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09-27-11, 4:12 pm
First off I wanna thank Animal for giving me the opportunity to Intern.

Friday: Woke up, SSS'd, Packed my cooler and headed for the Expo. Have the wife drop me at the front door. As I get out of the truck I start to get that excited feeling in my gut. I walk through the door and all I can think is HOLY SHIT! The front area is packed and there seems to be no order to whats going on. I start to look around for anyone wearing Animal gear so I can see if they know where the Interns are supposed to meet up. I happen to see Rage, so I go over and ask if he knows whats going on, just as he's about to make a phone call G Diesel walks up.They make a couple calls and tell me to just hang tight and that NG should be down soon to show me where to go. I must have been stareing at all the people in the lobby cause I compleatly missed NG. I ended up just getting a day pass and making a B-line for the Cage. I get there and it already packed. I meet a few people then get tasked to keep a eye on the audio/visual equipment. It all went so fast it was unreal. watching Ben squat, Big D Deadlift, Mike giving it a go with the 200's, listening to Evan and House talk, and the HRT seminar all seems like a blur. Before I knew it it was over and I relized that hardly talked to anyone I think I just kinda stared in shock at all the craziness. But it was one of the coolest things I have EVER done. And there was still Saturday and the ABC left.

Saturday: I had agreed to bring my Wife,Son, and Sister in law to the Expo. BAD IDEA! they wern't even ready to go till 1pm. So I get to the Cage just in time to see Sam set the record. And i planned on just hanging out in the Cage, but the girls didn't wanna walk around alone. So no biggie I figured at least I would get to see the rest of the Expo then head back to the cage. We get back to the Cage in the middle of Higa doing stones. So I tell my Wife i'm gonna go back in the Cage and watch the rest of the stuff goin down. She informs me that the my Son needs to eat and she's getting hungry to. Ok no biggie theres a food court out front Then she tells me " O yea my sister need to go back to hear place" to get ready for a concert they were going to. Well we only brought one car(bad planning on my part) so no I have to leave the Expo to drop her off and get some grub for the kid. Not a huge deal i figured, I will still get to meet everyone at the ABC Sunday morning.

Sunday: Wake up early(STOKED for the ABC) but as I'm packing my gym bag I get a call from my boss who's first words are " Get your ass to work ASAP, we have an incident, your being Recalled from your days off". All I can think is FUCK! So I tell the wife we just throw all our shit in the truck and haul ass home.

All in all not how I was hopeing the weekend would have gone as a whole. But Friday was GREAT! And I will deffinatly be putting my name in next year. I will make the ABC even if I have to tell my boss to shove it!

09-27-11, 6:43 pm
Glad to have ya there for the experience, bro. Hey, at least you were able to make it for part of the weekend; you made alot of other people jealous who couldn't!...... Also, they didn't get to make it to a BBQ either....lol

We'll see you there next year, I'm sure of it.

09-29-11, 11:11 am
Thanks for all the help at the Cage Duner, it was great to meet you

09-29-11, 5:04 pm
Glad to hear you had a good time brother, hope everything worked out with Work!

09-29-11, 5:06 pm
Very nice writeup about your O experience. Glad you had a good time out there with us!