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Mr. Dead
04-04-11, 1:12 pm
Mr. Dead: So... How far out are you, from your next meet...???

Big D: Right now my next geared meet is going to be the PowerStation Pro/Am August 20th. So I guess that puts meÖ 20 weeks out as of today. BUT I think I may be doing another raw meet at the end of June after I finish up my 5/3/1 training. Who knows.. guess we shall find out..

Mr. Dead: How has prep been going for it....???

Big D: Prep hasnít been too shabby. I got on the 5/3/1 bandwagon because I saw the results that everyone was getting, and of course I wanted bigger numbers haha. Rep PRs keep coming weekly and hopefully theyíll end up resulting in a bigger total.

As far as for my gear training, I will probably get back to that sometime in June or after the meet, if I do it. I know that some people can work both sides, gear/raw, but I donít. I either need to be training raw or in my gear. 100% balls to the wall. No 50/50 bs.

Mr. Dead: You set some pretty great goals, for this meet...
1. get myself to 250
2. compete at 242
3. be the biggest and baddest 242 around
4. break the motherfukin 242 world record
Are you on track or ahead of schedule, for these...???

Big D: Well I guess you could say I reached some of those goals but not all. And the one did I did not reach was the most important in my mind.

1. I was able to get up to 250 and at my heaviest I was 256. This was the heaviest I have ever been, even when I was playing football in college. But I stayed pretty lean (for me) at such a high weight and I was happy with where I was.

2. I did also compete at 242 and the cut down from 256 to 242 wasnít that bad, surprisingly.

3. Well although I might not be the biggest 242 around I am still a bad mothaaaaaaaafuka, but Im sure you already know this.

4. Although I reached my weight goals I did not break the record, hell I didnít even finish the meet---which sucked. All my training was great leading up to my meet and I basically sht the bed. I was really disappointed but realized that Im not dead and that all it meant was that I gotta do it the next time out. Bombing out really puts stuff into perspective and makes you work harder. It also embarrassed the sht out of me and I REALLY donít like that feeling either haha

Mr. Dead: What does your current training split look like...???

Big D: Currently Im on my 5/3/1 grind. Training 4 days a week, either mon tues thurs fri or sun mon wed fri. I have a day dedicated to the big 3 lifts and military presses. Im also doing cardio after each workout. Once I get into my meet prep it will stay the same days but ill take out the military presses and add some type of bench assistance work in there. Im hoping all the rep work with 5/3/1 slaps on some more meat to my frame.. time will tell

Mr. Dead: What does your supplement stack look like...???

Big D: Currently its pretty simple, I guess haha. Got all the essentials.. PAK, PM, Omega, Flex. Pre workout Im using RAGE and PUMP and post workout Im using Torrent and Torrent Zero. I also throw in some creatine mono and Atomic 7 in excess when I remember. Right now Im also using CUTS because obviously summer is right around the corner and that means that memorial day at the jersey shore is slowly creepingÖ ill be ready.

Mr. Dead:What does your uhm... "diet" look like...???

Big D: Like I said Im on somewhat of a ďcutĒ. So calories and carbs are definitely down from the feasting that I was doing during the winter. My man Rage is helping me through it because letís face it, the man knows what the fck is up. I want to keep as much muscle on as I can so weíre not trying to do anything too drastic, just trying to get more sexified. But itís pretty basic, getting my carbs from either oatmeal, brown rice or yams, and my Torrent post workout. Protein is either from chicken or steak and fats are low usually just from my ANIMAL Omega. I get one cheat meal a week and I usually stuff my face with sushi and ice cream until I canít moveóits glorious. I have a feeling that when we get closer to game time, Im gunna be reallllllllllllllll cranky with low carbs haha

Mr. Dead: Any advice for up-and comers...???

Big D:
-Dream big and set goals that you never thought possible. If you want to bench 400lbs then your goal should be to bench 500lbs. because IF, and thatís the key word, you fail; you will still have achieved higher than what you originally have wanted.

-Find a good bunch of guys to train with. Ones that are going to push you and not only tell you when you do good but also tell you when you suck.

-Find a program and stick with it and bust your balls. Donít bail if you donít see results right away and put in the hard work. It will pay off.


Mr. Dead: In light of the events at the "Cage", have you incorporated curls, into your training...??? *LOL*

Big D: NO. NO NO NO NO NO. no. I had a bicep pump for the rest of the day and my arms were sore until that Thursday. Ill never do something like that again. Everyone loves big arms but Iíd rather just have ginormous triceps. Hahah

Mr. Dead: Thanks for your time... Looking forward to some big and great things, from ya...!!!

Big D: No prob MD.

04-04-11, 1:23 pm
Great interview. Thanks MD.

Mr. Dead
04-04-11, 1:39 pm
Great interview. Thanks MD.

The thanks goes to Big D... Without him, there would be no interview... Just me, flailing away at the keyboard, speaking gibberish... *LOL*

Big D
04-04-11, 2:18 pm
you make me sound like a semi-human being... instead of a slab of meat... highly appreciative.

good stuff MD

Mr. Dead
04-04-11, 2:36 pm
you make me sound like a semi-human being... instead of a slab of meat... highly appreciative.

good stuff MD

No problemo... And, we're ALL semi-human... Just varying sizes of slabs of meat... *LOL*

04-04-11, 4:03 pm
Just seeing this now bro! Awesome job Dead and thanks for that Chris! Good times.

Mr. Dead
04-04-11, 6:59 pm
Just seeing this now bro! Awesome job Dead and thanks for that Chris! Good times.


04-05-11, 10:10 pm
Good stuff.