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09-22-11, 3:34 pm

I got in around 130pm and the plane ride to vegas went by fast bc I finally got to see the X-Men: first class. I'm a nerd but that shit made my flight cause I hate flying, doesn't scare me just so uncomfortable and I had a bad head cold.
I was pleasantly surprise when I got into the cab to the hotel that the whether wasn't that bad. I was expecting it to be hot as fuck but it was pretty good.
Due to the fact that I wasn't feeling that great I spent the remainder of the day sleeping on and off but did a make trip to In and Out burger with my good friend bryan. Once we got to in and out we were greeted by Higa and seath and it was great to see those guys


Woke up friday morning and ordered room service for breakfast the night before. Little bit I know I'd be paying $40 for an omelette and pancakes!!! Wtf only in vegas lol. And the pancakes fuckin sucked too! Lol. After my breakfast I finally met up with G diesel and big al and we headed over to the expo.
My task for the day was to press 200lb db's in the cage and honestly I was very apprehensive about the idea for a few reasons. One my shoulder mobility was very limited due to an existing injury and 2 I just generally felt like shit due to the cold I had that was kicking my ass. Regardless I attempted the 200's and failed miserable and in the process I slightly tore my right pec from the insertion...... Needless to say this sucked royal ass! By the end of the day my chest and bicep were black and purple and I couldn't move my arm.


Saturday was a fuckin mind blowing experience. To watch richard hawthrone pull 600lbs @ 132lbs was fuckin madness. That and sam byrd squatting 825lbs @ a body weight of 226lbs was the highlight of the cage for me. Those 2 dudes r true Animals. Wow!
Saturday night was a good time as well as I got blessed with the opportunity to go to the finals with Big Al and see phil heath utterly destory jay cutler to grab his first of many sandow's.


The ABC @ 930am @ flamingo golds was a good time even though I was limited in my participation due to my pec tear. It's always fun to be in the ABC environment was kinda bummed to miss it. On the bright side the catered breakfast was good! Lol. Mmmmm. After the ABC I headed back to the hotel as my flight wasn't until 11:35pm that night. I passed out the rest of the day and then headed home on the red eye.

I wanna say thank u to everyone in the head office for inviting me and big thank u to all the guys in the cage for keeping my spirits up after the injury. U guys rule and thanks for being so cool. Special thanks to big al, big d, NG and g diesel for all your support and laughs when all I wanted to do was hide and ice my arm lol

09-22-11, 3:45 pm
You're a monster in every sense of the word, W. You belong in the Cage. No worries, redemption awaits at The Arnold 2012. I'm jealous you got to see Phil take down Cutler. I bet the place went nuts when he was announced the winner!

P Diesel
09-22-11, 5:27 pm
Brotha...u and i are in the same place as we discussed after ur tear...get at me. b smart, dnt fuck with it even it feel good. im shootin to b healthy by the arnold so i can show what im about, same for u bro. its a long road but its a true test of ur character when faced with adversity. ull be stronger from this.