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03-10-11, 6:07 pm
Based on recommendation to share the good news with the crowd, I'm going to be detailing my workouts on my first round of Rage. I'm fairly introverted and have a high amount of internal dialouge but rarely share it, especially online.

I ordered my first jug of Animal Rage the last week and should it be coming in tonight. Tonight is the last workout in a cycle of 4 on 3 off (for weights) but I can't wait and will be taking a hit tonight for sure.

Over the past 12 months my daily caffiene intake has been too high and Shock Therapy and a cup of coffee got to a point where it was needed just to have an OK workout. Over the past month I've slashed my daily intake down and now Shock Therapy is a kick in the pants, so I am looking forward based on what I've read in the Forvm.

Tonight is bis, tris, forearms and cardio; in and out in an hour with arms swolen and feeling good. As I said above with Shock Therapy powering my workouts I feel the added push.

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve...

Workout nutrition:
1.5 hr before: oatmeal, whole grain cereal, 1 serving protein powder
0.5 hr before: 1 serving Shock Therapy (will be Animal Rage for the next 44+ workouts)
During: 1 serving BCAA Stack (Grape ATM)
0.1 hr after: 30-60 gm carb, 1 serving protein powder, 1 serving Storm, 12 oz. skim milk

03-10-11, 8:43 pm

03-11-11, 8:10 am
I took my first hit last night and I am thoroughly impressed. I really dig the smell and found the taste to be quite to my liking; if there was a drink without all the added benefits with this flavor I would drink it on the regular.

Within 10 minutes I could feel the effects and was smiliing big time. After 30 minutes I hit the gym. I'm not the strongest person in the gym, but I'm always competing with myself but the numbers may not blow people away, but they tell a story.

I did the same exact workout as last week to compare and everything increased (either weight or reps or both, and my run speed increased, too).

Highlights are:
Close grip bench:
last week my heaviest working set was 12 reps by 175 pounds
this week my heaviest working set was 14 reps by 185 pounds with better form and slower on the negatives

Barbell curl
last week: 11 reps by 85 pounds
this week: 13 reps by 85 pounds and much more strict form than normal

All the other exercises were pumped up similarly and I could've pushed further, but I honestly didn't expect such a large increase (for me) in performance. I keep a training log and have a good memory and I don't have this kind of jump in performance week over week; if anything I might see an increase in weight but with the same reps and only on one or two exercises.

I was also expecting to not have as good of pumps as I was used to since I didn't have anything that was specifically made to enhance them, but the increased output made up for any shortcomings in that area.

Even though I took it at 7:30 PM, I didn't have any problems falling asleep at 11:00 PM either, so that was a blessing in itself.

Good job Universal/Animal, this product is the real deal for me and I now have another staple supplement, though I'll probably take a week off every couple runs.

03-11-11, 8:15 am
Nice log so far, keep it going.

03-11-11, 9:09 am
"Within 10 minutes I could feel the effects and was smiliing big time."

I had the same reaction after 10 minutes. The euphoric feeling is great isn't it? Did this feeling last even after the workout? Experience any crash?

03-11-11, 9:16 am
The feeling lasted for hours; high energy and a general good vibe. There was no crashing at all later.

I am a firm believer of getting in and done in short order, but I definitely felt like I could've gone longer than normal, but I think my muscles would have torn themselves apart...

03-11-11, 10:27 am
The feeling lasted for hours; high energy and a general good vibe. There was no crashing at all later.

I am a firm believer of getting in and done in short order, but I definitely felt like I could've gone longer than normal, but I think my muscles would have torn themselves apart...

I hear ya! Rage is that "never quit" **it, once you knock back the shot, you'll workout till the bodies destoried but the mind wants more!

03-15-11, 8:11 am
2nd serving of Rage pre-workout, again feeling it within 10 minutes.

Didn't get much sleep the night before, did extensive yard work and had a more physically demanding day at work. These things don't usually cause a negative effect on my workouts, but I do usually feel them. Rage seemed to take the strain away.

My legs are long and my lower back has had several injuries so again no earth shattering weights, but I'm not going to let being 6'4" be an excuse. Heighlight was adding a 13th 45 pound plate on top of the normal 12 on the leg press, going deeper, slower, and doing more reps, and doing more reps at my normal 205 for deadlifts. Again I can easily deadlift 315+ but I physically feel better doing less weight...

I couldn't be more sold on this stuff; I went from being ready to 'go through the motions' to having to leave the gym because my body was spent. It really seems like Rage has finally given my mind the power it needs to bend my body to it's will.

I can't wait for tonight's back and chest session.

03-21-11, 10:44 am
3/15/11 - Back/Chest/Abs

3/16/11 - Shoulder/Trap/Abs/Cardio

3/17/11 - Arms/Abs/Cardio

The end of last week was rough; average 4.5-5.0 hrs of sleep a night and was physically more active at work. Typically with mental toughness/focus, and some Shock Therapy for added help, I will still have a good workout, but Animal Rage seemed to give me the '+1' right when I needed it and gives my mind the aded edge over my body. Each day I set a PR of one sort or another.


17 reps x Body Weight for wide grip chins (previous best was 15) and more reps per each of the 4 sets than normal
15 reps x 65 lb for Overhead tricep extension (previous best was 13 and not as clean)

The inrcreases may not seem like much, but the boosts are broad based and not just an exercise here and there.

Another positive note is that my cardio sessions after my workouts have become slightly less dreaded, too, due to the fact that I feel more energized before starting my run.

04-01-11, 10:25 am
Another week down, I continue to be amazed at what this product can do. I've been averaging 4.5 hrs of sleep a night this week, which is less than the 6 I usually get during the week, and have had a lot of stress. The gym for me is my quiet place, time to gather thoughts, and then put my heart/body/soul into a singular purpose. Rage helps push me through even harder.

The highlight of the week was a 20 rep set of wide grip chins - all the way to chin over the bar, all the way down to full extension. Every other workout/exercise was solid, too.

I'm definitely sold and will continue to use for the foreseeable future.

04-06-11, 2:17 pm
Last night was back/chest day again. Still running on not nearly enough sleep due to personal issues/high stress at home, but once I hit the weights it was all business. The highlight was benching 225 for 3 solid reps, which was after a 20 rep warmup at 135 then a set of 8 reps with 205 pounds. All this while super-setting with wide grip chins. My previous best was 225 for 1 rep and then spot on the second, and this was while taking 2 minutes between sets.

I added creatine (3g of monohydrate) to the shake and it seemed OK, but I think with my diet and the Storm I have after working out I get enough anyhow, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

I'm starting to realize every time I take a shot, my lips tingle if/when the drink touches my lips. It's just like a foreshadowing of what's to come.