View Full Version : beginners & Animal M-Stak ?

12-14-10, 12:10 am
hey bros

I'm a beginner, i have been lifting for 5 months, I was taking whey, lately I have added Animal Pak and I can feel the differents.. now, I'm thinking to add Animal M-Stak, is it ok to go with it ?

I'm 24 yo
179 cm
82 kilogram


12-14-10, 12:41 am
If your lifting heavy and eating big then definitely take m-stak. Make sure to eat eat eat and you'll see some great results! Good luck!

12-14-10, 9:47 am
My only piece of advice while using M-stak is to make sure your diet is on track. If you're not eating properly, M-stak will be a waste. So up the protein, up the calories, and get big.

12-17-10, 1:44 am
M stak is my favorite supplement... not just universal products, but all products in general.. everytime i use it, i find myself constantly hungry, sweating more, and drinking a ton of water.... i've gone through 5 cycles and each cycle has yielded healthy increases in weight gain and strength.. depending on your diet, you can use it for recomp.. clean diet will help you lose more bodyfat than you would without.... i also noticed that when i am on m stak, i can be more loose with my diet without seeing too much noticeable increases in bodyfat.. the recovery aspect is huge because whenever i am on m stak, i can do a lot more work, both weights and heavy conditioning. overall, its a great supplement as long as you increase your calories.. on my 6th can right now hahahhaa