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08-24-11, 10:13 pm
Guys, don't wait for problems to arise to get your testosterone checked. Low T is a sneaky bastard!

I saw the endocrinologist last Friday, after my doc did a blood test (at my request) and found my test to be low. I have to wait on the results of a couple more tests the endo drew blood for Friday and assuming they are good I'll be starting AndroGel.

I didn't have any symptoms that made me think I had low T, until I started having some weird mood swings that made me think I needed to get checked for depression. Research made me suspect low T, and that's why I got checked. I'm not sure if my GP would have checked it on his own or not. It turns out I have probably been dealing with low T for a couple years or more.

So anyway now I get to start all over on the Journey, but I now have a bunch of fat to get rid of first. Low T causes a lot of issues, including Insulin Resistance and core fat gain.

Just wanted to pass this along.


08-24-11, 10:43 pm
Good luck man. That's good you did your research and brought that to the doc's attention. I think they would have just given you antidepressants. Did you see the Low T commercial? I think it's ridiculous that here in our country we have to shy away from the word Testosterone and it "T" Again, I hope that works for you and good luck.

08-25-11, 8:08 am
Thanks Jason!

I had heard the 'Low T' commercials and figured I would check the symptoms. I was really depressed, I just didn't give a rats ass....

I don't shy away from the word Testosterone, it's just a lot easier to spell 'T" ;-)