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03-27-11, 2:25 pm
some poster i made for myself to have on the wall, second is still recent made it this morning dunno how it looks printed yet...first one is aaight...looks cool tho i droppes almost all owner manual pics into it so as single pictures are bit small on 16x12... if someone printing it do it twise the size...


ummm if incase animal owners complain bout this, i dont really give a shit...
i dont think it might happen but if you want more something like it...send some pictures...i aint got shit to do on my days of work and of trainning...

03-27-11, 2:51 pm
That second poster is amazing! I love it! You gottat talk them into selling it

03-27-11, 3:04 pm
first one is ok, but the second is friggin sweet! Agreed, I would buy that!

03-27-11, 9:38 pm
I don't know what you 2 are talking about haha the 1st one is bad to the bone. I would buy that for sure.

03-27-11, 10:17 pm
Both look very cool!!

Back To Basics
03-27-11, 10:31 pm
Both are awesome man, really sweet.

03-28-11, 9:59 am
Pretty cool man!

03-28-11, 10:08 am
first off both posters are amazing man....id have them both for sure.

03-28-11, 11:33 am
I'd rock the first one.

03-28-11, 11:59 am
Gotta agree with Agression. I like them both but that first one is cool.

Nice work brother.


03-28-11, 12:08 pm
They some nice posters.

Maybe HQ can make a full size poster for the Cage so people can stand in front of it and take a pic for their own iconic poster

03-28-11, 12:09 pm
Both look very cool!!


03-29-11, 2:29 pm
man photobucket resized the quality a lot...i thought they where the same as on my laptop, but when i view them in here they where tiny...

personaly i got 1st one printed and hanging on my wall...in 16x12 inches...and it is pretty small...texts are small, and main logo A is not clear if anyone would want to print it or as many say here buy it, i would change it to bigger texts and clear white color A, blend pictures bit more in the bg, then it would be perfect....tho i wish i printed double the size ....bit pitty i didn't, it looks great on the wall tho...

second one i'm still waiting till i see a nice frame to buy (cause to be honest picture without a frame it bullshit, trust me i know!, well maybe if its in the gym its aaight) i have printes it in 6x8 and franks picture is a lil bit pixely (not good enouth quality to print it massive) so i still got time till friday i'd say to add some blur and some effects to hide that.. other then that... its all good...

now as to sell them i dont really care...i dont care bout money...lifes better without thinking bout them... so i'd just say want it ill send ya the rez i got on pc and you print it your self...or same with animal folks.. want to do it as ppl say and sell it...let me know i might even make them perfect (since i made them for my self and friend, we dont care how good it is, its just the animals in it that matter)...and you can have them...

tho... if that happened, got to say it, fuck the money -> it would be an honor!

03-30-11, 8:52 am
two posts in a row for some reason dont feel right...but no editing i guess thats the way to go then...

here's a compleated versions: