View Full Version : NEWS: Congrats to Ox - 2011 Flex Pro Champion

02-20-11, 12:10 am
Ox just made history winning the first every Flex Pro Championship. He beat a Mr. Olympia and has now won his 2nd pro show in a row.

02-20-11, 12:11 am

Huge congrats to Ox! Well done.

Mr. Dead
02-20-11, 12:11 am
HUUUGE congrats, Ox...!!!! Well deserved...!!!

02-20-11, 12:13 am
I have been following it and just posted this in Ox's section. This is huge for Ox. Undefeated as a Pro. This is Awesome!

02-20-11, 12:20 am
CHEE HEE!!! solid braddah! right on OX


02-20-11, 12:27 am
That's fucking awesome!Also just read the news on MD,as had been keeping tabs on it for updates!

Congrats Evan,well and truely deserved.

02-20-11, 12:39 am
Right on! Congrats Evan!


02-20-11, 12:45 am
CONGRATS!!!! Seeing you make first call out was exciting enough....but to hear ya won....hell yeah!! No one deserves it more.....just goes to show ladies and gents, patience does pay off.

N. Motta
02-20-11, 1:20 am
Fuck yea man! I was checking the MD site all night long at work.

Evan just beat an amazing bodybuilder, top world competitor and former Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson.

It's going to be amazing to follow his career. Congrats Evan.

Back To Basics
02-20-11, 5:10 am
Speechless bro, speechless - Not short of amazing man.

02-20-11, 8:08 am
Awesome win Ox. Celebrate, you deserve it. Then get your ass back in the gym! There's more battles to be won.

02-20-11, 9:13 am
Congrats!!! Ox!

02-20-11, 9:18 am
Reading the writeup now. From what I see he had some of Branch's crazy graininess and still added several quality pounds.

HUGE momentum going into the Arnold!

02-20-11, 9:50 am
No Doubt Evan Deserved this win. I think "Freaky" is the word I'm looking for. Can't wait until The Arnold. Congratulations brother.

02-20-11, 10:21 am
Awesome! Congrats. I hope video gets out on youtube of his routine.

02-20-11, 11:02 am
Huge Congratulations Evan!
Your effort and dedication is truly inspiring...

02-20-11, 11:44 am
Congrats Ox!!!

02-20-11, 12:21 pm
Hell ya Evan!! No more wondering how you'll do against the best in the sport, u just beat a Mr. O! Next up, Arnold champ

02-20-11, 1:44 pm
An immense win Evan! Congrats bro!

02-20-11, 2:47 pm
Congrats Evan. Your hard work and diligence has payed off. Hope you hold on to the conditioning for the next two weeks and maybe fill out more. All the best for the Arnold. Kick some ass.

02-20-11, 3:34 pm
Well done champ. Your conditioning was great, vascular and grainy. Even better for the Arnold, somewhere in the top 3...
Only wished Fouad & Ben placed 2 & 3

02-20-11, 3:44 pm
Congrats Ox! Soak up that Cali sun alittle while longer, its cold as hell back East.

02-20-11, 4:02 pm
Sorry just getting here to say this, I had posted on FB last night.... Congrats Evan, you looked phenomenal and just can't wait to see the outcome at the Arnold!!! See ya in a few....

02-21-11, 5:18 am
Huge congrats champion!! Well deserved!

02-21-11, 9:19 am
Great job brother, your hard work and determination shown on the stage. Pullin for ya at the Arnold.

02-21-11, 12:17 pm
Evan looked like a freak! Conditioning was soooo on point its ridiculous! The Arnold is going to be a test of politics, Evan should take the title!

02-21-11, 12:21 pm
Well deserved win Ox. You've put the work in and it shows. The Arnold just got put on notice.

02-21-11, 12:26 pm
Great job Ox. You're dedication and focus for the contest was second to none!

Universal Rep
02-21-11, 1:05 pm
Tremendous job, Ox. We are all so proud of ur accomplishments. Go crush it in C-Bus...

B Con
02-21-11, 1:29 pm
HUGE CONGRATS... well deserved. Like a razor, Ox was on point. Looking forward to the AC now.

02-21-11, 1:44 pm
Congrats OX on a dominate victory big man!

Mr. Dead
02-22-11, 4:36 pm

02-23-11, 10:12 am
Huge Congarts to Evan, its no suprise that all of his hard work and determination has paid off in the end. Cant wait to see how he fairs at the Arnold