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03-30-11, 4:21 pm
"I don't want to get too big. I only want to look like those Men's Health models"

I was discussing this, this morning. The thing is that most guys would be lucky to be that big! And it's not a put down.

You see, put the average Men's Health model in your gym and he is likely to be among the biggest and most muscular guy there... if not THE most muscular.

The average model is roughly 6'1" 205-210 with 5% body fat.. those who are shorter are probably 5'10" and 195 with 5%. This is a lot of muscle!

To give you an idea, I'm in Colorado doing some filming and I brought my friend Stephane with me. Stephane is a great coach who works with me. Right now he is 240 on 6'2" with abs. To put it mildly you really notice him when he walks around.

When he competed recently he was 203 at 4-5%. He has gained some size since then, but in the same condition he would be 210-212lbs on stage... and that is a guy who was at his biggest at 255lbs and 12% body fat this year. That is a lot of size.

"That means that he lost some muscle then... at 255 he would have a lean body mass of 225... so he should be 230 on stage... right?"

Wrong... lean body mass is not only muscle... it's also water. And from experience for every 2lbs of fat you lose, you also lose 1lbs of water (there is water in body fat). Going from 250-255 with 12% body fat down to contest shape level would put him at 217lbs not counting the final drying out process. Right now he would be roughly 212lbs on stage, so not much (if any) muscle loss.

People have a warped physique reality.

1. Because of all the pro body builders they see in the magazine, when they see Men's Health type of physique, which is basically a toned down version of bodybuilders, they see them as small... they are anything but!

2. People underestimate how much weight they would lose to get in true contest shape (cover models are darn near that level). I often say that once you start to see decent abs definition, you have 20lbs to lose to get in contest shape.

Not always true, but fairly accurate in most cases.

That's why someone who is 220 on 5'9" and 15% body fat thinks that models are small. He think that he would only need to lose 15lbs to get to the same degree of leanness. "These guys are 190-195 when they are 5'9" he thinks... "So I'm much bigger than they are because I would be 10lbs heavier if I were that lean".

In reality if he were the same degree of leanness he would probably be 180, and that is if he didn't lose any size. Trust me I've seen it happen on many competitive guys.

Really this livespill doesn't have much to do with anything and wont give you any tips... but I hope that it can give you some perspective on things and will help you objectively evaluate your physique.
-CT on livespill

After damn near 32 weeks of dieting from 209 to a near 155 twink, this rings home true for me right now.

When i look at myself objectively, a true bodybuilding physique may be out of my reach naturally...
even if i continue to train and diet 100% for the next good 8 yrs ive got left, ill only pack on a mere 10lbs of stage weight realistically....thats not exactly a formidable bulk of a physique is it?
I remember the original giant_killer on this site posting something like, "when i got into this, i had visions of machine and wrath in my head"...genetics aside and purely from a hypertrophy perspective, thats just not possible for me, so now what?

where does this leave me? do i pursue a false image i built in my head, full of corporate lies and misinformation..
to i turn to the truth of it all, to the drugs?
or am i simply to go out and buy a pair of boardshorts and settle for mediocrity?
settle for less...
maybe i should just give up?

but fuck that, i will continue and focus on the moment and the road ahead for now...
when i think about it, its tough enough and the challenges are rewarding.
and while it makes me ever so much more aware of my place in the world and im reminded that while i may never be among the physically great, i can still bring enough hell with me to destroy&recover myself time and time again in the pursuit of a better me, a bigger me, with a disciplined mind and a will of iron.
i think i can live with that.

-/semi rant

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03-31-11, 7:47 pm
The only time you will be living an illusion, is when you believe you are living an illusion.

04-01-11, 3:30 am
The only time you will be living an illusion, is when you believe you are living an illusion.

"ignorance is venomous and it murders the soul, spreading like a virus, running rampant, out of control."
( i like ur sig, best track ever ;)

im sick of being lied to, the truth is hard to swallow sometimes.... i think many people are living an illusion and like you said, are totally unaware of it...'oh, this extra weight i gained from product X, combined with all the extra calories made me gain 5lbs in 3 weeks!...yeah right, you just got fat mofo...hows that water retention?

sure, that may look great on the scale but when it comes time to diet, the truth rears its ugly head.
living the bodybuilding lie is over for me and im never going back. fuck caloric surplus diets that ruin physiques,

its time to get intellegent with my calories and work within the boundaries i was given genetically, im not gonna end up a walking hulk like machine naturally...& im ok with that.