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03-09-11, 4:18 am
I would like to start off by saying my name is pronounced Sea---th ....not Seth lol

Day 1 (March 3rd): This was a long DAY our flight was suppose to leave seattle at like 830 AM and we would arrive in Ohio at 5:30 PM. BUT! the flight was overbooked and we had to go on a different flight. The flight we got on was scheduled to leave 12:30 and arrive at like 11:00 PM SHIT! But we made the best of the situation here is a video to prove it!


Once we got checked in to the Hotel it was Close to Midnight. Pretty much called it a night couldn't sleep so well I was to excited for the cage!

Day 2 (March 4th) Ben Rice and I Woke up went down to go eat breakfast. First guy I got to meet of the FORVM was Naturalguy really cool dude! Went in to the hotel restaurant Sat down with Vinny and Grant Higa and met pretty much all the guys off the forvm at breakfast. Once we got our food thats when Sam Byrd (Big Byrd) Walked in to the restaurant I brought my girlfriend with me I pointed him out and told her hes a big time Raw powerlifter and has squatted 800 pounds Raw. She say "Hes like the non-fat version of you." LOL I had nothing really to say so I just said "Yes." After breakfast Grant Higa ,Ben Rice and myself got in the Expo a little early to look around and get a feel of the place before it got slammed with people. Here is a video link when we first entered the Expo.


Once we took a quick look around we started setting up T-shirts and Animal Products up at the store part of the cage. Everyone was telling me how crazy of a rush it is when they start letting people in. I got slammed with people at the store!!!! I was constantly selling stuff. BOOM BOOM BOOM. As fast as I could take money and hand the customer there Product I was taking another order. It was like this for probably the first 3 hours after that it slowed down a little bit sales wise but now it increased to the people Asking "HEY WHERE IS ALL YOUR FREE STUFF" and "What do I got to do to get a Free T-shirt" I would always reply "Easy just give me 10 Bucks" I didn't get to Watch much of the events this day I did watch about half of the Animal Vs Gaspari That was pretty Sweet! After it was time to go back to the room I was so Tired from the long day at the Airport and Being on my feet all day. I just went back to the room and ordered some steak and pasta and fell asleep I was out at 9:00 PM!!! That is usually 6:00PM since I live on the west coast.

Day 3 ( 500 Pounds for Reps day) This day was even busier than the previous day. But I felt alot better since I was able to get a good amount of sleep the night before. 500 pound deadlift for reps challenge was awesome got 10 Reps not bad but not good. Didn't get to work on my endurance because of my meet the week before but I was still happy the best before with this weight was 7 I think.
Here is a video of the 500 Pounds for Reps


Grant Higa won with 19.95 Reps lol ALOMST 20!!!
Big D came in Second with 17
Then Big Ben got 3rd with 15

After the cage was the National ABC!! now this was fun I got to Train with Nix0r on Squats! His squat form was Great Depth of his Squat even Greater!!!! He did 3 sets with 405 first set was 1 Rep second set was 2 reps then I gave him a light Knee Wrap and he was able to triple it pretty easy! I can really see him Squatting 600 Soon! As long as he keeps working hard! I was pretty Tired after the deads but I had to do something I'm sure Nix0r didn't want me to just sit around So I worked up to 585 for a Ass To Grass triple felt Pretty good. wanted to do a Ass To Grass triple with 675 but I didn't want to risk and injury Hammys were REALLY TIGHT LOL Had some AWESOME FOOD that Animal Bought for us!!! Then walked back to the hotel and fell asleep!
Video of the 585 Triple (weight started to slide off one side it would have went all the way off if BIG BEN (RICE) Didn't save my life lol THANKS BROTHER!!!!!


Day 4 (Last day + Raw Bench Day) This was a pretty relaxed day It was much nicer and chill than the other 2 days! Gotta watch Skibas seminar witch was awesome and very motivational! Then after that I got to Spot Big D, Powerswitch, Scott Cartwright. I got to also Wrap Scotts knees right before he did his 1000 pound squat for 5 reps! Big D used my awesome Squat shoes LOL and he is now buying a pair. We are both going to be rocking them next time we go to the cage! Now right after scott did his 1000 pound squat for 5 reps I had to do my Raw bench exhibition Seath242 Vs Ben Rice It was a close battle but I kicked his ass pretty bad lol jk Big Ben ...But seriously. Nah It was a good time worked up to 405 for a triple 455 for a easy single then miss groved on the 500 Bad. Next time I bench at the cage I want 550 ish. After this it was time to say good-bye to alot of really cool guys and girls I really enjoyed being around everyone it felt like we have know each other for years. hit the airport got on the same flight as Stan Efferding I have trained with Stan Multiple times and know him pretty well now. He knows that I live about 3 hours away from the airport and he offered My girlfriend and I to stay the night at his extra lake-house so we didn't have to drive back so late. I was pretty jacked Stan is a really cool dude.! When we got to his house I never expected this. The house had to be over 5 Million dollars it was crazy big right on a lake. That pretty much sealed it THIS WAS THE BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I was just laying in bed thinking about how FINALLY all the 1000's of hours I have spent in the gym are Finally paying off I meeting people I never would have been able to meet. I'm friends with people I never thought I would be on a first name biases with AND ITS ALL THANKS TO ANIMAL!!! THANK YOU.

If anyone 6 months ago would have told me that I would be sponsored by Animal, that I would be lifting at the Arnold Classic, that I would be working out with the worlds top ranked Powerlifters and IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and That I would know Stan Efferding well enough that he would give Ivy and I the keys to his Multi-Million dollar lake house to stay the night. I would have laughed at you. Life is good Life is great

P.S. Ben Sea---th Would love to Squat and Bench At the Next Cage lol

03-09-11, 8:47 am
Awesome write up Seath, it was great meeting with you this weekend.

G Diesel
03-09-11, 9:58 am
Oh shit, I think I was actually saying his name RIGHT all weekend. Haha.

You've got a very bright future, you savage. Keep it up... I'm glad that we're lucky enough to have you on the team.

That is one hell of a weekend indeed.

Peace, G

03-09-11, 10:07 am
I hope you weren't dancing in Stan's house like that video in Sea-Tac airport...

Always good to see you young lad...your lifting always impresses me, especially when you squat.
See you on April 9th at BIG BEN's contest.


03-09-11, 10:12 am
Awesome write-up Seath. It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend.

03-09-11, 1:49 pm
Great stuff, Ben! Absolute honor to squat and get all of that advice and knowledge from you at the ABC! It's gonna pay off come June, I know it.

03-09-11, 3:53 pm
Awesome write-up there bro! Great to finally meet you, and those vids were sweet (I almost spit all over my keyboard watching the first one).