View Full Version : Animal SHORTS: feedback please

07-06-11, 5:51 pm
anyone buy these?


Can you give any sort of feedback on there? are they comfortable? How short are they? Do they breathe well?

07-06-11, 6:00 pm
Don't own the shorts, but why not buy an animal patch and make your own shorts. That way you know they'll fit. I did buy the sweats and cut them off as shorts. Those seem to run a size small. They did for me anyway

07-06-11, 6:11 pm
Go a size up if I were you.

I made the mistake of picking up the XL thinking it would be ok.

They are above knee and fairly tight in the groin area when sitting. Great for around the house, but not for the gym.

07-06-11, 6:21 pm
thanks fellas