View Full Version : Penn State Powerlfiting Team

11-08-11, 5:36 pm
Penn State Powerlifting has a great powerlifting team and program. They are fans of the Animal brand and held a USAPL meet this past weekend.


We will see about getting some of them to post up their experience from the meet.

Here is their club:


P Diesel
11-09-11, 2:35 am
the USAPL is a great organization...im sure the PSU team puts on a great meet. will ahve to get up there and check one out. great picture naturalguy, its always good to see that many young men and women exerting themselves in a noble pursuit.


Big Wides
11-09-11, 7:09 am
Nice stuff there NG, I had a kid who was on the team that trained at Globo over the summer. Dude was very knoweldgeable and had a ton of energy and enthusaism to do well. I'm guessing the rest of the team is like that which will only breed sucess within the program and for those kids in their post college careers