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03-11-11, 5:51 pm
I am on my second day of Rage. Done legs yesterday and shoulders today.
Price 8/10
Taste 6/10
Focus 10/10
Stamina 8/10
Mixability 9/10
Time saved driving to the gym.... 2 min. Yea yea got a little excited the first day couldnt wait to test it out.

Will keep posted on results. Dont know if its the rage or diet but stayed pumped all day.... Great product.

Mr. Dead
03-11-11, 5:51 pm

03-11-11, 6:01 pm
just had today, the shit! end of story

03-11-11, 6:25 pm
glad your liking it bro...cant wait to get some...looking forward to reading your thoughts...and your workouts

03-12-11, 10:27 am

03-29-11, 6:45 pm
Will be back in about a week to continue my log. Had a streek of bad luck for a couple of weeks,damn flu and slipped disk in back. Pretty depressing that you can take a year to gain 15 lbs and loose 10 in 3 days!!!My luck continues.