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03-07-11, 11:18 am
Ok this was my second year heading to Columbus. Hell of a time.

Ok. I rolled into the hotel and hung out before i hit up Metro. I got there at 7ish, just as some of the guys were walking out to eat. I hit chest pretty hard and hit a PR on Incline BB with 225x9. Had a guy spot me who came with BamBam92 and his crew. Met some guys and reunited with some friends. No eats for me all weekend due to the fact i am 13 weeks into my cut.

Got to the expo center about 30 minutes early and got in line. Once it open, My girl, Dad, and myself rushed to the cage to get our free cage shirts and other LE gear. After that was taken care of, i went inside the cage and caught up a little. While they were doing the BW Bench for reps, we walked around the expo before it got too crowded. Ran into Kuclo and talked to him for a bit. Got my pic taken with Toney Freeman, Charles Glass, Jay and Phil (as they were leaving the bathroom haha), Wycked, and many others. Watched majority of the stuff in the Cage the rest of the day. Kolb benching was insane and motivating as hell as were many of the other exhibitions. Afterwards, headed to Metro to hit some Back. Man was it busy. I started to warm up on deads but had no bar clamps and my plates kept moving on and off. Looked over and saw Josh (not sure of your Forum name bro) and another guy starting deads as well. I went over and asked if i could work in and i ended up hitting the whole workout with them. The other guy turned out to be Razor. He was a great dude (as was Josh). I ended up hitting a PR that night too on Deads with 495x2.

Got to the cage around an hour after it started. Once again, i stayed there most of the day and watched and listened the things going on. Few things that really blew my mind. First was the 500 deads for reps. The guy who came in weighing like 125 pounds who hit it for 10 was fucking awesome. As was Big D hitting for like 17 and BamBam getting 15. TIny's bench was just indescribable. The Noon Event was a true sign of how much Animal loves its family. The moment for Nick, free rage, and just seeing all the red. I was able to get two cans of Rage (one powder and one pill) thanks to J-Dawg. I had my powder and he handed me a pill and i told him i already had one. He looks at me, smiles and said "Just take it." Class act right there. Had front row seats for G and Wrath's talk and i think im going get front row and make that seminar a yearly watch. After all that happened during the Expo, i was pumped to hit Metro for the ABC with C.Coranato and a few other kids. Killed our arms. When we were done, they started to pass out the ABC shirts. I was able to get into the mosh pit and get mine. As i was putting it on, i heard Wrath ask for a 2XL and when they said they didnt have anymore, his face was priceless and i LOLd. He got an XL and squeezed into it. As we were gathering for the group pic, Wrath made his way over and hopped on top of a machine, all proud he had a good spot. Not 2 seconds later they yelled "Hey Frank! Your not even close to being in the picture." Once again, i almost pissed myself at his reaction.

A little more laid back. Had front row for Evan's talk and that had to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. He is such a great speaker and very knowledgeable. I said my goodbyes and left around 3.

I hope to see everyone soon! As more things pop into my head, ill post my thoughts.

03-07-11, 11:24 am
Another thing from Saturday.

I was so excited to get to the gym, i dropped my Animal Beanie. I heard "Excuse me sir, you dropped your hat." I turned around and saw it was Ghost. Thanks alot man haha, that thing is my baby.

And From Friday.

My girl, dad, and myself was walking to the gym and Vinny G walked up behind us and we had a nice talk with him while we were walking.

03-07-11, 11:29 am
Awesome write-up Derek. It was good to meet you.

03-07-11, 11:32 am
great write up of and outstanding weekend bro

03-07-11, 11:32 am
Awesome write-up Derek. It was good to meet you.

Same here man. Hope to see you again soon.

03-07-11, 11:32 am
great write up of and outstanding weekend bro

Thanks man!

03-07-11, 9:05 pm
Nice write-up there bro! Great to see you again.