the challenged, and today I start my mission. I will try my best to post everyday, any suggestions, ideas, criticism, or helpful tips are welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you for all the support.

12-15-10, 10:24 pm
Had a 2 day set back due school and finals, but not gonna let it mess with me.


530am- 1 scoop of whey mixed with original oatmeal and water

7am- Gym- Chest
-10min warm up on eliptical
-Close Grip Incline bench (Smith Machine)- 5x 15,12,10,6,10
-Inclined Dumbell Flys- 3x12
-Wide Iso-Lateral Bench (Hammer Strength)- 3x10, 1x10 (one arm at a time)
-Pec-Dec Machine- 3x15,12,10
-Cable Flys (low to high)- 3x10 (low)
-30min Cardio
9am- 1 scoop whey and apple

1130am- Tuna & carrots

330pm- 1 scoop whey carrots

7pm- tuna and i cup brown rice

10pm- tuna & mixed vegies