View Full Version : Remember Today....

09-11-11, 12:11 pm
Just some thoughts on this 10th anniversary:
- Remember the truly important things
- Forget the petty differences
- Call the ones you love
- Never forget the victims

And, thanks to the military members and public servants who volunteer their lives every day to protect us, our communities and our nation as we go about our daily lives and our personal pursuits.

God bless what we are, especially on this day - the United States......

09-11-11, 12:16 pm
Exactly. Take today to give thanks for everything we have.

09-11-11, 6:19 pm
my quote of the day.. "If u can look and see what's going on here, and you don't have a few tears... you just don't have a soul" - NY City fire fighter on September 11, 2001


If you realize it or not, every American life was changed by Sept 11, 2001. Whether or not you support the troops has zero to do with this date. It's the fact that our entire country was changed within 20 minutes of action, and through the worst moment in our lifespan so far, hundreds and hundreds of volunteers showed up at the WTC to lend a hand and try to save lifes. Bless all the firefighters, police officers, emts, red cross, and anyone else who lives their life THAT unselfish.