View Full Version : Olympia 2011 theme that could lead into Olympia 2012 theme

08-24-11, 4:40 pm
How about this for a Promo /Ad Campaign Idea all rolled into one involving members of the Forvm and the top 3 Animal Athletes

Is Wrath still doing the O?

There has always been a great deal of talk about another Journey, and I have seen several posts by various members saying how inspired they were by the original.

Can you imagine if Wrath, Ox and House all qualifited next year for the Olympia - Animal/Universal could run a new ad campaign following all 3 on their Journey to the Olympia - 3 different perspectives and even do Animal roadtrips, that forvm members would have the chance to take part of as part of a promo or contest. This could be done with all 3 near the end of there training on their road to competeing at next years Olympia ---- posters, journey and documentaries written, possibly new animal videos and diary logs on diets/training/lifestyles/work/family etc to give insight into what each goes through on their road to the show and what drives them to do so

you could set up contests to train with them after the olympia or a private session at an ABC, or winners may get flown to the Olympia to watch them compete

Hows that for an ad campaign/big idea, i think i have drank my preworkout shake a little early and now i have a million crazy things going through my head, just wanted to get it written down to see what everyone thinks???