View Full Version : 4 week routine

12-15-10, 4:34 pm
Hey fellas, looking for a little advice going into winter break. I'm a junior in college and I've been into working out for awhile now, but I really got motivated this semester. I ate very well and made it to the gym five times a week consistently. At this point in my life, my lifts are all the highest they have ever been. I have a great diet in place as well as supplements, nothing major just fish oils, vitamins, protein, etc. Long story shot, I have four weeks off from school with nothing to do but study for my upcoming LSATS and workout. What kind of 4 week program would you recommend? I really don't have goals in mind as far as putting on weight or losing weight is concerned. I'm just looking to get a lot of difficult, quality workouts in this break. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays.