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02-08-11, 12:16 pm
Well I just joined the forum a couple days ago, like alot of you out their ive been an animal fan for a while now. I started bodybuilding over a year ago after I recoverd from a surgery. At first it was just weight lifting then I started to fall in love with the weights, next I found animal pak and I read and read as many articles as I could. Well now im geting closer and closer to be able to start my own journey and alot of the motivation that kept me from giving up came from all those articles, so Im more than happy to be a part of this animal comunity.

02-08-11, 12:34 pm
Welcome aboard bro! Glad to have you here.

02-09-11, 9:21 am
Welcome to the Forum Brother. There is alot of knowledge engraved in these pages and there are alot of people in here that are more than willing to help.

02-09-11, 10:59 am
Thats awesome my man. Welcome!

Not sure where you are in Wash, but check out the Seattle ABC chapter -- They meet often, its a great way to really get started!


02-09-11, 11:43 am
Welcome aboard.