View Full Version : Animal Cage, ABC, related pics in one place? - Vids in own thread too?

Ragin Asian
03-18-11, 2:35 am
Please don't take offense if I sound like a B**CH about this, I'm certainly not trying to. Just trying to be helpful for everyone involved.

I know there were many folks at the Cage and ABC's - both informal and official ABC's, as well as workouts at Metro Fitness before and after who have pics and vids of all things Animal related, and not to forget pics/vids of those who shared personal experiences with other Animals outside of events coordinated (i.e. travel periods, mealtimes, and downtimes outside of the Cage). Is there any way to have one official thread for pics from all members who managed to take some and perhaps another thread for links to vids as well? If it's double work for members who have already posted their own threads of all their pics or vids links, then maybe those members can take the time to just post a single link to their threads containing their pics/vids with a brief description in Mr Dead's "The CAGE Pics" thread? I see Mr Dead's thread is pinned, but I'm noticing pic links and even video links from members on other threads.

I understand it may be difficult to separate threads and trying to keep pics and vids segregated, so if easier, just make sure to give a "Title" at the top of your reply post on the main "pinned" thread whether they're pics, videos or both along with short descriptions or keyword identifiers like names or usernames of those captured in the pics/vids. Little more detailed Info like who are in the pics and perhaps whatever is going on at the time of pic (like specific events) in the body of the post would help tremendously. This is not just for us, but also for those fans who couldn't be there and rely on the "search" function in case the thread gets very large.

NOTE: For those who took pictures for professional or commercial purposes, if you posted links to them, please make sure they have "copyright" identifiers or markers so that we know what links/pics/vids we can and can't save to our own personal albums for memorabilia purposes.

This was just a suggestion - Admin, if something is already in the works with all the forum members please delete this thread.