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06-17-11, 1:16 pm
Day two of in the Trenches with NashoArms. Hitting up Legs. Turn up the volume a bit. I did my voice recording through my laptop so you might not be able to hear all of it.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBdzCkHpM2E part1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_W6DLrwea0&feature=related part2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw9NranHAig part3

06-18-11, 6:36 pm
you need to work on the squat form. it will benefit your legs alot more then the followin exercises you did.

knees out, sit back. your legs cave in or wobble alot if you watch your video again. watch some vids on elitefts's youtube page

06-18-11, 10:53 pm
Ya I am in 100% aggreeance with prowrestler. If I were you I would consider dropping all the rest of those exercises until you learn to do squats properly. Your form is, to put it bluntley, atrocious. You were getting good depth on the first couple of sets but that quickley lessened as your workout proceeded. Pro wrestler pointed out some good points. but also:1) dont use a squat pad. For one It actually makes the bar more likley to slip of your back due to its higher position. Plus you need to learn to build up that natural shelf on you back eventually, so you might aswell learn now.

2) Dont put you hands on the plates or drape your forearms over the bar. Again it is more likely to slip and the position your shoulder are put in beucse of these hand positions means that if the bar did slip you could seriously destroy your shoulder joint. If you are going to squat high bar either get a solid grip close to the rings, or push out against the collars with your hands (collars: seperating the where the plates go and where the bar is)

I would suggest doing a program like super squats or 5x5 and focus on learning how to do squats properly. They will add size all over and are a fundamental exercise for guys at that stage you are at. Not trying to bea dick or anything but it is usually the most blunt advice that is the best advice.

A final note: sometihng I noticed in not only these videos but that last video you posted...your sets are very inconsistent. Sometimes you do a rep then a quarter rep, next your doing two quarter reps, then 3 full reps. You gotta get some consitancey. Each rep should be almost an exact duplicate of the last. Dont lock your knees on any leg exercise except squats. and might i suggest looking up some of john meadows articles on legs.

06-19-11, 1:44 am
I really hope hes gonna accept the help from here. I say that because majority of the youngsters out there have that mindset of "Im right"....and "Your wrong".

Please man, look into squat techniques, perfect your form now, not 2 years later when your patella / knees/ lower back is bothering you!

Good luck SoonToBe Bigman!

06-19-11, 3:23 pm
Yeah Listen to your Iron Brothers above! Your squats are like snow flakes everyone is different looking. Everytime you do a rep it should pretty much look the exact same everytime. Squats are the only thing that will build your legs to where you need them.