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03-09-11, 7:28 pm
Simply put, it keeps getting better and better. I always look forward to seeing my Animal family this time of year. Unlike most of you who get together regularly for ABC's and what not, living way down here in Texas has it's disadvantages at times. But every March is a time I get to see familiar faces, new faces, and events in the Cage that will just blow you away. No longer do I stand in awe being next to Wrath, House, Ox or Vinny...I feel like just another one of the gang. (Don't get me wrong it's still exciting to hangout with Pro's) I like the fact that as consumers and fans we get to interact and get involved in what goes on in the Cage, not just witness it. Standing next to other volunteers, sales reps and answering questions about products, selling gear....fucking awesome!! This year like all the others was nothing short of an amazing weekend.

Thursday: nothing special as we flew in late and missed lifting with the guys at Metro, but Michi and I were able to drag Juggernaut away from his tech duties long enough to grab some Mongolian bbq. Walking in, there they were...all the familiar faces, Enforcer, Vinny, NG, J, G, and this big ass monster Wycked....after saying hi amd eating some good food we all headed back to the hotel.

Friday: got up early grabbed some food and headed to the expo....waited....waited...and waited....finally getting in and making my way to the Cage I checked in with J and Ghost, got my gear and went to work....spent the day wheeling and dealing shirts, hats, supps....unfortunately I missed out on the events and seminars, but hey...a small price to pay to be part of the Cage. This time I was ready as Arnold made his way around and I was able to shake the legends hand and get in on the group pic. That night I hit up back with Flash and Rage, and sweated our asses off in the heat at Metro as it was asses to elbows. Afterward we headed to Max and Erma's for some grub with Vinny and the crew....damn cookies were GOOD!!!

Saturday: Met up with G and th gang and grabbed some breakfast, this was really the first time I got to talk with Wycked (Mike is really a friendly and funny ass guy). After that I got to speak in front of a group of retailers about being an Alpha tester for Rage....well normally I can manage talking in front of groups but with my allergies killing me and my nose running I was so nervous of a snot bubble popping out I couldn't think of what to say and after making an ass of myself I headed off to the Cage...LOL. Got to see some crazy weight thrown around and listen in on some great seminars.....just hanging out with the gang and meeting some of the guys I'm training on IC IV..... later I got to train arms with Vinny at Metro....again, sweated my ass off and had to fight to get to the weights...finally after pumping our biceps I took Dixie and Michi through a tricep workout. We were going to go eat but instead just went back to the hotel and relaxed....

Sunday: Always a sad day as it sinks in that it's the last day of the expo....again got to see some crazy weight thrown around, picked on Big Al a bit, joked with Wycked about our event could be a thumb war since we both had to sit out do to injury....spent most of the afternoon saying our goodbyes as friends departed....after everything was shut down Michi amd I grabbed some food with Al, Bobby and the gang and shared some god laughs...afterwards Michi and I went back to our hotel as the Arnold Weekend came to a close, our next two days of our "honeymoon" began.......

All in all, I had a damn good time...I do already miss everyone and can't wait until next year.

Big Al
03-09-11, 8:09 pm
Was great seeing you both and I hope you enjoyed your two days of alone time...

03-09-11, 8:43 pm
Great stuff my man! It was awesome seeing you and Michi, as always. Dinner on Friday was a riot...I realized that every year we manage to sit by each other and share a meal (Max and Erma's on Friday in 2009, Sunday breakfast last year, dinner on Friday this year). I think we may have a tradition going, lol.

Hope the two days were good. Did you guys hit up that German place?

03-09-11, 8:53 pm
Yeah that German place was ok but nothing to brag about....now Monday I made it to Thurmans and devoured a Thurmanator like it was nothing....

03-09-11, 9:04 pm
Yeah that German place was ok but nothing to brag about....now Monday I made it to Thurmans and devoured a Thurmanator like it was nothing....

Yeah, I was a little disappointed by the sausage buffet. I have yet to try Thurmans, wait is always too long.

03-09-11, 9:08 pm
It was great to see you and Michi in person and shoot the shit most of the weekend. Thanks for the cut in the long ass line by the way right from the start. Listening to all the Intern stories makes me sure I am gonna apply next year. Hard work but priceless memories.

Glad you got the Thurmanator. I still haven't tried it, but maybe one of these days after the IC.

03-10-11, 7:26 am
Great meeting and hanging out with you and the wife. Always good to put a face with the names.

It's not even a week past the Arnold and I'm already looking forward to next year. Animal does the Arnold like no other company and it's one of many reasons I'll be ANIMAL FOR LIFE!