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03-08-11, 9:31 am
My Cage Experience;

Thursday morning got up at about 4:40 and headed out to the gym for my usual 1hr of cardio as prescribed by Dannynb. Hurried home for a quick shower and then packed up my stuff for the weekend and headed to my brother’s house (smoothballer) and we met up with our other buddy Kyle who was nice enough to drive us down to Cbus. We loaded up the car and took the what seemed like forever 2hr drive down from Cleveland.

When we got to the Expo the line was already insanely long. So as we made our way around we happened to run into our trainer Danny who was near the front of the line as was awesome enough to let us jump in line with him (Thanks Danny). As the flood gates opened at the expo, we made a bee line to the Cage. I picked up my VIP pass and LE Cage shirt, plus a few other items including Rage, Pak, Hat and a couple t-shirts. I was just so pumped that they had 3xl shirts this year in almost all of the gear. (Thanks Christian, J-Dawg, and NG for making that happen). Once I got all that stuff I headed into the Box and started shooting the shit with all the other Animals. It was great to put some faces with the names. Caught up with some people I already had met at the ABC’s and introduced myself to others.

Friday at the Cage seemed like a whirlwind, Bobby and Extreme doing crazy dead lifting and then got our front row seats for the Rage HRT seminar. This was the second year that I had seen this seminar so when they asked for a volunteer for the bicep curls I hopped right in. My bro also jumped in to help Rage our with the bench demonstration. Next up was the Animal vs Gaspari, which turned the already craziness in the Cage to new levels. The place turned into a zoo of people and the energy level was insane. Even though the crew lost to Gaspari, seeing Wycked doing 30 reps at 330lbs was pure craziness all for a good cause. The Vinny had his seminar on dedication which was truly inspiring. After all of that and Kolb hitting the crazy bench press, we made our way back to the hotel for a few minutes before we headed out to Metro Fitness. I was so pumped o get that Rage into my system. I took the sample about 5 minutes before we left and by the time I go there and had a warm up I was ready to go. It was great seeing everyone there just killing the weights.

On Saturday when the expo opened I made my way around to see the sights for a little while but the made my way back to the Cage. It was awesome talking with Rage for a while about incorporating HRT into a cutting workout. I thought it was just for putting on size, but he quickly told me why it could work. Then I made my way to the front of the cage to see Stan “The Rhino” do his insane incline workout. The place went crazy as he did his 7 reps with 200lbs dbs. The sea of red and the moment of silence was amazing. Then Tiny hit the bench. It was just insane hit doing reps at 1005lbs. I was blown away by the seminar put on by Sam Byrd, his knowledge of the squat is amazing. I really took away some things to use in my workouts, especially the lower back stretches he was showing me. Then the pro vs. bro deadlifting had the cage rocking. Seeing those guys pulling 500lbs off the floor like that got me so jacked up to hit the gym that night. I slammed some Rage and headed to Metro again to train with Wycked. I learned so much and absolutely destroyed my arms during the workout. Thanks again to Mike for all the help and advice.

On Sunday, the Cage was rocking as usual. I made my way there during Skiba’s seminar on power lifting. It was great talking with Skiba, you can just feel the passion he has for power lifting when you are talking with him. It has me thinking about doing some powerlifting after im done cutting down. I was told countless times throughout the weekend that I was built for it. I made my way in after that for Ox’s seminar. He is so damn inspirational and knowledgeable. I learned a ton from him in his 1.5 hour seminar. Congrats to Ox on the 4th place by the way. For the rest of the day I made my rounds talking with everyone, talked with Phil, Rage, Higa, C. Coranto, House, Danny, Wycked, Little Z, Dee, Flash, Ghost and many many many others. I was sad to see the Cage end, but had an absolutely amazing time and can’t wait until next year to see everyone again. Thanks again to Animal for an amazing weekend!!

Cage 2011 DONE!!!

03-08-11, 9:50 am
Awesome write-up bro

03-08-11, 10:52 am
Good writeup man. It's always nice to see some fellow BROWNIES fans too!

03-08-11, 11:48 am
Great stuff there! Awesome to finally meet ya bro.