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Big Al
03-26-11, 6:10 pm
Well I sent this to April the day after the show but guess she forgot to post it. We use to have a section on the site but who knows what happened. Here is my run down of the weekend.
part 1

Big Alís Cage Adventure
Well getting ready for this yearís cage wasnít the same for me. I have been dealing with one injury after the next and about three weeks before the Arnold I had a doctor tell me I had a torn biceps tendon. So I was bummed out and not training hard. I was thinking I would let down the Animal family if I couldnít lift well. On the flight out to Columbus I ran into Kathy and Bobby Fields, Bobby asked if I would dead lift with him to give him a longer break and to keep the crowd into it. So I said I would try to do some just to keep the action moving. Well then Bobbyís training partner, Dave Barth shows up and is going to lift too. Ok now what have I done, Volunteered to dead lift with two great power lifters. We started warming up around 11:30 Friday morning and the crowd was yelling and Bobby and Dave kept getting me fired up and the next thing I know someone said you just pulled 640lbs. So I went from feeling down to feeling great, my arm was hurting but my spirit felt great. Itís amazing how much better you feel when youíre surrounded by your friends.
I swear there was so much action going on in the cage I didnít want to leave to go eat. I was afraid I would miss something. The cage was non stop all weekend, we had some of the best power lifters in the world showing us what they do best. From Tiny benching 1000lbs for rep to Hoss squatting 1000lbs with a torn quad. You just donít see shit like that anywhere else. Oh yes, it get even crazier we started out with four guys but ended up with six guys dead lifting 500lbs for reps. That was some sick shit! All weekend was one amazing thing after the next.
Saturday night I got to train arms with Jeremy AKA short stack, he took it easy on me. It was so hot and crowded in the gym we had to fight to get on anything but it was ok with me because I was tired. I owe you a better workout next time short stack. I meant so many cool people this weekend I canít begin to list them all but everyone was so cool. It doesnít matter how much stuff we bring we always seem to sellout of something by Friday. It was just crazy the amount of stuff that we sold in three days.
Well by Sunday I was getting pretty beat up and tired. And I kept hearing how great of an athlete Tommy was and I had to go head to head with him. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was also worried about my injury but Tommy came over and we talk and said it for fun so lets just have fun with it. Well he went first and banged out 31 reps in the standing overhead barbell press. So I knew I wanted to try to beat that number you know since he is sportpharma and Iím Animal.LOL I got 35 so I was happy I got to keep my undefeated streak alive. At least until next year, weíll see what they have planned for that. The flight home was delayed and was a mess but all in all it was a damn good weekend hanging with old friend and making new oneís.
Thanks to everyone that work, lifted and visited the cage you all made it a great weekend.

03-26-11, 7:05 pm
Another great year Al! Looking forward to the next one...

03-26-11, 7:07 pm
Good stuff there Al! Great seeing you again, as always.

03-27-11, 4:37 pm
Dont sweat it Big Al. I learned alot from what we did and got plenty sore. Learning from the experience was exactly why I picked you and I wasn't disapointed.


03-27-11, 6:20 pm
Great time for sure Big Al....

Had a good workout training arms with you and shortstack and it was very hot in that gym

03-28-11, 4:39 pm
Awesome bro! And thank you for stepping up and pulling with us...You're right that place was fucking rocking when we were hitting the iron...Hope your biceps tendon is healing and we hope to see you at Kate's meet In Phile on the ninth...I'll be looking to tune things up before the big trip to Tennessee...lol...We gonna have some fun out there bro.....Talk to you soon...Bobby

Big Al
03-30-11, 1:36 pm
Thanks everyone and the plan is to be there at the meet on the 9th..

Universal Rep
03-30-11, 2:55 pm
Is there a part 1?

03-31-11, 4:38 pm
I said it before and I will say it again....The Cage would never be the same without you in it. You were one of the first I ever got to meet 3 years ago and since then I have always looked forward to seeing ya each year. I learn something new from you every year, and laugh my ass off in the process.

Big Al
04-02-11, 7:59 pm
U rep,yes and it should have only been part 1.But someone must be too busy??

Thanks Danny,love shootin the shit with everyone.