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01-26-11, 10:05 am
I went through an Stak + Mstak cycle about 3 weeks ago. I caught the flu about 1 week in and it really hit me hard. I quit taking the stack and missed workout for that week. I was really at a caloric deficit but I was trying to shove down as much food I as could. When I got my diet back together and finished the 12~ or so days I had left on the stacks I really liked what I was seeing on the last 5~ days. I'm about to do another stack and was thinking about doing the 42 days test & Stak then mstak after. Should I stack Universal Tribilus Pro also. Any recommendations?

Age: 26
5'10 190 lbs 14%~ BF
I plan on taking in around 3700-4200 calories
Goal is 205 lbs for this bulk
My training is good. 4 days split with bench/incline/push press/squats/deadlifts etc.

Currently taking A Pak , preworkout supp, fish oils, Creatine , ZMA at night.


01-26-11, 10:07 am
Stak+Test and followed up with M-stak? Sounds like a powerful stack, for sure. Keep the diet clean and you'll see some major lean mass gains. As far as adding in Tribulus, I don't see any reason why you couldn't. Although you're already getting a massive boost to your hormones from the stak/test combo.

01-27-11, 2:33 pm
Would I benefit from an HMB supplement or would that be better used after the 42 days?

01-28-11, 12:36 pm
I agree with Aggression. M-Stak, Stak, and Test would work well. I would stick with those for now, no need to add in all different components. What is your diet looking like?

01-28-11, 1:36 pm
Right now I'm at around 2500 cals a day trying to keep 190 possibly cut a little bit. Once I start the the Animal test cycle it will be something like this. I'm also going to grab a couple box's of protein bars keep around at work. I know I should eat more whole foods and that is something I am working on.


I will take any advise on diet during bulking. That is what I came up with that could easily be a daily routine for me. It's not great but it is more calories which I have trouble adding sometimes.

01-28-11, 5:36 pm
I'd definitely like to see some better diet listings before incorporating more supps....

01-28-11, 11:17 pm
I dont mean this in a mean way, but that is one of the worst diet plans I have ever seen.

It doesn't matter what supp's you're taking if you're eating like that, you're going to go nowhere.

01-28-11, 11:51 pm
I'd like to see what the fat grams are on that...I know you're bulking but sheesh.

Replace whey and PB+J with real protein (lunch meat? can of tuna? chicken breast or steak or turkey cutlet you cooked the night before?) and sweet potato or brown rice....Get a better casein; why would you be getting 20g of carbs right before you sleep? "Dinner" is pretty vague and somewhat frightening considering the rest of the diet. "Hardees" is not something I would like to see (unless you're Juggernaut), if it has to be fast food then Subway or maybe a burrito place (SMARTLY put together). I'd like to see real food for that first meal too, not a gainer shake....eggs and oatmeal should be some part of it and throwing in some steak wouldn't be a bad idea either. If you hate chowing down to a bowl of oatmeal, mix it into whey or get Pro and Oats (not trying to be a Universal shill, it's just a great product).

tl;dr - Less shakes, more real food. Eggs, chicken, steak, sweet potato, brown rice, oatmeal!

Don't stop at my simplistic advice either - get with Rage, the dieting guru (bulking OR cutting) for advice. Go check out the Iron Contests (past and present) for some great info.

01-31-11, 9:35 am
The last few times I've tried to gain weight I've fell short because I fail to keep up the consistency.

*Tuna and brown rice is good. This is something I can prep the night before and eat. Would a weight gainer shake at 6AM and Tuna+brown rice at 9AM suffice?

*My lunch is normally a grilled chicken or tuna 6" from subway. once every two weeks I go to hardees for a charbroiled chicken sandwich or 1/3 cheese burger.

*Dinner is normally baked or grilled chicken / steak with boiled potato's,carrots,green beans/pea's.

*20 grams of carbs with my casein is from the 1 1/2 cup of 20% milk.

*My original thought was to boil eggs and cook chicken to eat while at work. 1/2 during my 9AM break and 1.2 @ 3PM

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to check out the diet section. I've had trouble the last few times I've tried to gain weight because I end up getting busy with work and not putting down the calories I needed too during that period.

01-31-11, 10:25 am
I just ordered a jug of Pro and Oats. Going to break out another spreadsheet and post in the diet forum. Thanks.

01-31-11, 10:49 am
I just ordered a jug of Pro and Oats. Going to break out another spreadsheet and post in the diet forum. Thanks.

Just post it up in here, we can help you out brother. Try to be a little more specific too then just 1000 calorie dinner as well. We are here to help my man.

01-31-11, 11:48 am
First off Thanks for the help. Also Porterhouse don't worry about sounding mean. If the truth is my diet is shitty and I'm way off base with my plan then there isn't any other way to say it. I hope this one is a better.

Time Desc
6:00 AM 2 Boiled eggs + Pro &Oats
7:30 AM 1 cup black coffee
9:00 AM ON Pro Complex Gainer
12:00 Subway-6" Wheat Chicken & Yogurt
3:15 PM 2 cups milk + Promax Bar
5:00 PM Chunk Tuna/Chicken and Brown rice
5:45 PM Gym (M,Tu,Th,F) Sport Activity (W,Sa)
7:15 PM ON After Max (40/40 pro / carb)
8:00 PM Steak/Chicken +Potato&Carrots
9:45 PM ON Casein

I haven't added up all the calories yet. I may drop a few cups of milk since I was doing the shakes with 1.5-2 cups of 2% milk. The sweet potato subject... is it for the carbs? Should I take one to work and eat half morning and half evening?

01-31-11, 4:22 pm
3462cals 320p 356carb 82fat

Right now that's a 37:42:21 macro ratio. I want to add about 300-400 calories. What should I use to balance in the bulking direction? I don't mind gaining a few lbs of fat since I don't have a problem working it off.

01-31-11, 5:18 pm
starting to look pretty good

i would replace the yogurt with cottage cheese if i was you

good choice on ordering pro and oats that shit is boss

whats "sports activity" include of?

01-31-11, 5:20 pm
also man stop from using other companys names
use bland terms such as gainer.

01-31-11, 5:34 pm
Thanks BS, I've been doing a bit more research into macro nutrients instead of reach this calorie goal. When would be a good time for Animal Test and Stak? I've read different times but since you've seen my diet could you advise a time? Sports activity ranges from basketball,tennis,jogging,swimming, or working with the local HS baseball team (I can't believe how much 2hrs of throwing batting practice will tire you out).

Sorry about the brand names, I was just copying and pasting from excel.

01-31-11, 7:34 pm
seeing as how you came off stak id keep off the test products for about 3 weeks
and then i would run 3 weeks of test just test then another 3 weeks with stak. ive seen great results from people staking this way, people with more knowledge of this feel free to correct me.

01-31-11, 7:36 pm
and not trying to advertise for universal but a cheaper and better way to go about it
go with universal real gains to replace the gainer and caesin next time you run out of protein

01-31-11, 9:22 pm
I checked out some the the universal products on their site today. I did like what I saw from some of the protein products. I'll definitely give it a test drive.

01-31-11, 11:45 pm
how old are ya?

02-01-11, 12:30 am
26 and gettin younger

02-01-11, 11:31 am
sounds good man,
intersting and solid sounding stack. i want to hear updates

02-01-11, 5:35 pm
Posted my 4 day split in training section if anyone is interested.

02-03-11, 10:54 pm
I guess it's the change in diet and test but holy shit I had the best workout I've ever had today. Way up in weight pushing out extra reps...

02-04-11, 1:13 am
good to hear bro
keep up the hard work

02-17-11, 11:37 pm
Day 17 on stack. Strength is way up, weight up 3-5 lbs. Workouts are intense, doing bosshogg and sticking solid to my diet. Considering adding in another 2 eggs at 9AM and another cup or two of milk to lunch.

02-18-11, 1:03 am
keep it up bro!

03-04-11, 12:52 pm
Quick Update.
I got 10 days left on this stack. I've been keeping my diet strictly to what was posted. I may have needed a few more calories to get better results.

I'm up a solid 4 lbs put I have noticeable fat loss. I am much more cut now. Even though I've only gained 4 lbs I have stretch marks on my underarms area and around my lower lib rib cage.

Bench is up roughly 40-50 lbs over max. Deadlift is up about 90 lbs .I had just really got into dead lift so that is probably more muscle memory and mechanics. Pull down have went up around 40 lbs.

I want give more credit to the change diet that came from everyone's advice when I posted this stack and the intensity I took to the gym from knowing I was taking something.