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09-21-11, 10:56 pm
It's been a few years since I've stepped onstage. 8 years to be exact.

Prepping for Fitness Nationals in 2003 and got rear ended on the freeway, thus ending my fitness competitions. Everyone's got a sob story, and frankly - I'd rather not sit here and bitch about all the sheet that went wrong after that. I went thru it, and more importantly I'm here in spite of it.

I have helped just about 100 or so athletes in the past 8 years reach their quests to compete, some very very close to that coveted Pro Card (fitness/figure/bikini) and this whole time....with a smile on my face...give 150% of my full attention, dedication, and knowledge to them to see them be successful.

And you know what that got me? Everything warm and fuzzy and "get me thru the pearly gates" deeds and accomplishments imaginable.

Except for one thing. Whenever I hear a fitness song I want to get up and do one-arm pushups to...I get a bit emotional. So emotional in fact that I have a shit ton of sheer agony chewing thru my gut. These girls do not have any clue on how quickly my dream was ripped from me, no idea on how I FEEL about competing, how I think they should REALLY be competing - with dignity, sincerity, solidarity, and how to be humble...even if you win the whole friggen show. Do you think that any of these ladies call me up on a Friday night and say, Hey - let's go meet up and run some stairs, hey let's go grab a bite to eat....has never happened.

I think it's great how alot of you guys are tempted by your friends and family members for beer, Cheetos or pizza night. I have the backside of my door staring at me. Oh sure, sounds much more easy than people pestering you to hang out. If the shoe was on my foot I'd like to actually have those calls, emails or texts... When you coach, when you dedicate your life to helping others....You better do it because it's your calling, you learn really really quick that there is very few benefits from years of servitude. You are a hired gun. Loved by many...WHEN they need you. Tough pill to swallow, but damned if I'm not good at what I do.

Decided to finally stop letting all these ladies tarnish my vision of competing.

I am WAY behind in where I'd like to be, but this girl is going for it anyway. I am competing at a show that I think only one person knows me...and that's the way I like it. I am an NPC regional judge. I would never dream of stepping onstage in my own state. I want Virgin Eyes.

Fitness is the game, and I am just over 40 days out. Run like hell.

09-21-11, 11:50 pm

Sun - am cardio/ routine compulsory training + routine choreography / pm cardio
Mon - Legs / am cardio / pm cardio
Tue - Shoulders / am cardio / pm cardio
Wed - Back / am cardio / pm cardio
Thur - Arms / am cardio / pm cardio
Fri - am cardio / pm chests & Plyo legs / + routine compulsory + choreography
Sat - am cardio / pm cardio

2- hour long cardio sessions for next 3 weeks, then take down time from 1 hour sessions to 45 minute sessions with high intervals and add additional sprints on treadmill for third session for last 3 weeks following running my 2 minute routine out.

crazy. sweaty. but will tighten my ass up.

goal: shred, keep "most" of my muscle, nutrition on point and have 3 diet changes due. I have about 20 lbs to go, totally doable.

routine consists of: 1-arm pushups, splits, pike holds, straddle holds, cartwheel/round offs, shoulder stands, planges and toe touches

cutting protein powder out 2 weeks, egg whites 3 weeks and buy my fish by the case load...and gum. LOL

09-22-11, 12:29 am
SUBBED girlfriend!

Holy shit, I didn't know your plans. I love it!

09-22-11, 12:39 am
I know, super sneeky :p

It's all on the line now. Stars and planets are aligning... My time damn it. Plus, I love my quads when I get in contest mode... Mommy blessed me with some pretty great wheels.

09-22-11, 12:40 am
on that note, 2nd cardio at 9:45pm....HAS to be completed.

wake at 4am - at the gym by 5am for lifting and another hour.

Chase "BIG COUNTRY" Browning
09-22-11, 2:15 am
Count me in!

Solid Dreams
09-22-11, 6:38 am
Wow, your plan is sick. I'm so in, I'm sure you're going to crush this!

Mr. Dead
09-22-11, 10:57 am
You know, I wouldn't miss this...!!! Subbed, for sure...!!!

09-22-11, 3:17 pm
Get after it goldie...you need any help, you know I've got your back. Go get whats yours.

09-22-11, 6:44 pm
I know most of you prolly have your kickass hardcore gym - great equipment (for YOU, not the newest or greatest, but what makes you happy)....I got the good ol' fitness club....oye.

when I visit accounts all day long in gyms I just imagine how much more I could get done with that motivation of like minded folks. that's why I train at 5am - no body's around...

I call my gym "the tool box"........

Thanks for your support.

Off to work Arms and kill another hour of cardio.

09-24-11, 10:34 am
Friday night Chest workout with a new client/workout partner

BB Bench 4x15 - 90lb
Incline Machine 4x12 - 70-90lb
Pec Deck Fly 4x15 - 80+lb
DB Pullovers 4x15 - 50lb db
Machine abs 6x20 50lb

lots of flexing/peak training right now. Calories are pretty minimal, so my numbers are not suppose to be impressive or maxed or much of anything other than allowing me to peak and flex it out. Isometric in nature with speed built in for quick twitch fibers to help with my routine. I would have liked to add in push ups and one-arms last night, but will have an entire day Sunday for that.

Bright an early now Sat, hit my hour cardio. Then choreography and more cardio later. Excited for Sundays since I'll have my fitness routine done being choreographed, and then I start my 6 week flexibility trek. Additional half hour splits/back bend/upper body flexibility etc...

09-24-11, 10:44 am
Welcome Back and good luck.
I was just rereading your pm from way back about PT certification, I'm more serious now than ever and have been doing lots of research. Thank you.

Will be following you progress, Respect

09-26-11, 12:14 am
Sunday rocked the AM cardio then headed to MMA/Boxing facility to use the blue floor to choreograph.

1-arm pushups 6 x5ea arm
Pike holds 10 x up/downs
Straddle holds 10 + rotating
floor run cartwheel/round offs
shoulder stands/hand stands
high kicks 10x4 each leg
splits/ middle split stretch
Plange training

2 hours choreography

Pm Cardio + standing at the BBQ cooking ma'chicken :)

09-26-11, 12:13 pm
Morning Legs:
4 x Leg Ext 90-120lb x 15
4 x BB squat 90lb x 15
super setted 30 bench hop
4 x BB Deads 90lb x 15
300 Walking Lunges
3x 15 220lb Donkey Calf Raises

1 hour Stepmill Level 8 - a gorgeous 705 calories burned.

09-27-11, 10:21 pm
wrapped up my Monday cardio with a new client - she's a total former mirror image of my former self - except Brunette. :)

Tuesday - Shoulders - trying to cut down rest between sets
Laterals 3 x 15 25lb
Front DB raises 3 x 20 20lb
DB press 4 x 12 40lb
Rear Delt rope row to forehead 4 x 15 130lb
Rope straight arm rear delt row 3 x 30lb
BB Up & Backs 3 x 12 Olympic bar (45lb)
Cable upright row 3 x 12 120lb
Reverse Pec Deck 4 x 10 90lb

Lack of carbs just kill my strength and the pump I get is insane. My "fitness club" needs some animals...

AM cardio - 30 min stepper post workout
PM Cardio - 60 min @ home recombinant bike

feeling lighter and tighter. upper back and delts/arms finally have that definition that spurs harder cardio sessions to get there faster. quad separations are visible.

I was off my game and only got one gallon of water down, I can feel the difference. 2 gallons makes my body so happy. I get up at 4am, so I have more than enough time thru 2 cardios, 1 lifting, and routine practices.

3 more days of chicken then all fish :) loaded up on tuna packs, and have a case of Orange roughy on order. Thank Goodness that they give me a discount for buying all 20 lbs. Going to mix this with cod fish for a cost saver.

09-29-11, 10:47 am
Wed AM Back workout.

Thanks to a Kick Azz new playlist on my iPod, trained how I would at 5pm rather than 5am....and yeah, there is a difference :)

WG Pulldowns 4 x 12 110lb
RG Pulldowns 4 x 12 120lb
Back Ext's 3 x 15
1-arm DB row 3 x 8 65lb
Seated plated machine row 4 x 12 50lbs+
Alt Cable squatted pulldown 3 x 10ea 130lb

AM cardio - incline (15) tredmill 60 min
PM Routine practice - 2 hours plus 4 or 5 new bruises from smashing my body on the hardwood floors

+ this was my last cheat meal - had a seafood fest dinner, all bounty from the sea

09-29-11, 11:18 am
had a seafood fest dinner, all bounty from the sea
Your seafood diet is completely different from my SEE FOOD diet...

I see food and want to eat it thats why...keep it up girl.

Mr. Dead
09-29-11, 12:38 pm
Killer work, going on, in here...!!!

10-05-11, 11:39 am
Made an executive decision to move my contest until December 3rd - Excalibur and compete in open Figure.

I had a good friend of mine working with me on my fitness routine, and she literally kicked my ass 7 ways sideways...after that I had to make a choice. I am going to spend the winter months and increase my fitness compulsory repertoire for the February LA Grand Prix show. I was frustrated that I was having to cut really cool shit out of my routine because it was not up to my standards.

Funny how that little ego monster will sneak up and chatter bullshit in your ear, it tugs at you to turn off your path. In this case it was having me make compromises. I will not settle on just showing up to the stage just so I can "go make a come back".... I understand that now. I want to walk on stage and make more than a few jaws drop. But, I have to make my own jaw drop first.

THAT being said, there is no change on the PUSH for my prep...this only gives me a few extra weeks to get shredded, and drop a considerable amount of dead weight, bring out some lacking body parts, and sweat sweat sweat.

THEN - I have just 10 weeks more weeks to nail gymnastics and flexibility goals - lots and lots of stretching... and increasing the difficulty and techniques. I have an incredibly bad-ass song that needs a ton of really aggressive dancing too - so finding the right choreographer to tweak my routine will be on the To-Do list.

10-11-11, 12:55 pm
Looking forward to seeing you get on stage! Great to have such a dedicated female competitor on the boards! Good luck!

Mr. Dead
10-11-11, 5:30 pm
Looking forward to seeing you, on the 25th...!!!

10-11-11, 9:49 pm
Took the all "impressive" tiny competition suit pictures this weekend, hence not being on the board so much - training and cardio doesn't leave me much time to sit down and type...good thing. I can sit for hours it seems, lost in the great web...then hunger snaps me out of the trance and off I go to cook more chicken and egg whites...

To be honest struggling with WHEN the best time to lift is - tried to change it up to the afternoon time so I could get more meals in so I can tear my fibers down more since I felt my AM lifting was lacking in intensity - as you can imagine, my 5am lifting does have a few yawns mixed in there...

hitting up the gym now at 7pm, mix it all up once again. See if lifting at night is better - my only qualm is the tool box kids getting in my way...standing around waiting for douchebags to get off of my machines or leave 4 plates on my bench press. same old gripes that made me switch to mornings. BUT - I will block it out if I need to get my shit done.

got my visor on - earphones in - my black shirts that mean business - don't get me wrong, come December I might just be rocking a neon pink tank top, but until showtime it's all under wraps.

Since I've dropped the fitness routine until December, It is more about shaping muscle and dropping the plyometrics down to a low hum - still have it there to burn calories, but not as a main drive for the workout.
Me likey.

10-14-11, 11:42 am
Finally seeing the hard work pay off, feeling sucked in, midsection tighter, delts getting more defined, face is sunken it, backside lifting and the cuts in my quads are slowly appearing and staying.

The diet is tough, very high nutrient dense but low ass calories - I start yawning about 2pm - and keep doing it until I sleep. The two hours of cardio are still in that optimal fat burning HR zone, in the next two weeks start adding in some intervals and (icky) running - brings the legs down

But - the head if focused...no arguments in my head about food, everything is plain, 2 gallons of water, and i keep up on my pills to keep my health up - I have tripled my vita C intake recently with the weather change to straight rain everyday.

I do measurements and pix on Sundays only, so will see how much i dropped, scale weight not moving as fast as i'd like it, but I feel so much more dense, and feel like i've got that power back into my lifting.

Starting to really see myself as a competitor...you know you have to walk the walk, and fake it to you make it, then it just automatically clicks, just keep pushing and driving and going and going and going.

busted out back this morning:
WG Pulldowns 3 x 12 120lb
Bent over cable Row 3 x 10 90lb
Seated Row 4 x 120lb
Cable pull thru (Great for low back/glute tie in) 3 x 12 100lb
60min Stepmill level 9 (726 well earned calories blasted thru)

10-18-11, 11:31 am
So dropped another 4 lbs this week, need to keep this momentum - pictures are looking better, but front midsection is my bain. Have the V-taper, have the quads and hammies and calves, but abs are made in the kitchen so just need every friggen day for the next 6 1/2 weeks, and should be good...

Suit color is picked out - have most of my "competition stock" like Paint, rubber gloves and backstage pump up shit.

My main concern right now is funds for flight and hotel - always seems to slap me square in the face. Obstacles. Big ones. The heart is there, the head is dialed, the physique is on track. I would like to keep hope alive, but that's just my personality. Back about 8 weeks ago I was told not to compete because I would embarrass myself. Nice. That was just the fuel I needed to put on that bulletproof vest and keep going anyways.

I know I'm a tad bit bigger than the average female out there. But shit, I like to eat meat and lift weights = oh geez - SIZE.... I've dropped 24 lbs of fat, and I'm still running at full speed. So, all that muscle is starting to emerge, and I am grateful for my time of building. gives me muscle in all the right places for the stage...all I have to do is keep my ass on that treadmill, stairmill, stairstepper and run my ass on that track...

so, the quest to raise my 1K is on, and I just have to shut out the naysayers, and be the optimistic one. If you need it and put it out there in the world, I do believe that the big guy upstairs will allow what you need to come to you. I get pretty emotional when thinking about how bad I want this, and how wonderful it will be to accomplish getting back there - It's not a dream....It's reality.

10-19-11, 11:10 pm
The question of the century...

Why is our goals not as important as those around us, what makes someone's dreams lesser than the next?

Selfish? sure - I want to do this

Costs Money? sure - airlines and hotel do cost money

Takes away from family? - questionable - I believe I am capable of being better at everything when focused

Lost here guys. Would you let your girl compete?

10-20-11, 1:28 am
Fuck that negativity.

Make it happen and I don't give a shit what the haters say. Stick by your guns and what your loved ones are doing for you either financially, physically and mentally.

See you at the ABC next Tuesday.

10-20-11, 8:00 am
good stuff in here, subbed for sure. larger-than-average females unite!! oh and haters gonna hate..

10-21-11, 12:07 pm
Fuck that negativity.

Make it happen and I don't give a shit what the haters say. Stick by your guns and what your loved ones are doing for you either financially, physically and mentally.

See you at the ABC next Tuesday.

It'll be great to see you too. thanks for the vote of confidence :)

10-28-11, 10:59 am
So, I drive around visiting accounts all day - Gyms, Vitamin places etc....Had a trip down to Eugene, OR - nice little 12 1/2 hour driving day - needless to say - I just crashed when I got to my hotel room last night, pretty upset that I missed a workout & cardio - but I was seriously nodding off on the last stretch to the hotel...

SO - this morning I killed arms and threw on a sweatshirt and rocked cardio. Pretty fun to step into a gym that no one knows me, anonymity, new machines etc...

So, for ME - I really haven't rocked a tank top in years while working out - just covered up training, big old cut off t-shirts etc...but since all the dieting and cardio - been rocking the tank top this week during workouts, I have to say, Feeling like you're working out vs. SEEING the Muscle working out - whole new motivation, whole new attitude. Still wear the long sleeves and sweatshirts for most and especially cardio but catching that second wind seeing the results.

Have another 12 hours or so of driving, so glad to get first workout and first cardio completed. will be hitting a late late cardio tonight, and an early early cardio Saturday.

11-10-11, 11:26 pm
Quiet in here.

Mee no likey...


11-11-11, 3:30 am
i concur, where'd you go goldielocks?

11-11-11, 10:42 pm
Hi Guys!

Well, you'll probably laugh, but I've started 3 threads since my last one, but never quite posted it because I was, guess it.... heading to the gym to bust out my cardio! :)

I've been dropping a ton of fat, rocking the separations everywhere, and staying focused...which means that there is less and less time of me with my butt in my chair staring at my computer...

I have my suit made, and going to start crystalling it tomorrow, and been keeping my lazer focus on December 3rd.

So stoked, all registered, airplane tickets purchased and all that's left is getting my fake nails put on, hair apt in 2 weeks and gosh....that's about it! There is the "PRESENTATION" side of physique athletes that sometimes are not delivered as well between athletes. For figure - hair, make up, skin complexion and overall LOOK is judged...which means that this tom-boy get's to go 150% girlie!!! kinda exciting since I obviously can rock some high heels and hoop earnings, just don't get the opportunity to do so on a monthly basis...hmm...maybe with this new tight ass body, I can get a new wardrobe!

Which is another thing - i have no more clothes that fit...lol...shows you how big i really was vs now...TMI...Nothing fits nothing....

So happy that you guys have been here for me, this really was about me overcoming these demons that i had allowed to plague me for years, and now that my delts are out, my quads are seperated, and my sceratis is out, sheet - those bastards are long gone.

This is the first of many shows to come...

Oh, and so thankful for the Animal Training videos - those are getting me thru my 2 - 90 minute cardio sessions every day...yep...3 hours...no big deal when you see the size of my competition suit...LOL...no seriously.

Still eating like a horse - a well fed Cod Fish and Chicken with Egg white horse. tons of veggies - noticed a few new bruises, so added in iron sup, and switching to all fish Sunday :0)

11-12-11, 3:04 am
good deal! its always great to see everything coming together!! can we get some pics? im excited for you.

11-12-11, 11:33 am
as far as I know, I'm not allowed to upload pix, unless admin does it. we'll see what i can get going on a link site.

I am doing a photo shoot with Jim Wallingford on Thanksgiving weekend (help motivate me thru while everyone is stuffing their faces), and THOSE will be super duper meow meow fabulous :)

composition is dropping, but need these next 3 weeks to put the finishing damages on the physique.

Nothing like cooking up 7 lbs of cod fish and cabbage on a Saturday morning :)

BTW, tried a little of the Hellcentric workout that RAGE put together with my workout partner...OMG...tore the crap outta my back, excited to work on that after this show to get me prepped for my Fitness Routine...That is no joke training...Just wish i could have had carbs to recover afterwards, lol

the only thing that i'm super bummed about is my lack of abdominal development. Everyone has abs, just depends on how lean you get, but that is one thing that I will master by my February show, getting those thick ass 6 pack rocking....everything in due time...one goal at a time, and on to bigger and better.

Thanks to all my big brothers here...You all have made an impact whether you think so or not.

11-24-11, 12:51 am
Busted out some shoulders tonight, man - what I wouldn't give for some carbs...

3 sets 15 reps

Lateral raises SS Seated DB Press
1 arm cable rear delt ext
2 arm cable row rear delt
front plate raises SS inverted lateral raises

another 90 minutes on stepmilll level 7

SO FRIGGEN HAPPY for my TURKEY DAY WEEKEND....no turkey will be consumed, sadly, but this frees me up to hit triple cardio (yeah, the last big push for 7 days) see if I can't tighten up just a few more pounds.

adding in my sauna, and cutting salt next week - REALLY EXCITED to get everything put together.

Mr. Dead
11-25-11, 11:07 am
You got this...!!! Easy...

11-26-11, 7:24 pm
One week out, got my first vein in my Abs!!!

Abi Grove
11-26-11, 9:48 pm
I am really excited to meet you on the 17th; I have heard really good things about you from the guys!! See you soon girl!

11-27-11, 8:23 pm
I am really excited to meet you on the 17th; I have heard really good things about you from the guys!! See you soon girl!

Wahoo! Excited too! just got to rock this one more week, then I can start eating for strength again! man, not gonna go all super duper crazy though - worked so hard to get this far, then I start prepping for my Spring Fitness show :)

have a great couple of weeks, see you soon!

11-30-11, 8:16 pm
First off. Respect and admiration for those who have gone before me.
Second: Mad props to those who choose to walk this path. dedication to deprivation
Third: a quick thank you to my circle who have helped me on my way, you've guided me. Merci Beau coup!

3 days out and I'm finally not freaking out....

Now onto the glamorous portion.

Painting - water depletion and packing for an away show...oh yeah, and cooking 9 pounds of fish....

Not sure what else to say except cardio is still at 90 minutes until tomorrow morning. I have sauna afterwards, then painting all day. Fly out early Friday morning, land in LA around 10am - so I have until 6pm check in's to get fluid levels in check.

Not to bore you all with all the grizzly details, I'm ready to hammer it. I have a shit ton of muscle on me, and have tightened up nicely, so feel great with the package I am bringing. It is NOT my intention to walk away with a trophy for this event - as FIGURE is not where my sport lies, I have secured my gymnastics training first week of January and have plotted my course until Sept 2012....so, this is merely for Shit's N Giggle's....not to take anything away from any of the athletes that compete in figure, I just am not willing to sacrifice my hard earned genetic given muscle to fit into what the Figure division requires for top placement. Fitness or Physique is where I will lend my talents to in the upcoming months.

thanks for everyone's support - one more day in my rainy Seattle then off to Venice Beach for the weekend...LOL

Mr. Dead
11-30-11, 8:48 pm
You got this...!!!

12-05-11, 1:43 am
So how did it go? Results?


Mr. Dead
12-05-11, 3:47 pm
So how did it go? Results?


Uhm... x2... Inquiring minds want to know...!!!

12-05-11, 5:09 pm
Hey Everybody!!!!

Sorry, flew back home around 11pm last night, so took a leisurely sleep till 10 this morning!

...well, I placed 5th! So happy....I literally went into this show, emotionally prepared to get dead last....Training of course for a trophy, but get my head and heart ready to not turn diva if I didn't take home any hardware...too many girls let their emotions be dictated by placings...

I had an incredible group of people helping me prep for this comeback and I am so grateful and indebted to them for their time and efforts...

Here are some Pix from the show:


I placed 5th out of 16 ladies. I was in height class "E" which is up to 5'6...turns out I am 5'5 3/4" - Figure is done thru height not weight, thank goodness. I still wear an incredible amount of muscle for this division, but was so happy that they moved me to this class, because I was surrounded by other muscular athletes, whereas the "D" class (up to 5'5) was filled with very thin athletes, I would have been seen as a rhinoceros.

So, now deciding which spring show to do. start back training tomorrow, I have several cheat meals i would like to eat today before going back to my egg whites! Donuts (apple fritter baby!) and sushi and some pumpkin Pie!!!! yes, all in the same day....

Thank you guys for all of your support and giving me the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing collection of athletes!

Mr. Dead
12-05-11, 5:58 pm
Nice job...!!! And, thank you, for letting us share a little in your journey... Are we going to see you on the 17th, at Stan's...???

12-05-11, 7:44 pm

12-08-11, 9:44 am
Hey Everybody!!!!

Sorry, flew back home around 11pm last night, so took a leisurely sleep till 10 this morning!

...well, I placed 5th! So happy....I literally went into this show, emotionally prepared to get dead last....Training of course for a trophy, but get my head and heart ready to not turn diva if I didn't take home any hardware...too many girls let their emotions be dictated by placings...

I had an incredible group of people helping me prep for this comeback and I am so grateful and indebted to them for their time and efforts...

Here are some Pix from the show:


I placed 5th out of 16 ladies. I was in height class "E" which is up to 5'6...turns out I am 5'5 3/4" - Figure is done thru height not weight, thank goodness. I still wear an incredible amount of muscle for this division, but was so happy that they moved me to this class, because I was surrounded by other muscular athletes, whereas the "D" class (up to 5'5) was filled with very thin athletes, I would have been seen as a rhinoceros.

So, now deciding which spring show to do. start back training tomorrow, I have several cheat meals i would like to eat today before going back to my egg whites! Donuts (apple fritter baby!) and sushi and some pumpkin Pie!!!! yes, all in the same day....

Thank you guys for all of your support and giving me the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing collection of athletes!
Good job! Proud of you girl.


12-15-11, 10:28 am

On reflection of this show - Damn it feels good to be doing what you love.

Starting Gymnastics tonight.

My Coach told me to get my ass to Columbus, Oh in March :)

12-19-11, 11:19 am
11 week out Amateur Arnold Classic.

Fitness :-) Just found my routine music and now the fun starts!!!

starting at 155, 17% bf

Monday - am Legs & a cardio / pm cardio
Tuesday - am shoulders & am cardio / pm cardio & pm gymnastics
Wednesday - am cardio / pm back/ pm cardio
Thursday - am arms & am cardio / pm cardio & pm gymnastics
Friday - am cardio / pm chest & pm cardio & pm Compulsory training
Saturday - am cardio
Sunday - am Compulsory training / pm cardio

SO EXCITED...The Arnold...You kidding me?!

I will totally be coming by the booth as well! Looking forward to meeting some of you guys!

Bring it baby! Hitting every workout HARD, only 11 leg workouts? every workout will show up on stage!
this is the girl who won in 2010:

Mr. Dead
12-19-11, 11:34 am
It was really great to see you, on Saturday...!!!

12-19-11, 11:44 am
It was really great to see you, on Saturday...!!!

Great to see you too!

12-19-11, 2:38 pm
Congrats on the placing! That show is huge, much props! Best of luck at the Arnold, i guess you will see most of us out there!

12-20-11, 10:52 am
Congrats on the placing! That show is huge, much props! Best of luck at the Arnold, i guess you will see most of us out there!

Thank you! Knew it was a tough one, so I went into it with a clear head and just to have some fun. It was the LONGEST SHOW I've ever been to...Prejudging was 5 hours, with arriving 2 hours prior to get checked in :p

Really looking forward to being an athlete at the Arnold - SUCH an honor and privilege. I will ABSOLUTELY be doing my best to check all the Animals out.

12-27-11, 11:45 am
Prepping during holidays - let's just say I was doing a short bulking phase before I cut again....

Mr. Dead
12-27-11, 12:43 pm
Prepping during holidays - let's just say I was doing a short bulking phase before I cut again....

That's why I'm not doing the Vancouver show... *LOL*

01-08-12, 10:49 pm
Countdown to Amateur Arnold is in full swing - music picked, Choreographer is half paid, dieting is getting sharper and I have officially called upon my brothers and sisters for support.

Funny how it is - single sport, individual achievements, but we cannot do this sport without support. Sure - it can be done solo, but dammit if it isn't not only more EASY, but enjoyable with a posse in your corner.

ahem....take a bow brothers :)

True friends step up. the rest just fall away.... good. I need to focus.

Tightening down my schedule. My ship needs to run better, faster and more efficient so i can DO MORE...and be smarter at the juggling of it all.

4am - wake

4:30 - Abs

5am - Workout

Mon - ploymetric legs and glutes
Tues - shoulders and handstands
Wed - Back and calves and Weighted Abs
Thur - Arms and Holds (pike & straddles)
Fri - Chest and leg shaping (i.e. lots of lunges and jumps)
Sat - boot camp style murder full body style sweat fest
Sun - Full Fitness Routine compulsory

6am - first 90 min cardio (low HR)

8-4 - work

5pm - second 90 min cardio (OR) 60 min HIT cardio

6pm - hour stretching

7pm 8pm - splits

8:30 - lights out.


...and the funny thing is, this ain't shit. wait till February....

I may not be breaking any lifting records, I may have to actually set my dear sweet lifting ego aside for these next 7 weeks but damned if this shit is harder. Serious stamina is being built along with taking a girl who Hasn't done splits in 8 years to the Arnold stage....Pressure is on.

The best thing I heard all week: A Diamond is created under long periods of extreme pressure.

This whole time I've been respectful, quite and "oh, i just need top 5 to perform at sat stage"....guess what.

I'm done being polite. Turn that flame up to max....be at 110% and see what this Goldilocks has inside of her. Nose ON the grindstone. total focus and maximum output.

...you guys ready?

02-11-12, 12:35 pm
4 weeks later:

lot smaller, tighter, visible veins (hee hee - so excited) and focused.

Routine music arrived last week. Few choreography changes to come in the next few days

literally 6 inches from the floor on splits - I will have them by next weekend

workouts are very minimal - very low calories - killing in to come in tighter and lighter - I am sacrificing a bit of muscle, but wont know for sure till I get home and measure tomorrow morning. Had to fly out to boca Raton, FL for a week at the Corporate office for year end review for work....Nice - 3 weeks out from Arnold...yay...good thing is that I had 100% support from every person there! For those of you who saw my pix - I can afford to chew thru some muscle for this show. Have the density to not come in stringy, need to get hammies cut down a bit more - so will be adding in some running/sprints to tap into those stores....

guilty pleasure - tank tops - finally lean enough to be showcasing the veins in the biceps - I think each of us have our "goals" or "timeline" goals, mine has always to get lean enough to walk around with garden hose veins down my arms...yep, definitely apart of the Animal Nation :)

Gymnastics at this point is only for routine - lots of standard full range sit ups and leg lifts, nothing fancy.

Compulsories - 1 - arm pushups, straddle holds, Pike "L" holds, high kicks, toe touches, cartwheels - again, nothing fancy - just strong, clean and making it so that all those International judges fall head over heal for me. There is a "cheese" factory or fun execution of the routine - you have fun, the audience has fun. period.

Hope to see some of you guys there. Will be hitting the expo all weekend, and you know I'll be at the CAGE :)

countdown: 2 weeks 5 days....

02-17-12, 9:41 pm
13 days to go....

Getting in workouts 3x per week and the rest of the hours of the day is my 2 x hour+half cardio sessions, my 8 hour full time job driving around visiting my accounts, and then trying to find open space on an aerobics floor or soft mma floor to run my routine. :)

So, this last week has been at 9pm - i can run it for an hour, getting to bed at 11pm, then up at 4 to go back to gym. body is feeling the lack of sleep, but damn if I ain't loving the results of all that cardio.

Music done.
choreography done.
Routine outfit found.
Many more hours of cardio ahead of me to make this body as tight as I can....

This weekend is packing and planning for the show, AND have planned a little photo shoot to reward my hard work. (I could do it next weekend when I'm a tad leaner, but at my current exhaustion rate, I wont want to do a damn thing!)

Again, so excited to meet you guys at the cage. You've given this girl a nice home, a comfort level with like minded athletes that I can spread my wings and grow with.

Oh, and I'm competing all the way thru July :) After Arnold it's on to a few National shows....

02-28-12, 10:27 am
2 days to go...

dropped a significant amount of bf (lost 60 lbs of straight up fat)

sculpted a significant amount of muscle

received a significant amount of bruises from my fitness routine

This will be a good day, come Thursday night...12 girls in short fitness, 6 in tall (I'm in here), 4 undecided...

It'll be a late night, routines start at 7pm - I'll most likely hit the stage around 8:15 or so for my routine, then hit my 2 piece suit at 10:45pm - dang it...gonna want a big as cup of espresso backstage to keep me up! That's way past my bedtime, lol

Again, hitting this as my FIRST of many Arnold s...I have some incredible athletes in my Tall fitness Class, so will be focused on having as much fun as humanly possible, which I know the judges will appreciate. NO STRESS, NO PREDICTIONS, NO WORRIES...have a blast - rock my routine, be a gracious athlete, make some new friends, and have some G**damn fun! This is the first show of the year.
Jr Nat's in June, and Team U in July....THEN I'll rest :) - well, never an off season, right? Will still hit some figure shows later of course.

See you all at the Cage after my show...

Mr. Dead
02-28-12, 11:02 am
Looking forward to hearing how you nailed it...!!!

Mr. Dead
04-30-12, 5:45 pm
Quiet in here...

06-23-12, 2:12 pm
A cross between a muscular Figure competitor and a Bodybuilder.

Posing like a bodybuilder (even a 90 sec routine at night show) but altered to be more feminine with open hand poses - if anyone has ever seen European Figure...
Placing so far is better for Fitness/Figure girls moving up to gain more muscle than bodybuilders to burn off muscle, Still very LEAN, Developed just not too THICK of muscle bellies.

SO - no show picking yet. Winter 2012 DEFINITELY...

My JOB is the journey to get to be the freaky athlete I want to be. Just walking around with jaw dropping body... (oh yeah, I'm totally excited for this!)

My goal is, how RAGE explained it so perfectly - "It's my job to look and BE the Part"
Both being supplement company Reps, I get this now more than ever.
Those words are burned into my mind.... this is my foundation statement.

There is NO REASON why I shouldn't look like a Pro. Act like a Pro. Be a Pro...
I stayed up to 2am last night having all this stuff run thru my head. It gave me an opportunity to be more prepared, to clear crap out and see my journey.

I am Setting some new boundaries. CLEARLY DEFINE what is going to give me what I desire.
I lift at 6pm. and it's no little quickie get shit in, it's going to have the intensity of where it needs to be. No rush. no quitting. no cutting corners. I get everything in, no matter how much it hurts, it's uncomfortable or unaccommodating.

That was one of the things that I felt I could do better at This time, This Show Prep. Spend more time lifting. actually get in there, take my time and do things right. No more morning rush workouts. No more Fitness, gymnastics, cramming in too much, Foundation of this sport is your muscle. The development of those gorgeous slabs of meat to create shape and curves and striations of them.
I am dropping all my workout partners. No more Girl workout partners, No more random gym dude workout guys. No more asking my Fiance if he wants to lift (he never does).
It's Me. Focused. I don't need anybody to push me, I am the Pusher.

I had a "mantra" for the Excalibur show that I kept saying in my mind to keep me going. "Maximum Effort" - when i was slacking, tired, cranky, or just bull shitting myself, I would say that and I could go on, continue.That installed panic and urgency and kept me headed in the right direction, but I have moved on from that.

I feel like I have everything I need inside, and I've just been sitting on the sidelines with my own leash in my hands.... no reason, just sitting back watching everything and everyone go by.
Well, New Mantra is: Unleashed.
Go as far, as fast, as hard as I want. Freedom to go. Freedom to do. Obligation to no one. No permission needed.
I am so there. I am ready to run. and the only thing i have to think about is little tweaks to my run to get faster, better, more elite.
And I have the stamina to go, keep it going, take the time to develop as the athlete, there is no finish line this time.

And whatever I want...Competitions, Photo shoots, Creating a freaky physique, asking my Company to bring me on as an Athlete next year, the path is the same, there is no alternate route.
It's all out there ahead of me. Just run like hell right to it.

Some might say, DUH...(lol) But each of us has their own journey, their own lessons to learn. I hope that I am the ultimate student in life, and apply what I learn, CHANGE when change is needed, and to Roll with the punches, and treat them as another opportunity to grow and evolve into the person I am ultimately meant to become.

The foundation is the same wherever I go. I'm not going to try to control anything. I am letting go of that bullshit. What will be, will be. Just keep my eyes on my ultimate goal.
I just do what I do every day. I want that daily routine. I want to live it. It's ingrained, there is no other lifestyle. Treat your body like the temple it is. Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat.

I will be the Athlete that others set their standards to.

I have to work on a few things for my Show, to bring up some lagging body parts. I have (AAA) to work on.




So, at least for RIGHT NOW, I have those set in my cross-hairs...


M - AM (15 min ASS) + AM CArdio / PM Legs + PM light cardio
T - AM (15 min ABS) + AM Cardio / PM Shoulders + PM light cardio
W - AM (15 min ASS) + AM Cardio / PM Back + PM light Cardio
TH - AM (15 min ABS) + AM Cardio / PM Arms + PM light Cardio
F - AM (15 min ASS) + AM Cardio / PM Chest + PM light Cardio
SAT - AM (15 min ABS) + AM Cardio
SUN - Rest & Prep day

Thanks for letting me be apart of this Community. I hope to continue to draw strength from it.

06-23-12, 2:32 pm
Oh, and by the way - SORRY, Looking back, I never updated on my ARNOLD show... Placed 5th in Tall Fitness!



BEST SHOW I'VE EVER DONE! So much fun, they took such great care of us! True blessing to be invited.

Mr. Dead
06-25-12, 4:32 pm
Sounds like you have a clear and definite view of what you want to do, how you want to do it, and what you really want... Go get it...!!!

06-26-12, 9:52 am
Leg Conditioning.
little quickie

06-26-12, 3:57 pm
AM - 1/2 hour abs
Rope Crunches
Roman Chair Leg lifts (up beyond 90 degree)
weighted machine crunch
(as many as I could muster to failure each set 4 sets)

Cardio - 45 stair stepper (front/back 5 min intervals)

PM workout. Leg day:
4 x 12 leg ext 120, 140, 160x2
5 x 15 BB squat 135 deep
4 x 8 1-leg hammie curl 45
5 x 10 wide leg leg press + calf raises 180x2, 270x2, 320
3 x 12 BB stiff deadlift 135 glute emphasis
4 x 12 Donkey calf 190, 210, 260+

followed by 45 minute on stair stepper, 5 min facing forward, 5 min facing backwards. = DONE...

06-28-12, 10:00 am
Big back day. 5 sets

Wide grip pull downs 120, 150, 160, 190 x2
1-arm cable machine row - 90, 120 x 4
T-Bar row - 45plate 10 reps x 5
low cable row - 160, 190x4

06-30-12, 12:31 am
Am Cardio - 45 minutes stepmill

PM - Shoulders
4 x 10 2-arm DB lateral raises 20, 25
3 x 10 1-arm DB lateral raises 30, 35
4 x 10 DB Shoulder Press 40, 45
4 x 8 Smith Military press 45's each side
3 x 12 Rear Delt rope row - stack
3 x 12 1-arm cable crossover rear delt fly 50, 60, 70
4 x (to burn out) upright row 50lb bar

06-30-12, 12:39 am
AM cardio - 45 min bike

PM - Chest
4 x 15,12,10,10,8 DB chest press 40,45,50x3
4 x 12 DB Fly 25
4 x 12 Incline hammer press 45's plates
4 x 15,12,10,10 DB Pullover 35,45, 50x2
3 x 12 Cable crossovers 40,50,60

didn't get in all my meals today, weak and frustrated, but great to see my body is already in tune with the new meal plan to know when I'm off.

06-30-12, 11:33 pm
4 x 10 Alternating DB curls 30's
4 x 12 Hammer Machine Bi Curl 45 plate
4 x 12 Body weight Dips (170)
4 x 10 straight bar cable push down 100,120,140x2
4 x 12 ez bar cable bi curl 100, 120x3

07-01-12, 1:14 am
Sounds like you have a clear and definite view of what you want to do, how you want to do it, and what you really want... Go get it...!!!

Agreed! I will be following closely, though not sure how much input a chubby powerlifter could have in here! Keep up the good work!

07-03-12, 10:11 am
4 x 12 BB Squat 135 - feeling better at these, drop them as low as I can, maintain form
4 x 12,10 1-Leg curl
2 x 15 front BB squat
4 x 10 leg ext 120,140,160,180
walk it out with some cardio

late night training around 7:30pm - def have to hit it earlier, strength was 50/50

07-30-12, 8:31 pm
Target's been moved out, after seeing the ladies compete at the USA's I dont wanna rush this - Feb 9th - 28 weeks to build it, burn it and bring it

funny thing is - time

always ticking - each day slips another one into the history books. It's always an epic when you get your shit down and done.

oh yeah, tuna and egg whites and chicken with 3 oz yam post workout = feeling and looking better but damn if i dont feel like a girl lifting, lol

Mr. Dead
08-11-12, 10:58 am
How goes it...???

08-13-12, 2:52 pm
I love to lift. I adore getting onstage.

I love feeling those weights in my hands, and in any other lack of terms... "pick things up, and put them down" ...

When one person says "I am just being honest".... what does that do for you? As a professional in the industry, I have given my fair share of "honesty".... though being a recipient of it this morning, I might have just a tad bit of a different view.

Just because someone has an "honest" take on it, shouldn't mean that things are impossible. It just means that someone cares enough to hold up a mirror in front of your face, and say, this is what i see...

Think most of us are human, some are genetically more freakier than others, some have the drive of a freight train on full speed, some of us have a much tougher road, usually self inflicted.

I just want to be better. do better. I'm maybe not so inclined to figure out why we do self sabotage. why some of us have it all at our finger tips then simply let it slip away, thinking we still had a hold of it.

When people say - NO, it's not possible. You've got a longer road than anyone else...... does it extinguish the flame? Does it fuel it, making your fire burn hotter with desire? Does it make you question everything? Can you? should you?

I guess the proof is in the pudding. Results may vary. Everyone's road is different. How far would you go. Do you dare? Temp your fate? Kid yourself? Or keep your head down and work harder than you ever worked before.

My feeling?

I don't care if it takes me 12 weeks. 12 months. or 12 years. I'm going for it.

03-29-13, 8:25 pm
14 weeks out.

I moved to a new Trainer, Much more in your face and strikes the fear into me. .... and is known for his freaky clients.

glad I took some time to lift, got some additions to the pecs, went on my very first vacation as an adult, rocked the Arnold at our booth, worked like a mad crazy person, and now my prep begins.

It's been quite the year.

May I add, that It is such a pleasure to meet all you guys in person at the Arnold! (again) I am forever a fan, star struck, and "6-year-old-winning-a-pony-happy" Excited when I see you all. The ABC was a ton of fun for the time i could hop over there, watching the Pro's vs. Bro's, the crazy lifts, the repping out, everything is always so top notch. CLEARLY one of my favorite booths. I could Peak over see the cage from my booth. AND - thanks for everyone who stopped by to say hi to me! I couldn't get away too often, so it meant alot to see you swing by!

Life is so different when dieting WITH CARBS too..... odd concept, LOL.

So, again, starting off a tad full. Have another amazing transformation ahead of me. But damn if I can't do it every time.

I do my pics and measurements every Sunday as usual. I will be posting once again.

....And a special thank you to everyone's support as I made my last journey and dreams come true. I not only came back after 8 years to walk onstage, but I did the AM Arnold. Not everyone can say that. And I really wanted you all to know that you, where ever you are in this great big world, you played a very special role in making all that happen.

Got mad luv for you.

09-16-13, 12:23 pm
You make choices. in faith. and sometimes you get to learn some lessons.

The Trainer i chose required payment for his service....with "services".....motherfucker :/

Needless to say, I made some hard choices and, obviously, didn't do a show this past summer, but again, have my sights on the 2013 Excalibur in Cali - Dec 14th. Women's Physique Tall Class.

so I'm 13 weeks out, sitting at 17% bf, plenty of time to cut.

To give you guys a little glimpse of what I've been up to:

February 1st, 2013: I weighed 184lbs @ 32%bf (58lbs fat / 125lbs lbm)
September 14th, 2013: I weigh 176lbs @ 17%bf (30lbs fat / 146lbs lbm)

P Diesel
09-16-13, 1:19 pm
get after it shan! uve got a lot of ppl behind u sweetie