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Vinny G
09-19-11, 4:20 pm
I had an awesome time once again at the Mr O in VEGAS. My boys G Diesel, NG, and Aggression did an amazing job making all area's of the CAGE run smooth.

It was RAGE in the CAGE this year, and RAGE it was...as we had Big Mike Van Wick attempting to inclince press 200lb dumbbells. Mike fell short, and in the process had a slight tear in his right peck.

Big Sam Bird saw some RAGE when he squated 825lbs at at body wt. of 220...this was off the hook. It went ape shit in the cage.

The smallest guy with the biggest numbers in the dead lift....RICHARD HAWTHORNE rocked out 600lbs for almost 3 reps at a body weight of 132lbs...YES I SAID 132 LBS.

Stan Efering benched 500lbs, and Big Ben Seath was in the house squating some huge numbers.

MCing is a fun job, it puts me in the mix with all that is going on, and as much as i'm exhuasted from screaming into the mic all weekend, i love my job.

Over the years we have had many companys duplicate what we bring to the CAGE. Yes it is fattering, but at the same time...go do something original, and stop following us.
This year was no exception, as we saw many companys doing EXACTLY what we do...it was kinda funny.

Scals and I had recieved 2 tickets to the night show, he couldn't be a more laid back chill dude to hang with. After we tried to hook up with everyone but we found our selfs at Benihanna sitting next to 2 50 something yr old women who were out to party in Vegas...they wanted to take us with them, but we escaped untouched lol

Overall it was another blast of a year in Vegas, and we finnished it off with an awesome ABC...I think we had over 60 show up for the event. Next year i'm staying an extra day to enjoy a little more of the night life.

I think we are one of the few group of guys from a company that does not go out and get all f@#$d up the night before...going to breakfast we would see other "people" roll in at 7 am...and they now have to go get ready for the expo...CRAZY

RAGE IN THE CAGE....it was an awesome EXPO.

09-19-11, 4:24 pm
Awesome weekend Vinny. Had a great time at the show, thank you. Dinner that night was priceless lol. Let me know the next time you go undercover haha!!! See you soon.

09-19-11, 4:33 pm
You did a great job again mc'ing Vin

09-19-11, 4:47 pm
Sounds like a blast Vin, looking forward to seeing you at Brigantine in 2 weeks

09-19-11, 5:28 pm
Had an awesome time out in LV with ya Vinny. Great job on the mic as always.

Big Byrd
09-20-11, 11:35 am
Thanks Vinny

Speaking of staying another night... i stayed too long at the ABC and managed to miss my flight! Only flight out that day so i had to buy a new ticket and stay an extra night; not that im complaining, but next year ill PLAN on staying another night! haha

09-20-11, 12:09 pm
I couldn't imagine attending the cage without Vinny on the mic! You did great brother and your comedy is only improving!

09-20-11, 1:04 pm
Vinny 'The Lip' Galanti. Great job, as always. If it weren't for you, we'd be lost and without an MC.

P Diesel
09-22-11, 5:50 pm
i share the other fellas' sentiments, great job as always Vinny. happy i could play a part in it. shit was explosive, Ant's 600 pull at 132, ive never seen any shit like that. imitation is the biggest compliment sumone can pay u Vin. they can keep tryin, the unoriginal bastards but they will never touch us.


The House
09-25-11, 8:10 pm
good seeing you again vinny see you on stage again soon