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Universal Rep
02-24-11, 4:27 pm
Those who know Ox know he's no fan of stim-based supps. Even so, when the opportunity to Alpha Test Animal Rage (codename "Agent O"), he wanted to be included. If you've seen any recent Ox vids online, then you've heard him talkin' about his experience and how impressed he was. Here's a quote from the man himself, in his own words, what he thinks about Animal Rage...

"Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a big believer when it comes to depending on the use of stimulants to drive your training. After all, proper nutrition, sufficient rest, and your inner passion should be the main things that truly "stimulate" your training. But even for an athlete who is fortunate enough to make training and the bodybuilding lifestyle his primary focus day in and day out, I will admit that there are times when I need to dig down deep to find that extra push. And I'm even a little ashamed to say that even though bodybuilding is my job (and I regard that with the utmost seriousness), there are times when "life" just gets in the way.

I don't always get a perfect night's sleep. I have my share of stress in my personal life like everyone else and though you may not believe it, I even miss meals. Life just isn't always perfect and it's tough to be the machine you need to be to always train your hardest, workout after workout, to make the gains you want to make. For the times when I absolutely need it, I will incorporate Animal Rage into my supplement regimen. It's just enough to get my blood going and help me get the most out of what may have been a lackluster training session. And to be honest, there are a lot of products out there that will do this. For me, it's what Rage doesn't do that makes it the only stim product I'll keep in my gym bag.

First, it doesn't screw with my appetite. Anything that messes with my apppetite will be dropped like a bad habit. Second, it doesn't inhibit my pump. In fact, one of the things that shocked me the first time I tried Animal Rage was that it gave me an INTENSE pump. And perhaps most importantly, no sleepless nights. If I can't sleep I can't grow. Products that mess with my sleep or my appetite are the antithesis of bodybuilding." Evan "Ox" Centopani

02-24-11, 4:29 pm
Awesome. It is great to hear about how Rage effects the Pros.

Mr. Dead
02-24-11, 4:30 pm
Awesome stuff, there...!!!

Universal Rep
02-25-11, 10:25 am
Awesome. It is great to hear about how Rage effects the Pros.

I believe The House loved it too...

02-25-11, 11:08 am
"If I can't sleep I can't grow."

smart man, i knew i looked up to him for a reason. can't wait to get my paws on some Animal RAGE!