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01-11-11, 11:41 pm
hey I'm Phillip new to the forum well my stats are I'm 6'1 220 around 20% bf been lifting for 1 year i was 260 so lifting changed my life i love the HRT program heres my day one

BB incline 2 x 8+4
BB decline 2 x 8+4
dumbbell press 2 x 8+4
incline flys 2 x 12+4
close grip bench 2 x 8+4
dips weighted 3 x failure
press downs 2 x 8+4
skull crushers 2 x 8+4

i changed a few things i would like feedback and thanks to all for the information it helps

01-12-11, 8:31 am
Welcome bro! HRT is a pretty sweet program. I ran it for about 6 weeks while I had a partner last spring and made some nice gains. I know that you should keep your rep range 8+4 so I would avoid the 12+4. You doing HRT for solo or do you have yourself a reliable partner?

01-12-11, 5:43 pm
no im doing it alone im trying to find one but hard to find some one committed

01-12-11, 8:58 pm
no im doing it alone im trying to find one but hard to find some one committed

That is a challenge in itself. Trust me, I know...

01-12-11, 10:30 pm
ya for sure bro I'm trying to gain so what do u recommend for a program this hrt or something different iv been training for a year consistent my split was this

day one chest/Tris
day two back abs
day three off
day four legs
day five shoulders and arms
day six off
day seven off

i got a lot of meat of deer elk and chicken my bro hunts i pay to get it cut into steaks carbs I'm doing wheat noodles and such sups are animal pak.. 100% beef aminos..real gains..xtend for bcaa and animal pm (i love this)

01-13-11, 9:48 am
This is what Rage suggests: http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?28456-quot-Hell-Raiser-Training-quot-%28Split-Set-Training-w-Forced-Negatives%29