View Full Version : You know P Diesel is a gangstah from Philly...

09-19-11, 11:05 am
When HIGA MONSTER goes out of the Olympia Expo to fill up my shaker with clean water from a water fountain, and I see P Diesel walking out of the dirty men's restroom with a full shaker bottle of water that he filled outta the sink.

Straight from the streets of South Philly. Much respect bro.

Big D
09-19-11, 12:58 pm
he used the toliet water

09-19-11, 2:06 pm
Straight from the streets of South Philly. Much respect bro.

Straight thuggin'

he used the toliet water


09-19-11, 4:18 pm
P Diesel even said, "guys were looking at me funny in the restroom while filling my shaker bottle with water".


09-19-11, 5:30 pm
Haha, that is straight up gangstah!

Big Wides
09-19-11, 8:52 pm
that's awesome....nothing like bringing Philly to Vegas

09-20-11, 9:19 am
P Diesel is the man

P Diesel
09-21-11, 11:42 pm
hahaha Higa u love this, ok so...its early, im starvin. all i really want is a shake(even tho me and G murdered the hotel cafe, steak and eggs). so where do i go to fill my shaker, psshh the bathroom ofcourse. theres about 10 dudes in there lookin at me like im an absolute nut, and i look at them like what the fuck is wrong with these fellas, fuckin weirdos. so i comin strollin out and Higa is just losin it, just full on dyin. and i quote ' damn patrick thats sum dirty philly shit huh brah' hahaha i love ya bif fella


P Diesel
09-22-11, 12:01 am
he used the toliet water